Friday, February 26, 2016

The Mountain Burpee

Over the last couple days or so I've been in the mood to do Burpees. I never really gave them much thought before and never really liked doing them but my brain kept at me and get in the mood to do them. I did a few variations because as you know I get bored easily and would like to come up with things and just make it up as I go along. Routines most of the time for me don't last more than a week.

One Burpee variation that really caught my eye was combining two exercises and making them one into an exercise that truly hits every muscle in the body. Burpees in general are fat burning torture exercises and anyone that can multiple sets of them has my vote. I watched and tried out other variations just to get an idea but one really kept me coming back to and that's what I call the Mountain Burpee. It's a combo of a Burpee & Mountain Climbers.

Now granted because I don't do Burpees often I get winded pretty damn fast. This however really makes you eat dust in a matter of seconds. Here's what you do.....

Squat Down

Jump Into Push-up Position

Do a Push-up

Do a 4-Count Mountain Climber

Jump Back Into Squat Position

Jump Up


Just doing a few of these is brutal enough and will help you build some solid conditioning. Make it harder by adding a second push-up after the mountain climber. This generates loads of Natural Human Growth Hormone when done consistently but in the beginning not everyday; work up to it and don't need to do a whole lot to get all the benefits. Start doing them in sets of 5, build up to 10, 20 until you can do 50 (because of the mountain climber count, you're hitting 200 climbers at this point). Don't have to do them all in a row, take a break if you need to and when you're rested do another set. Set a goal for the amount of reps you want to achieve or better yet use it as a finisher at the end of a work in tabata style (20 on, 10 off) or do them on your days off. You can do them anywhere at any time. Do a set in your Hotel Room while you're on the road, knocking out a few on a lunch break at work, at the park while your kids play, when commercials come on. Nervous before heading out on a date? Knock out a set of these bad boys and your endorphins will kick in and your anxiety just might fade away (make sure to take a cold shower after so you're not sweating and stinkin' on your date.

I plan on doing these on my trips to Disneyland & Tahoe this year, hitting them up in the hotel room before heading out to the parks, in the cabin before going to the lake or casino.

Comment about your experience with this exercise and give me your insights on it.
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