Monday, February 15, 2016

Animal Exercise Under Two Hours Per Week

Getting back to doing Animal Movements in the last few workouts has become quite fun and accelerating. Being able to move in different positions on a constant shift helps develop the body and mind in another style. 10-20 min. a day is all that is really needed. Start out 3x a week to build a level of strength & endurance. Some of the exercises require some flexibility but with practice you can get some pretty awesome stretching. Some people don't do no more than 5x a week on this specific routine and that's ok.

You don't need endless hours of training in order to get fit. People have to work for a living and have other responsibilities yet there's no excuse you can't train under 30 min. a day; 10 min. would be enough for most people. Advanced can do 20 min. or longer depending on the day you do them. I recommend more of a spread of Greasing The Groove; training periodically throughout the day a few minutes here & there. Keep it to where you go after a daily goal of doing your workout as long or short as needed. Animal Exercise overall won't take you very long because of the constant movement and multiple muscles you use in a particular exercise.

Make it work for you and you will be in shape in no time.

Animal Kingdom 1

Animal Kingdom 2

Animal Flow 2.0

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