Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Playful Movement Exploration

For years I'm always coming up with different things to train on because that's just how my brain works. I don't stick to routines very long because I get bored with them fast. I love to Sprint, I love learning about Finishers & I definitely love doing Animal moves to work my body from all sorts of angles. Overall, I just love to explore & move because it opens up new possibilities and ruling out the singularity of focusing on something that is so one or two dimensional.

I call it Playful Movement Exploration; the ability to explore movement in a playful mindset. Routines are great for some people because it gears them towards being focused and driven to a specific goal setting but for me; exploring just seems more simplistic and natural. Thinking outside the box, moving from one area to the next while infusing imagination, creative patterns & utilize personality in practice. I was never one to use my brain like the general population. Growing up and having to learn in complete 180's and honing my skills for things that most don't understand.

It's very powerful when you learn to explore yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and more. You are one person that is different than everyone else. Unless you have a full on Clone, you are one person among billions that are rich in very unique ways. Some never realize what they have until it's too late, others just watch the world go by and there are some that just don't have the sense to come out of their selves and be like everyone around them. I combine different elements that reflect on my brain functioning capabilities, my best physical movement that hits me like a bolt of lightning and use my memory that's very unique to recount things most wouldn't even fathom.

You are a person who aught to explore themselves in a powerful way that makes you feel alive in a positive and spirited way. Learn who your true self is. I learn it everyday of my life and sometimes it becomes very difficult when you have to hide who you are from people that you believed could show your true colors. Its beyond movement that is being explored; its your whole being, your soul that goes into what you do, who you are and where you will go. It becomes exhausting at times trying to be someone else; i've been doing it for more than 3 decades and its a total pain in the ass. Little by little I don't just explore moving and staying fit, I explore my real self and how it has been used to help others and make people smile. You can do it too. Move with passion and feel it deep down no matter how far it is. Its tough, can be painful and it hurts inside at times but when your true self comes out and people notice it good or bad, you made the choice to do it because you are done hiding.

Explore and have like child-like quality of personality, movement & deep profound power within to become the Ultimate Self.

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