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Mountain Burpee Video

Video on my version of the Mountain Burpee. How many can you do in a workout?

The Mountain Burpee

Over the last couple days or so I've been in the mood to do Burpees. I never really gave them much thought before and never really liked doing them but my brain kept at me and get in the mood to do them. I did a few variations because as you know I get bored easily and would like to come up with things and just make it up as I go along. Routines most of the time for me don't last more than a week.

One Burpee variation that really caught my eye was combining two exercises and making them one into an exercise that truly hits every muscle in the body. Burpees in general are fat burning torture exercises and anyone that can multiple sets of them has my vote. I watched and tried out other variations just to get an idea but one really kept me coming back to and that's what I call the Mountain Burpee. It's a combo of a Burpee & Mountain Climbers.

Now granted because I don't do Burpees often I get winded pretty damn fast. This however really makes you eat dust in a mat…

Time To Take The Wheel Again

Spring is on the rise in a few weeks and the body will have had enough time to recover from winter. Beach Season is coming not too long after this so getting in shape is on a lot of people's priority. The most common place to get shaped is the Core Muscles. People like to see awesome looking abs and that trim waistline. Believe it or not a lot of those that have good looking abs are not that strong in that area. This is where I help you find a solution to not only get muscular abs but a crazy set to boot.
Crunches, sit-ups, ab machines and Insanity DVDs are the most common things those wishing to get abs flock to because they're either very easy or you just sweat out following someone. I'm here to tell you about the one device that can help develop really strong and muscular abs that takes the boring exercises out of the equation; one that I'm personally using myself to take off some fat especially in the lower areas plus the obliques. Just a few minutes with this bad…

Finding Comics For Inspiration At An Older Age

When I was a kid, I wasn't into comic books; it just didn't appeal to me as I had books ranging from Disney to Goosebumps & things of that sort. For all I knew back then was comics were for nerds and geeks and that was all that mattered to them. My comics came from watching superheroes on Saturday morning and after school like Batman: The Animated Series, Spider-Man, X-Men, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & Superman. In the 90's, Superhero TV shows flourished, you couldn't find any kid under the age of 12 that didn't know who Batman or the X-Men were; quite frankly it surprises me that the comics themselves still sold like hotcakes since the Shows were towering over them.

I had one comic when I was a teen not many knew about with me. It was a Fantastic Four comic. I can't tell you where it is right now but I remember reading it in my room a few times and it was the only one I truly knew about. How I got it that I don't remember. When Ironman & The…

The Bob Backlund Workout

Most pro wrestling fans today (especially those in their teens) wouldn't know who Bob Backlund was or is. Most today who have heard of him only know about him being another Hall Of Fame guy or the weird looking dude with the Bow Tie and business shirt with red straps that appeared on Raw once or twice in the last few years. What you don't realize was that next to Bruno Sammartino was the longest reigning WWE champion that lasted over 5 years. Back in the 70's & 80's he was the poster boy for the babyface character; Howdy Doody on roids with a boy scout all-american personality.

Former College football player & wrestler transitioned into the pro ranks being trained by legendary pro wrestling coach Eddie Sharky (same guy who trained the greatest tag team of all-time the Road Warriors and former Minnesota Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura) and ventured out on the road wrestling in the old territories. Backlund was about as a blue-collar american kid as …

Train To PLAY!!!

I know what its like to push past limits, do crazy challenges and just overall have a hardcore mindset. I've been there and I've done it but the fact of the matter is none of it matters if I don't play with what I do. People become so confined to a one dimensional idea that they forget there's options to where they can do things that do't require that hardcore mindset to train to be beastly.

I like to think of myself as a Three Dimensional fitness enthusiast; practicing various things because my brain is hot-wired that way....Gymnastics, Animal Movement, Sledgehammer Striking, Isometrics, Swimming, Sprinting, Stretcher & others. Its not that i'm obsessed with exercise, I find it fun and enjoyable, if i'm not interested in something, I find a way to be interested in something else. People like to do one particular style where it's Crossfit, Zumba, Aerobics, Weightlifting, Bodyweight for MMA or whatever. I'm all for those who engage in exercise t…

Isometrics & It's Value In Fitness

Off and on for over a decade I've dabbled in Isometric Training to help carry over to other areas of strength that I do including various feats like Steel Bending & Phonebook Tearing. This type of training for the most part is one of the most valuable yet neglected because when you normally think of Isometrics it's usually something out of yoga poses or doing a plank but in reality it's one of the toughest areas of strength training period. To learn more on the specifics check out this course.

