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Poetry Of Physical Culture

“Weakness Is a Crime….Don’t be a Criminal”

Body of weak stature doesn’t do the mind justice.

The weak mind doesn’t do the body its structure.

Strength within builds power to the outside.

Keep the mind and body strong, crime will never appeal.

The Breath of Life

Life starts with the breath.
Breath is the source of power.
Power begins with an inhale.
Power ends with an exhale.
If not for the breath.
Life will not have power.

Olympic Weightlifting

An obstacle of weight is upon him.
It’s imitating.
It’s empowering.
How does he know of its power?
Why does it matter if it’s lifted?
Only the mind can lift that weight.
Therefore the body must take the challenge.
Pull, clean, push and hold and you have yourself a winner.


Give up.
He’s in his peak and you’re in your own world.
How do you beat him?
How do you withstand his strength?
Ability is limitless

Powers Of CoreForce Energy

When you want to generate power at a superhuman rate, it can be very difficult to take hold of. From personal experience, I’ve had days where my body just doesn’t want to do a damn thing. I’m sore, ill or just plain bored. We’ve all had those days and we wish we just had more energy to grab onto and use it for whatever we need to do….Our job, family matters, holding groceries, playing with the kids, hell sometimes we need energy or strength to open a jar of pickles that’s hard to unlock and its just not there at times.

I stumbled upon a course I borrowed from a friend and at first I thought it just looked cool and see what this guy had to say. Needless to say I was stunned by what I saw. This dude is roughly older then most guys in his profession and yet looks 15 years younger then his age. He taught a system where you can combine your muscles with your mind (Mind/Body connection) and learn to use sounds and imagination to become super strong within a very short period of time. Now li…

Two Exercises That Can Make Your Tendons Strong

This exercise is the towel squeeze. Take a bucket of water and get it to about half full at best and put the towel in and get it as wet as possible. After a few moments take the towel out and start to squeeze the water out of the towel till its bone-dry. This exercise alone can pump up your lower arms like never before. This should be done outside. The meaning of this exercise is to squeeze and twist. The tendons are getting worked in a way not many other exercises can in this manner. It can be used to help bend steel or tear cards or in daily life like opening a jar of pickles or something. The important thing to remember is to focus on the grip and twisting the wrists. After doing this plenty of times I can safely say this is one of the most simple and healthy ways to strengthen the grip, your tendons and your lower arms. I first learned of this exercise from a DVD made by strongman John Brookfield who by many considered to be one of the most conditioned strongmen around and for go…

What Do Albert Einstein, Bruce Lee & Dennis Rogers Have In Common?

I know what you're thinking "Why the hell those guys, they have nothing in common." Well hate to burst your bubble there pal but they have more in common in their little finger then most people have in their entire body. What they have is extraordinary imaginations and superior mind power.

Even suffering from Dyslexia, Einstein developed one of the greatest theories in history and even some of the greatest scientists after him are amazed at the power he had in his mind. As a boy he dreamed of being on a beem of light soaring through space gliding through the speed of light. For those playing the home game the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. That's pretty damn fast don't you think? So even with that he developed into the greatest of minds the world has ever known.

Bruce Lee was a man of honor and superior strength for his size. What he developed was one of the most powerful systems on the planet and he trained with a fighting force. At 155 Pounds he w…

Why Hand Strength & Health Are Keys To Super Strength

There are many ways to build Super Human Strength. You can lift weights, Lift Heavy Objects or better yet work on building Massive Functional Muscle. I mean theres variety in everything you can accomplish but if your hands arn't up to the challenge, all that goal setting won't be worth a lick. Hand Health and Strength are one of the missing links in many people's training arsenal. Lets face it without strong powerful hands you can't be a great muscian, steel bender, phonebook tearer, heavy deadlifter and most of all without strong, functional grip strength you won't be able to do the things that go on in daily life.

Years ago around the time of my recovery of my legs, while I was getting my leg strength up to great levels I realized that if I want to get stronger in the things I wanted to do like bend steel, tear up phonebooks and whatever else I needed to work my grip because lets face it grip strength is neglected a lot in commercial gyms. Its just sad you know. …

Language Of Exercise

Like a new language we learn the words, verbs, nouns, pronouns and various pronunciations. Now shift that to exercise. Learn the movement, the way your body flows, certain posture and placement of hands and/or feet. To unlock your greatest potential for perfect exercise learn to channel how your body works in fluidity. Power doesn't always come from muscles but from your mind. Like language you don't use your body you use your mind and the way you speak to get the language right. With exercise you start with a thought and like words with your mouth you move the body in the direction the exercise goes.

