Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why Hand Strength & Health Are Keys To Super Strength

There are many ways to build Super Human Strength. You can lift weights, Lift Heavy Objects or better yet work on building Massive Functional Muscle. I mean theres variety in everything you can accomplish but if your hands arn't up to the challenge, all that goal setting won't be worth a lick. Hand Health and Strength are one of the missing links in many people's training arsenal. Lets face it without strong powerful hands you can't be a great muscian, steel bender, phonebook tearer, heavy deadlifter and most of all without strong, functional grip strength you won't be able to do the things that go on in daily life.

Years ago around the time of my recovery of my legs, while I was getting my leg strength up to great levels I realized that if I want to get stronger in the things I wanted to do like bend steel, tear up phonebooks and whatever else I needed to work my grip because lets face it grip strength is neglected a lot in commercial gyms. Its just sad you know. What if you need to save someones life and your grip isnt up to the challenge. Let me tell you a little story.....

Back in the 30's an old-time strongman named Sid Klein was training up in his gym in New York when he heard a man yelled out "FIRE...FIRE....HELP" and the strongman jumped to the rescue to find that the old man's wife needed more help then he did so Sid climbed down to grab the wife and climb back up to save her. Now I don't know how accurate I made that story but the ending is Sid's grip was so strong it helped him save another human being from harm and possibly death. Now hopefully none of us would have to do certain things like that in our lifetime but we should be prepared for it.

Now you do all the heavy weights, you can even try doing Hand Balancing or Kettlebell Juggling but if you don't have the hands for them it just won't come to you. To be the strongest person you can be taking the time to work your hands, wrist and lower arms will take you a long way more then you ever though possible. Take it from me, in my experience grip strength for certain things is almost mandatory. Not may people at 240+ lbs. are doing sets of 10 chin-ups or pull-ups but with my training in the grip i've been able to do that. One of the key things to grip training is just like anything else and thats progression and theres also consistancy and practice.

Now one guy in my opinion who has taken Grip Strength to another level is my man Garin Bader. A concert Pianist with 13 Gold Medals in International Competition is by far one of the best athletes in the world when it comes to Dexterity, Agility and just flat out Strong. In his shows he also does Hand Balancing, plays the Sax, Magic Tricks and he even swings across the stage on a silk curtain just using a pinch grip. Believe it or not he's never had a major injury in his career and thats pretty damn good consiering the types of things he does. He's also a business man and wants to help others get in awesome shape and like him take their hand strength to levels they couldn't imagine.

I have personally seen how powerful Garin is and for a guy his size he's one of the most agile and flexible guys I know. I trained with him one day and not after maybe an hour or so he was showing me a thing or two and he was tossing me around like a rag doll and i'm 40 pounds bigger then him. His grip is off the hook (no pun intended) and he is def. an example of what you can do to get from place to place with a mighty grip. Take a look at his 2 Biggest Courses..........CoreForce Energy and Finger Gymnastics. Read his story and he'll show you first hand what you can do to create the most powerful hands you can take hold of (pun intended).

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Sol Black said...

Very nice, sir! As a martial artist, I can tell you that grip is incredibly important there too. Without a solid grip, many locks, holds, and throws simply would not work. I've also been given the tip that fingertip pushups are one of the best ways to gain grip strength.