Sunday, May 1, 2011

Building Super Strength & Endurance for MMA

In the world of MMA, you need many tools to win a fight. You need strength, power, punching ability, grip agility for grappling, flexibility to get out of holds and awareness of avoiding your opponents punch and takedown strength. There are many great fighters but they will tell you that your conditioning will be your number one priority. In the words of Karl Gotch "Conditioning is your best hold." Some say you don't need strength just technique. In some ways this is true but because of leverage you can aquire wheres the power going to be if your opponent is going to get away from it easily? Bodybuilding workouts will give you a body from the outside but your opponents will figure you out and find your internal weakness. So you have a choice, do you want to look pretty and prance around the cage or do you want to stalk your prey and make your opponent afraid of you?

In this course, the man who has created Bud Jeffries, he will help you reach your goals and get you on the right path. He may not look like a pretty boy and ripped to shreds but he is one of the most powerful men on the planet. When he first came out with this he was well over 350 pounds. Although still very strong, he was also one of the most conditioned for a man his size. He's lasted as long as 15 min. in the ring with a few tough fighters and for a man his size thats nothing short of incredible. Almost 99.9% of men at that weight would rather sit on their ass eating chips and watching TV but not Bud Jeffries. He will go the extra mile unlike anyone else and now that he has lost well over 110 pounds in the last couple years that extra mile turned into an entire stateline. Heres a little peak of what you'll find.......

You will find as many as 50 workouts to find that ultimate nich in your conditioning and skyrocketing your power to another level.

A very powerful technique from the words of Old-Time Strongman Paul Anderson that has been proven in a scientific fasion in the last 50 years.

Learn the power of Qi Gong. Internal power that can take your being to another level that hasn't been used before or since.

Learn the secrets of becoming super strong but still be fast as lightning on the feet.

Make your punch like a freight train with enough force that may be even the FBI may keep on file.

Follow the most cutting edge training secrets of today that have been passed down by some of our strongest ancestors.

And Many More........

How can you not want this kind of info and become a feirce animal in the ring, in the weight room, in the outdoors and more importantly in yourself. Have Bud help you and take you far beyond your current level whether you're a greenhorn or an experienced fighter this course has something for everyone even for those who arn't fighters but want to jump their conditioning up a notch.

Super Strength & Endurance for Martial Arts

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