I discovered the Language of Exercise from a line in Young Indiana Jones Adventures. In one of the episodes (I think somewhere around the pilot) Young Indy is on a boat to a dig in Egypt with T.E Lawrance (Lawrence Of Arabia) and Lawrence tells Indy "Where ever you travel, learn the language, it unlocks the key to everything." That got me thinking of what i've been …

"You Can't Get Strong On Bodyweight Exercises"

You hear this a lot in gyms from every state in the country. This quote has also been made by guys who don't know jack shit about bodyweight training at least not in the same way they think they do. To them bodyweight exercise are warm-ups or pilates and all that funny looking aerobic type stuff. Why is that, how can they say such a thing? Truth of the matter is they have been sold a bill of goods by ghost writers in fitness magazines that in order to get strong you need to lift weights, take these supplements, have this type of protein powder and never need to use your own body as a source of strength training and muscle building. Well I feel pretty damn sorry for those dumbasses.

Have any of those guys heard of Gama, Karl Gotch, Kurt Thomas, Charles Atlas or one of the best football players in the world Herschal Walker? 9 out of 10 times only maybe 2 names they have heard of and thats really sad and i'll tell you why. All these men used almost exclusively nothing but bodywe…

Put The "Fun" In Functional Fitness

When it comes to fitness equipment theres not a whole lot we need to get a great workout. Yet if you want to take advantage of getting in shape and not spend thousands of dollars on equipment why not just go with cables. Using cables is one of the most revolutionary way to build a foundational fitness program and in many ways are better then barbells and dumbbells. Can you haul that type of eqipment in a gym bag, I don't think so. Plus its a pain in the ass to travel and all you're getting is a bad back so when it comes to resourcefulness cables take the cake.

With cables you can adjust them in seconds and like dumbbells you can change sizes and strengths to fit your needs. Lifeline USA has taken fitness to another level by the father and son who have revolutionized the fitness industry, John & Bobby Hinds. They even have a Unicycle that you can use to develop a powerful core and you can either hold onto it with your hands or strap in your feet and go for a "walk.&qu…

Tumbling Your Way To Greatness

Becoming a gymnast takes years of practice and conditioning is at its best for bodyweight exercises. Now what if you didn't need all those years and learn some gymnastics faster and get in condition quicker and get healther all at the same time. My man Logan has a course called Tumbling Illustrated. You will find that tumbling can be a fun and interesting fitness program. Remember as a kid you used to do rolls while playing and it was just fun to do? It be fun to do that again huh?

Learn how to take control of your body and live your childhood dream. Theres no need to spend a ton of money on gymnastic classes. Not to knock gymnastics, I practiced a bit myself and I loved doing tumbling training and handbalancing. The training was incredible but it does get expensive so why not find a better way to train without going through so many fees. Some people believe you can't get started without being a gymnast. Hate to burst your bubble its a myth and you can even start at this very …

My Detication Workout To The Late Karl Gotch & My 6 Year Anniversary

Yesterday was the 6th year anniversary of the day I broke both my legs in a cliff jumping accident. Since then I deticated workouts to celebrate what I had accomplished over the last few years and this time was no exception and added a twist to it. So what I did was for this particular workout was the Karl Gotch Bible that the old-time wrestler created to make one of the greatest conditioning elements in the world. Karl Gotch always said to work the foundamentals push-ups, squats and bridging. I took out one of my decks of cards, shuffled them around and hammered out what I could. I varied the push-ups to work different muscles from different angles but stuck with the hindu squats/jumpers. I finished the whole deck in 21min. and 13sec. Thats a new PR for me.

After that I did some bridging and stretching/energy drills and finished the workout in less then 45 min. Now I don't know about you guys but it was fucking tough and whoever tries it is in the ride of your life. This takes to…

Take Your Core Strength To The Next Level

One of the most difficult parts of the body is the one most people need work on next to the tendons and ligiments of the body and thats your Core which is your lower back, upper/middle/lower abdominals and the obliques. Strengthen these together and you got yourself a pretty strong body. A lot of people feel the need to isolate the core one muscle at a time by doing hundreds of crunches, hundreds of side bends and whatever else they need to do. Truth of the matter is if you only isolate a certain muscle, that muscle will get strong but not the rest of you.

