Monday, February 8, 2016

Train Your Abs Like A Gymnast

There are a lot of programs out there that target the Abdominals but seldom do they target the actual Core, using the entire body with the focused purpose of all the ab muscles from upper to lower and the obliques. Most of these programs target only pieces of the abs or in other words Isolate. Only 2 other programs I know of really hit the Core with a vengeance and not just to shape the muscles themselves but to make them punch-proof strong as hell.

Our Core is the center of our physical structure and without proper training, the stabilizers will become very weak, our posture is horrible and we lose touch of that confident and powerful element of the way we walk and mobilize our body. In my years of study and training different styles, nothing has come close to utilizing the body as a single unit and not a bunch of muscles working one dimensional style. The body was meant to stabilize you in any angle possible and not only to hold ourselves up but to be able to move with confidence and true strength.

The strongest when it comes to Ab Strength are in Gymnastics & Cirque Du Soleil because in order to perform stunts, flips, the rings, handstands & even Cartwheels the abs have to be engaged at peak levels. I've seen both and have trained a little in Gymnastics almost a year worth and have practiced bodyweight exercise for over 10 years. It is one of the toughest sports I've been in next to wrestling and strongman. The stronger your Core is the stronger your whole body is. You don't need to train in Gymnastics or perform CDS in order to achieve great Ab Strength. Most ideals for Ab Training is based on merely repetition, multiple sets of crunches & sit-ups and only targeting certain Muscles; Gymnastic Abs goes beyond this. In order to make real progress its not about how many reps or sets; it's about staying in solid form on a consistent basis whether holding or doing reps. Just yesterday I did a full workout that included rocking, holding, lifting myself up and doing hanging knee pull-ins. Did only 1-2 sets of 10 per exercise but on the 2nd-3rd set I would hold the position for as long as I felt doing and most of the time it was tough holding the body in a position flexed the entire time.

I didn't do a ton of time but I put in a ton of effort because you can't be sloppy in these exercises or you will risk injury; you need to keep the body strong and solid in a flexed position whether holding or moving otherwise things don't work. When you engage the whole body you become one within yourself and controlling every muscle in order to perform the tasks acquired. I have never found a course that really hits the abs as hard as these, I've been through fast pace workouts that require plenty of ab work but never this solid where the whole body has to work in order to strengthen the abs.

If you truly want to get rid of that lousy gut, lose weight and build muscle all at the same time; get this course. It works wonders and can be used anytime, anywhere and can supplement any workout or added as a finisher. You can do these for 5 min. or 20 min. doesn't matter, practice at your own pace and progress little by little down to the smallest fraction.

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