Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Insane Conditioning For An Insane Life

Doesn't that title sound freaking crazy? Who knows but to me depends on the definition. I'm a believer in being fit and well conditioned. When it comes to Physical Appearance, I want to look a certain way but over the years its not that big of a deal to me. I live a simple, easy going life. I may spend a lot of time sharing stuff with you guys but in person, I'm actually quite private and have a few friends. I train hard at times and I train like I'm doing nothing but always doing something. My insane life is basically not all that insane looking but you haven't been around me.

It's not a crazy idea to be awesomely fit for any occasion; have enough energy to play with the kids, go swimming when its warm out, play catch with your buddies, help out family moving stuff & even have a little fun in the sack with your girl or man. That's the mark of being well-conditioned. If you get tired too easily just walking up a flight of stairs you got some issues. I believe in being shape not for the sake of looking like a Model but to be able to function in ways that are critically important in daily life from taking care of a baby to carrying groceries to even possibly saving someone. For me looking fit comes second or lower because its not about looks; you can look like a model any day of the week if you could do that but where does that really lead you? Sure it'll help with confidence and all which is always a good thing but not every attractive person is strong, full of energy and can even be mentally stable. 

Tip Top shape is a key to living a healthy lifestyle. It's not about being hardcore and thinking you're more fit or this much stronger than someone else no, its about balance, challenging yourself often but not too frequently, opening your mind to greater possibilities & building greater brain power. I love to train but also love to have fun. Being in shape has it's perks you may not even realize. Go outside the box and do things that isn't the norm. When I get a chance I smash a tire more than 1200 times with a 60 pound sledgehammer; most people would find that too weird or something someone should be put in the nuthouse for. Make your insane life a positive one and not to push the volume of your daily life but have a balance that works in your favor. Conditioning is your greatest asset.

Want to get in great shape while being on an insane budget? Trust me, not everyone can afford gyms or spas and get the results they want so one of the things I've used which I've mentioned in earlier articles is the Darebee Circuit Workouts. These alone can benefit you greatly using basic exercises, finding your level of fitness and ideals for programs, challenges and Training Plans. I've gotten crazy fit doing these and my favorites are the Superhero Themed Workouts. A lot of fun and most of the time very challenging but that's why i'm insane when I do these. Power up on these and you can't go wrong. If they're not suited for you, look for ideas on the blog or go to my website which is on the right hand side of this bad boy.  

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