Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Keeping It Simple Works Period.....

In the modern gyms today you have to do this for triceps, biceps, quads, hams, calves, chest ect. ect. Unless you're in rehab why the fuck waste your time with individual muscle groups. Excuse the language but sometimes some trainers just piss me off because not only are they teaching a client the wrong thing but at certain can even get them injured and even some trainers tell you to do as many as 20 or more exercises for 10 different muscle groups to get a full benefit in exercise.....Bullshit. Whether you're a weight lifter, bodyweight enthusiast or a strongman the very best program you can do is a simple one. Now that doesn't mean easy, simple and easy are two different things.

Yes in some cases you can do 20 or more exercises in a workout but each one hits the whole body in a different fasion and my favorite form of training is doing energy drills. Work the joints in various places from your neck to your toes and with the right amount of time and being smart you can do all the exercises in either 5 min. or an hour. Now a real simple program for a weight lifter really is only no more then 5 exercises total doing presses, pulls, squats and rows. This works the whole body and you can do it in less then 20 min. max. Now people buy into that bullshit senerio that they need this for that muscle and that for that muscle and its just plain stupid. Back in the golden age of physical culture before steriods was huge and supplements were "the way" of the future you had men and women busting their asses working on basic lifts and full body calisthenic work. Some of them did a combination of both like George Hackenshmidt and Otto Arco. Both men were strongmen in their own way but both used bodyweight and weightlifting and they were so basic its stupid.

For a simple Bodyweight Program its usually around push-ups, squats, sit-ups and pull-ups. You really don't need much more then that but supplement exercises like muscle control and self resistance can help build certain muscles bodyweight exercises cant touch. It doesn't matter what people say in my opinion basic exercise is the best way to go. Here are a few places to pick a plethora of exercises and only need to master a few of them. Personally you can do exercise throughout the day or in one big workout choose only 5-7 exercises and go for no more then 20 minutes. It saves you time, gym fees and gives you complete freedom.

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Ultimate Bodyweight Conditioning - Push Ups
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