Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Isometrics & It's Value In Fitness

Off and on for over a decade I've dabbled in Isometric Training to help carry over to other areas of strength that I do including various feats like Steel Bending & Phonebook Tearing. This type of training for the most part is one of the most valuable yet neglected because when you normally think of Isometrics it's usually something out of yoga poses or doing a plank but in reality it's one of the toughest areas of strength training period. To learn more on the specifics check out this course.

I'm here to talk about it's value and its importance especially in today's fitness circles. On the deeper level very few people know what Isometrics truly are but that's not their fault. Fitness companies and other areas try to disprove it because it's believed it doesn't hold true value for real strength (which is ironic because most fitness areas have nothing to do with strength) which is quite a shame. Isometrics build not only real muscle but dense hardened muscle due to the amount of contraction needed in order to really have it be effective. There's two types of Isometrics; one is short burst contraction where you flex a muscle for a period of near max power at no more than 10-12 seconds, the second is coined Aerobic Isometrics where you flex or push/pull at smaller intensity for a longer period of time say 30 seconds or more. Which one builds more muscle? It depends on the objective but overall you're developing muscle from another perspective while working the tendons at another level as well.

There's literally countless ways to do Isometrics and can be used in practically every single type of exercise. BTW its nothing new either; it has been used for centuries in various ways from the ancient archers to the NASA Space Program and beyond. Some of the strongest men on the planet used Isometrics to develop strength for specific feats. It's even used in Bodybuilding because of the posing these guys do. I prefer however the type that those from the earlier 20th century used Muscle Control in an Isometric format, flexing specific muscles to contract and relax at a more rapid level.

It's very powerful and can aid in those who have trouble getting over plateaus in their program. I specifically used Isometrics to enhance my strength in pull-ups, feats of strength & even my Animal Movements. I wouldn't be in the state i'm in if it wasn't for this type of training. My neck bridges are a form of isometrics, holding various qi gong poses are Isometric. It's not always about what exercise to do, its the controlled contraction that you start in your mind and working your to the muscles. Yes that sounds weird but its more true than you'll believe. Isometrics have been used not just in fitness but in other areas like in the movies for example in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back when Luke is in that handstand using the force to channel his body to levitating the rocks and even Aretoo; that's a Isometric Exercise. How about like in Man Of Steel where Superman had to hold the beams of that building in the middle of the ocean to save those workers from being crushed; that's a mega extreme form of Isometric Contraction. You see even something as awesome as those are inspiring to me that this type of training has value in ways most don't ever realize.

Superheroes use this type of training whether it's actual training or not, athletes use it, strongmen use it, bodybuilders use it, yogis use it and many others. You never know what you'll find on it until you have read, observed and done it. I have even used it to strengthen my legs after my accident. It develops wonders you didn't think were possible and imagine the dense muscle you can have and the fat that burns really fast doing this correctly. It is not just a form of training it is a very tough skill to practice but its fun and you can create any workout you want around it. For the most part, Isometrics hold the key to real strength most consider to be untouched and have yet to truly discover.
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