I'm here to talk about it's value and its importance especially in today's fitness circles. On the deeper level very few people know what Isometrics truly are but that's not their fault. Fitness companies and other areas try to disprove it because it's believed it doesn't hold true value for real strength (which is ironic because most fitness areas have nothing to do with strength) which is quite a shame. Isometrics build not only real muscle but dense har…

Animal Exercise Under Two Hours Per Week

Getting back to doing Animal Movements in the last few workouts has become quite fun and accelerating. Being able to move in different positions on a constant shift helps develop the body and mind in another style. 10-20 min. a day is all that is really needed. Start out 3x a week to build a level of strength & endurance. Some of the exercises require some flexibility but with practice you can get some pretty awesome stretching. Some people don't do no more than 5x a week on this specific routine and that's ok.

You don't need endless hours of training in order to get fit. People have to work for a living and have other responsibilities yet there's no excuse you can't train under 30 min. a day; 10 min. would be enough for most people. Advanced can do 20 min. or longer depending on the day you do them. I recommend more of a spread of Greasing The Groove; training periodically throughout the day a few minutes here & there. Keep it to where you go after a daily…

Insane Conditioning For An Insane Life

Doesn't that title sound freaking crazy? Who knows but to me depends on the definition. I'm a believer in being fit and well conditioned. When it comes to Physical Appearance, I want to look a certain way but over the years its not that big of a deal to me. I live a simple, easy going life. I may spend a lot of time sharing stuff with you guys but in person, I'm actually quite private and have a few friends. I train hard at times and I train like I'm doing nothing but always doing something. My insane life is basically not all that insane looking but you haven't been around me.

It's not a crazy idea to be awesomely fit for any occasion; have enough energy to play with the kids, go swimming when its warm out, play catch with your buddies, help out family moving stuff & even have a little fun in the sack with your girl or man. That's the mark of being well-conditioned. If you get tired too easily just walking up a flight of stairs you got some issues. I be…

Train Your Abs Like A Gymnast

There are a lot of programs out there that target the Abdominals but seldom do they target the actual Core, using the entire body with the focused purpose of all the ab muscles from upper to lower and the obliques. Most of these programs target only pieces of the abs or in other words Isolate. Only 2 other programs I know of really hit the Core with a vengeance and not just to shape the muscles themselves but to make them punch-proof strong as hell.

Our Core is the center of our physical structure and without proper training, the stabilizers will become very weak, our posture is horrible and we lose touch of that confident and powerful element of the way we walk and mobilize our body. In my years of study and training different styles, nothing has come close to utilizing the body as a single unit and not a bunch of muscles working one dimensional style. The body was meant to stabilize you in any angle possible and not only to hold ourselves up but to be able to move with confidence an…

Combining Elements For Ultimate Movement Training

Studying various systems has been my schooling for over 10 years and like being in school, there are things you'll find interesting that really hit you and guide you to where you want to go in life. Learn to absorb things like a sponge and finding the right things that suit you and your interests. There's never been a person that truly likes what he can't stand; its like a leper judging a beauty contest it doesn't really work.

I don't do just one thing as you may have read or seen in my videos. I like to take the very best elements of training that I have learned and mold it into my ultimate style. When you choose little things here and there, not just exercises but a combination of different programs, workouts & others. It took me a long time to truly find what works because I'm constantly experimenting, observing, learning and tackling what peaks at me. Most people go through the motions and the trends that only last a few months or week if that. They don…

Playful Movement Exploration

For years I'm always coming up with different things to train on because that's just how my brain works. I don't stick to routines very long because I get bored with them fast. I love to Sprint, I love learning about Finishers & I definitely love doing Animal moves to work my body from all sorts of angles. Overall, I just love to explore & move because it opens up new possibilities and ruling out the singularity of focusing on something that is so one or two dimensional.

I call it Playful Movement Exploration; the ability to explore movement in a playful mindset. Routines are great for some people because it gears them towards being focused and driven to a specific goal setting but for me; exploring just seems more simplistic and natural. Thinking outside the box, moving from one area to the next while infusing imagination, creative patterns & utilize personality in practice. I was never one to use my brain like the general population. Growing up and having to …

Review On Steel/Sandbell

I'm a simple guy when it comes to equipment. I don't fettle with Barbells & Dumbbells unless i'm in the gym on a rare occasion. I'm also big on the quality of the equipment I get and use them to have fun and be enjoyable; whether it's hammers or cables or my pull-up bar there's always something useful. One piece of equipment I use however is very unique and takes it out of me practically every single time in less than a few minutes. The Sandbell is in a class by itself with the endless variety out of one small thing.

Its versatility is incredible and its powerful adaptation to any workout is beyond comprehension. My all-time favorite exercise is purely picking it up and slamming it as fast and hard as possible for a short amount of time. It even is better than sprints some of the time. Anyone can use this for any style of training because it not only packs a wild punch but has not one or two but THREE types of equipment in its arsenal: Kettlebell, Dumbbell…