Monday, February 22, 2016

Finding Comics For Inspiration At An Older Age

When I was a kid, I wasn't into comic books; it just didn't appeal to me as I had books ranging from Disney to Goosebumps & things of that sort. For all I knew back then was comics were for nerds and geeks and that was all that mattered to them. My comics came from watching superheroes on Saturday morning and after school like Batman: The Animated Series, Spider-Man, X-Men, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & Superman. In the 90's, Superhero TV shows flourished, you couldn't find any kid under the age of 12 that didn't know who Batman or the X-Men were; quite frankly it surprises me that the comics themselves still sold like hotcakes since the Shows were towering over them.

I had one comic when I was a teen not many knew about with me. It was a Fantastic Four comic. I can't tell you where it is right now but I remember reading it in my room a few times and it was the only one I truly knew about. How I got it that I don't remember. When Ironman & The Incredible Hulk came out in the late 2000's, it peaked my interest because it reminded me of my childhood watching the cartoons. In the last near 5 years since I lived in Idaho, I have collected more comics (graphic novels) than ever in my entire life. I found a store here that has at least 3 sections dedicated to comics and one of the first ones I picked up was I think a Thor & Hercules set of comics. I had the Thor Hammers made by Stronger Grip a couple years before that and I just got enthralled to the point I got into the comic book scene. I'm officially a superhero nerd when it comes to that kind of thing. They inspire me to train and get fired up for breaking PR's, inspire me to create and come up with new things to write, they infuse my imagination like Burgers & Fries it just worked.

I'm reliving my childhood all over again in my 30's and learning about amazing stories and classic/new artwork and how the images are so breathtaking & wonderful to view. I find it so fascinating that any book that I find interesting I grab. Most of what I've collected are graphic novels of Marvel and little of DC but always have a heart for both. I've got books on Harley Quinn, Thor, Moon Knight, Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man, The Inhumans & Hercules. I've even got books on Star Wars based on Characters & The Force. I've been to a couple Comic Cons in Spokane, WA and plan on to go again at Lilac City Comic Con going with my girl and her brother.

As you can imagine, as a crazy superhero fan with the movies its going to be one hell of a year. Already seeing Deadpool and moving onto Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice (I'm with Bats on this one) its going to be insane. I've become such a fan of both the comics and the films that I have put in my own Amazon Store exclusively for Comics of all types which you can go to here at My Comic Book Store with all the latest updates and Pre-Orders for upcoming comics and graphical art sets of paperback & hardcovers. Whether you want inspiration to train, learn about the characters or just a collector of new and classic books there's something for everyone. I'd recommend because of the craze of Star Wars & Marvel Films coming out get your hands on some of the newest editions of stories on Darth Vader & the Rise Of The Empire/Republic with Deadpool stories and upcoming hero stories based on the upcoming movies.

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