Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Powers Of CoreForce Energy

When you want to generate power at a superhuman rate, it can be very difficult to take hold of. From personal experience, I’ve had days where my body just doesn’t want to do a damn thing. I’m sore, ill or just plain bored. We’ve all had those days and we wish we just had more energy to grab onto and use it for whatever we need to do….Our job, family matters, holding groceries, playing with the kids, hell sometimes we need energy or strength to open a jar of pickles that’s hard to unlock and its just not there at times.

I stumbled upon a course I borrowed from a friend and at first I thought it just looked cool and see what this guy had to say. Needless to say I was stunned by what I saw. This dude is roughly older then most guys in his profession and yet looks 15 years younger then his age. He taught a system where you can combine your muscles with your mind (Mind/Body connection) and learn to use sounds and imagination to become super strong within a very short period of time. Now like most people I thought this was bullshit and this guy is just off his rock and just plain skeptical because I already was strong. At 230-240+ lbs. I was bending steel, ripping phonebooks, levering as heavy as 12 pound sledgehammers and can do sets of 10-12 chin-ups so how much can I really learn?

Believe it or not I had a lot to learn and for good reason. So I checked out what and who this guy was. As a young man he had dreams of being a really great piano player and also being as strong as possible. That’s cool to listen to but I’m not inspired yet. So he keeps rambling on until he started talking about how many piano competitions he’s won and how much weight he has used (to start) and one picture of him changed my entire thought about him when I saw him do 2 finger push-ups in a superman type hold and I thought to myself “Holy shit, how the hell does he do that?”

I began to study his system with a vengeance and before you know it I was getting stronger in the things I love to do and didn’t even do much training on them. I even became faster and at my size that’s quite an accomplishment. I decided a couple years later to seek him out and see what he’s really capable of. I did some training with him and he may be 6’ and 200 lbs. but he was pushing me around like a little kid and weight wise I’m way bigger then he was. After learning from him it was my duty as a student to learn more about this system then ever before. The man I’m speaking of is the multitalented entertainer Garin Bader. He has traveled all over the world performing on the piano, doing magic tricks and doing some insane feats of dexterity and strength. This system is called CoreForce Energy. It’s a system purely based on the methods to create super strength and rapid speed fast. I can’t reveal what he taught me personally but what he teaches is nothing short of Surreal. The way you can build the power already inside you is not that hard to find but you got to put a little work into it to really find the real ways to generate great strength without putting so many hours in the gym which at most can cost you money, your time plus it’s boring as hell.

I have used this system quite a bit in the last couple years and every time I try it out I’m always learning something new and that’s what you want to get out of it. You can always find something new in this course but more importantly you learn about finding something in yourself. We already have an extreme amount of strength in us that we don’t use but if I had to pick the best place to find is right here in CoreForce Energy. There won’t be any of the crap about teaching you to fly or pick up cars off of kids or make you invincible but what you will learn is finding the tools to be less prone to injury, have you training better and smarter, become 2-3 times stronger then you are now, tips on how to start and where to go beyond the realms of your own imagination. They only say imagination can take you so far. Well here is your chance to find the road to success and reach more then what others will say.

Step into the power already within and take your place as the best and strongest person you can be both mentally and physically. Let CoreForce Energy take you on the path to super strength and super speed at a rate you won’t find anywhere else. Become Superhuman.

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