Monday, May 16, 2011

Put The "Fun" In Functional Fitness

When it comes to fitness equipment theres not a whole lot we need to get a great workout. Yet if you want to take advantage of getting in shape and not spend thousands of dollars on equipment why not just go with cables. Using cables is one of the most revolutionary way to build a foundational fitness program and in many ways are better then barbells and dumbbells. Can you haul that type of eqipment in a gym bag, I don't think so. Plus its a pain in the ass to travel and all you're getting is a bad back so when it comes to resourcefulness cables take the cake.

With cables you can adjust them in seconds and like dumbbells you can change sizes and strengths to fit your needs. Lifeline USA has taken fitness to another level by the father and son who have revolutionized the fitness industry, John & Bobby Hinds. They even have a Unicycle that you can use to develop a powerful core and you can either hold onto it with your hands or strap in your feet and go for a "walk." Bobby Hinds is most famous for is his jump ropes which are one of the best conditioning exercises ever used by athletes in Boxing, Wrestling, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Football ect.

As far as cables are concerned you will find equipment that can hit muscles in ways free weights, machines and boyweight exercise can't and thats what you need to get a strong and enduring body that can take your strength to levels unheard of. Take it from me I have used various methods over the years and Lifeline USA has been my best source for cheap and high quality equipment. Here are a few things you will find that can elevate your strength & conditioning.........

Chest Expander

Power Wheel

Portable Power Jumper

Pull-up Revolution Pro

Beaded Jump Ropes

Power Push-up

PowR Walk Pro

And many more....

Some high ranked Universatities even have said this website has the best equipment for their Student Athletes and some of the best pros in the world have used them. Want to train in a way like the Pros? Then find the best equipment that works for you.

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