Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Taking Natural Pain Killers

No not the pills you take when you have a minor/major injury. These pain killers will revitilize your body and recharge your system. Like your car the oil needs to be changed otherwise it will die without notice and thats because if you don't take care of your joints and ligiments your body will die out prematurely.

When you learn to take care of your joints, tendons and ligiments, your body will be more resiliant to injury and your workouts will be much more efficiant.With the right exercises you will find your joints more mobile and flexibile but with the wrong exercises they can make you prone to injury and if you're in pain you are really doing something wrong. Don't waste your time with training that can cause you limitations to your daily life and put the effort into turning your joints into solid steel but fluid in movement.

If you stimulate the body the right way you will heal much quicker and you will start to live much better and pain free. In my case I have to work my joints, tendons and ligiments on a daily basis because of my legs and the way I need to keep them flexible and agile and keep my body charged and powerful. I have had days in my weight training years where I would be so stiff I couldn't get out of bed in the morning and my joints would ache like hell. Once I learned how to keep my body supple and flexible the pain would be gone and I can handle anything I wanted.

The real benefits of supple joints is that as you age and keep a consistant watch on your exercise you can feel like you can take on the world even after your prime or better yet never know if you reached your peak yet. For Strongman Bud Jeffries, keeping your body supple is one of if not his biggest priority for the weights he lifts or the bending and breaking he performs. At 270 pounds he needs to have a strong body all around.

In this course you will find the following ways on how to keep your body recharged and supple......

Cables that are used to help your joints in the ultimate manner.

Can high reps wear out your bones?

15+ Exercises for the low back.

Find around 10 exercises to keep you lower arms in great shape.

Neck Pain????? There are 10 exercises to fix it.

And any more. Take charge of your body and revive the system with Pain Killers.

Pain Killers

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