Thursday, October 27, 2016

Be In The Best Condition YOU Can Be In

It's never easy to get in shape or be healthy physically, mentally & emotionally and when we do, a lot of times is because we want to be like people we admire or want to have their figure/physique, have washboard abs and have bulging muscles. There's nothing wrong with admiring others but we can never truly be exactly like them and i'll tell you why; It's physically impossible to look and feel exactly like another human being. You can get plastic surgery, train hard, eat the same exact foods, impersonate them and do whatever it takes but in the end, you will always be you.

I wanted to train to be like Arnold when I was lifting, that didn't pan out because I got too exhausted trying his routines. I wanted to play like Michael Jordan when I was in my teens but that definitely pan out because I couldn't grow like him and had no where near 1/10th of his abilities. I wanted to be like my favorite wrestlers but I never could wrestle or be in the shape they were in because I just didn't have that kind of passion. I did however get in better shape at the age of 30 than I ever did in my 20's and it was because I made it my mission to not be like anyone else and focus being in the best shape for me.

You see, we focus so much on impressing others and wanting to look like others because for most they have very low self-esteem and have very little respect and admiration for themselves. I'm not saying you have to be a narcissistic prick to make that happen but when you learn to see you're worth something regardless of what anyone says and you have the power to make things happen for you and you alone, things become a reality. I'm no millionaire and believe in working for myself plus as much as I love getting paid for what I do I don't have thoughts on getting so much money I wouldn't know what to do with it. When I was growing up, money always made me feel weird inside because people I know and cared about used money to buy someone's love and used it against their very own blood. I'm not saying it happened all the time but money to me is nothing more than to be used to pay bills when needed, have a little spree here and there and get food. Do I think its evil, absolutely not, I think it has a lot of worth to a person's life but it should never be used against someone or make someone believe because they have money they're more important and controlling everything. Condition yourself to trust money that works for you. Unlike other people I know, when I spend money on someone else whether its for my girl, my family, friends or a complete stranger I don't ask for anything in return unless its for a purpose other than that it makes me happy to help someone or just do something nice, there's no agenda, no back stabbing and no secrets of what I want out of it.

Being in condition whether physically, financially or whatever is more on the journey than the destination. We don't realize that being in shape really has no deadline and if you push too hard it'll bite you in the ass. I exercise everyday not for the sake of being better than somebody but because its fun and I do it with my heart and soul only for me. Don't waste your time becoming someone else, that's what second rated people do, first rate people get in shape because they have something within themselves and go through the struggles to better themselves. There are things I can do a lot can't but the opposite is also true, there are things I couldn't dream of doing that others can do and you know what, that's cool with me. There's always room for improvement and its important to be around those that believe in you and when people are jealous of your accomplishments, they will do whatever or say whatever to bring you down or in so much fear of what you can do, they'll try to suck the life out of your goal setting and point out negative bullshit. I say bring it on. I firmly and passionately believe in what I do and have been told a number of times that I what I do won't get me anywhere or that people won't care about what I have to say yet I'm still going through walls like the Juggernaut bitch.

Be the best possible YOU!!!  

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