Friday, February 5, 2016

Combining Elements For Ultimate Movement Training

Studying various systems has been my schooling for over 10 years and like being in school, there are things you'll find interesting that really hit you and guide you to where you want to go in life. Learn to absorb things like a sponge and finding the right things that suit you and your interests. There's never been a person that truly likes what he can't stand; its like a leper judging a beauty contest it doesn't really work.

I don't do just one thing as you may have read or seen in my videos. I like to take the very best elements of training that I have learned and mold it into my ultimate style. When you choose little things here and there, not just exercises but a combination of different programs, workouts & others. It took me a long time to truly find what works because I'm constantly experimenting, observing, learning and tackling what peaks at me. Most people go through the motions and the trends that only last a few months or week if that. They don't want to learn what suits their personality and how it absorbs their brain and muscular structure.

I'm a big dude and most of the time I'm considered a weightlifter or possibly a football player but the truth is I practice mostly bodyweight and other styles of movement like Animal Exercise, Gymnastics, Circuit Training, Primal Movement, Ginastica, Strongman exercise and more; I don't contend myself with the latest trend or what is said in a muscle magazine because I learned to be self-reliant; finding areas that are outside the box and molded into my own world of things that strike with that jolt of lightning-like feel. If you're interested in follow along infomercial programs that's your business I bare no judgement but what if you took little things and created something for yourself. Whether in the gym, a park, your home or hell at the freaking beach; practice what makes you feel interested, motivated and not what everyone else is doing. I have literally gotten looks from people when I do certain things like Animal moves, hand balancing, even qi gong in the middle of a cabin living room in Tahoe where there's at times more than 5 people in the cabin.

For beginners; learn the basics of what you want to learn; don't worry about not being strong enough yet or working the clock enough. Start at your own level, progress little by little down to the smallest fraction. Let me give you a very weird example; in the movie Ant-Man, during one scene Scott Lang got so freaking small he shrunk into the smallest molecules of dust in the air that seemed like a whole other universe, as he got smaller the world around him got larger and larger in a billionth of a fraction within that speck of dust. The point of this is no matter how small you progress, the progress becomes bigger and bigger as time goes on and before you know it you'll be far stronger and more interested in what you want to do.

Combine things to create your own Ultimate Style Of Movement and see how far you're willing to go and I don't mean push to the limits until you start puking; that's not what I represent. I want you to go as far as you are willing to without being in pain and agony and injured. People get so caught up with that "Push till you puke" "No pain, no gain" & god forbid "Injured? Suck it up Nancy boy" kind of mindset that there are far better options that can have them live very strong physical lives that prospers in the future and not have that "I use to be able to" life later on. Be resourceful and do what's useful to you.
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