Take into consideration of the cavemen, neandrathals and other anchient men of early civiliation. They had to bust their ass trying to survive by pushing, pulling, swimming, fighting, running and yet they were the fittest men of their time and never once did they do crunches or side bends because thats not what they needed to function in the world. Their Core became powerful by what they had to do to survive. Now they may not have …

The Hammers Of Thor

Even if you're not a comic book fan, you can still feel like the superhero/God in your own training with the use of either sledgehammers, clubs or a combination of the two. My man Ryan Pitts has created some of the most unique peices of equipment on the planet and not only do they make your training that much more interesting the tools just look plain cool as hell. They can turn your grip and your whole body into one well rounded machine and thats no lie.

Because of the new movie Thor coming out pretty soon he has developed a set of clubs that look just like the God's weapon of choice and trust me when I say this when you get your hands on these babies even the go himself may not be able to handle you. I've played around with similar clubs and his sledgehammer they kicked my ass all over the place. I can bend steel, rip up phonebooks and lever a 12 lb. hammer but nothing compares to the type of workout these bad boys will put you through. With practice and will power your…

Keeping It Simple Works Period.....

In the modern gyms today you have to do this for triceps, biceps, quads, hams, calves, chest ect. ect. Unless you're in rehab why the fuck waste your time with individual muscle groups. Excuse the language but sometimes some trainers just piss me off because not only are they teaching a client the wrong thing but at certain can even get them injured and even some trainers tell you to do as many as 20 or more exercises for 10 different muscle groups to get a full benefit in exercise.....Bullshit. Whether you're a weight lifter, bodyweight enthusiast or a strongman the very best program you can do is a simple one. Now that doesn't mean easy, simple and easy are two different things.

Yes in some cases you can do 20 or more exercises in a workout but each one hits the whole body in a different fasion and my favorite form of training is doing energy drills. Work the joints in various places from your neck to your toes and with the right amount of time and being smart you can d…

Taking Natural Pain Killers

No not the pills you take when you have a minor/major injury. These pain killers will revitilize your body and recharge your system. Like your car the oil needs to be changed otherwise it will die without notice and thats because if you don't take care of your joints and ligiments your body will die out prematurely.

When you learn to take care of your joints, tendons and ligiments, your body will be more resiliant to injury and your workouts will be much more efficiant.With the right exercises you will find your joints more mobile and flexibile but with the wrong exercises they can make you prone to injury and if you're in pain you are really doing something wrong. Don't waste your time with training that can cause you limitations to your daily life and put the effort into turning your joints into solid steel but fluid in movement.

If you stimulate the body the right way you will heal much quicker and you will start to live much better and pain free. In my case I have to…

Building Super Strength & Endurance for MMA

In the world of MMA, you need many tools to win a fight. You need strength, power, punching ability, grip agility for grappling, flexibility to get out of holds and awareness of avoiding your opponents punch and takedown strength. There are many great fighters but they will tell you that your conditioning will be your number one priority. In the words of Karl Gotch "Conditioning is your best hold." Some say you don't need strength just technique. In some ways this is true but because of leverage you can aquire wheres the power going to be if your opponent is going to get away from it easily? Bodybuilding workouts will give you a body from the outside but your opponents will figure you out and find your internal weakness. So you have a choice, do you want to look pretty and prance around the cage or do you want to stalk your prey and make your opponent afraid of you?

In this course, the man who has created Bud Jeffries, he will help you reach your goals and get you on the…

Handstand Push-ups For Total Upper Body Strength & Power

When I got into bodyweight training I started doing it for recovery in my legs and build up to a ridiculious number of squats. After that I began finding exercises that were very difficult to do and getting up past 15-20 would be in the realm of dreams for most people so I gave the handstand push-up a try. At first I couldn't hold a handstand on the wall for more then 5 seconds before I fell on my ass. I kept at it and learned various techniques and in a short period of time I was hitting numbers that most people at my size can never imagine. It is difficult to hold a handstand let alone do 1 rep of a handstand push-up. After getting stronger in this I did a little research.

For the most part if you want to get good at start something you have to start with the basics. Some people think they're more advanced but if you asked them to do a basic thing they won't get within an inch of what they say they can do. Learning a foundation is a key to great success if you want to go…