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A Story About An Office Worker Named David

I'm going to tell you guys something that might piss people off but I want you all and anyone who is into Starbucks to be aware of what might benefit you on a health and money saving perspective. This isn't to knock coffee or anything but let's face it, the majority of coffee being sold these days is very unhealthy and can cause a ton of problems you don't want so this is more of an awareness and putting a perspective for those who want to be healthier and could benefit from this:

On every corner in the U.S there is a Starbucks Coffee House. About 1 in 3 people who are coffee fanatics go into one everyday of the week. So lets put the average person in this perspective and let's call him David. David works 5 days a week at his job at an office in New York City. He gets up every morning, showers, gets dressed, eats a little something and goes to pick up a Iced Coffee w/ Milk on his way to work. Walks in, waits in line for a good few minutes (depending on the chaos s…

Black Friday Is Here...AHHHH

That time of year where you can't help but buy some crazy stuff for Xmas for your loved ones. Pushing everyone around the stores, cramming yourselves into tents waiting who know how long for a store to open at 4:30 am. It's not fair to you or your wallet. If you plan on black Friday being the day to find kick ass sales? Go where they matter. Some stores won't always have what you're looking for and it can be heartbreaking. Although it's easier to shop at a store because people are there to interact with but let's face it, you didn't go shopping on one of the roughest days of the year to socialize or to pop a new friend because they are getting the same things you are. Shopping Online isn't the greatest option but it's a better option than most. I want to share with you some really cool places where you can get bad ass deals that not only will you get a kick out of but your little ones too.

First will be at Amazon where you can find even the most rar…

The Gorilla Is My Animality (And Being Thankful)

Thanksgiving is tomorrow so you maniacs better brush up on your training before having that huge feast. I know i'll be hungry as hell that day, hopefully the family i'm hanging with can make enough food for this beast. Other than that how the hell are you guys? Got a good mid-week going or do you have those mid-week blues? Sometimes it can be lonely for some of you and maybe you don't celebrate a holiday like this, i'm certainly not the biggest fan for a few reasons but I do my best to make it just another day but with insane amount of food.

The first thing I want to talk about is what are you thankful for? However the year has been for you what have been the positives? For me; i'm thankful for the people in my life especially my girl Holly. Only 7 months in and she has been a light that shines bright even in some dark moments plus has been the best thing to happen to me in a long time. There has never been a day where we don't laugh or are there for each other…

An Animalistic Weekend

Hey there my Animal Comrads,

 Did you guys have a kick ass weekend? I hope so. I stayed in most of the time since it's getting really damn cold outside. I'm a born and raised coastal Californian, the coldest I was ever use to until 4 years ago was no more than 38-45. It's getting as low as the 20's and i'm here most of the time in T-Shirts & Shorts (go ahead take your shots). It was more or less a quiet weekend in the house, played some PS3, promoted a little, got sent some bucks for selling a course or 2 a while back, watched the new series on Netflix Jessica Jones and finished up the first season of the Flash to catch up. All the while training like a wild animal and having a ton of laughs with my girl Holly whom you can read about here.

Over the weekend especially yesterday I was contemplating about what exact benefits you can get from actually doing Animal Exercise and consistently. On Twitter, I wrote 20 different and awesome benefits on what this method c…

The Jungle VIP Is Just A Click Away

Hey what's up Parents/Guardians?

Do you have kids that have trouble sitting still or have trouble getting up and moving around? Maybe have a kid that could use a little structure and might have trouble making friends? There are solutions that maybe I can give you tips on. I would never tell you how to raise your kid, i'm not like that and I know you are doing everything possible but could use a little extra nudge.

Now I want to tell you something I have a hard time talking about because when I was a pre-teen and early teen I had a lot of issues when it came to my brain function, my emotions & my weight issues. I was in the Special Education system because of the meningitis I grew up dealing with since I was a baby. Learning how to do things differently than the majority of people. Had really bad speech problems & motor skills were extremely difficult for me. Luckily I developed an incredible memory (much like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory if you've ever seen that…

The Wild Vastness Of Animalistic Abilities

How's it going my dear friends of strength? Life treating you good, your lady keeping you in check or living the lone warrior life and chilling with your boys when you get the chance? I've got something I want to talk to you about if you got the time....

These days I have been training like a wild animal. Although it's cold out where I'am, I still make time to train but not in the hardcore style some of these pretty boys in the fancy gyms that are full of mirrors and full of egos so huge the entire city of New York can't stand. You know you're a bad ass right? So you can trust me when I say this; that being a bad ass is a gift most will never have, it's about honor and having the balls to stand up for the weak and show them the way to be strong. To teach how to be cool to one another and defend yourself and not attacking with pleasure or no remorse. Being an animal is in our DNA fellas and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

For the most part training…

(Urgent: Must Read) My Fellow Training Maniacs

What's up you crazy nuts?

Yesterday I put myself through a workout (damn I hate that word) that not only tested my conditioning but it tested me mentally in a way where I wanted to find out just how much fun it would be to really have no time limit and see how far I can go. To be honest, I had a fucking blast and I didn't want to stop but as you may have noticed (or didn't cause you were way too into it) too much of anything can get your ass in trouble. I'm all for pushing the limits and seeing what it takes to go from level to the next but we all have to learn the one thing when we push our asses to the next level: Recovery.

The workout (there goes that word again) was moving like a wild animal and using my 20-sided dye (read my article The Game That Gets You Animal Fitfor more details) see how many roles my body and mind wanted to go through. Most would call this pure hell but since i'm a psychotic exercise guy I found it to be pure fun. I made to 51 rolls in aro…

The Tiger

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

In The Forests Of The Night

What Immortal Hand Or Eye

Could Frame Thy Fearful Symmetry?

Although it's a piece of William Blake's epic poem it only touches a small scale of an even powerful surface. There is a wild beast living within all of us. It burns within our soul yet not many can achieve it within many reasons but one of them is a fear we all have to bare. That very vastness of our being is yet to understand our full potential of what it means to be human, to be strong, to achieve something beyond ourselves not just how we live but living to our greatest potential that which gives us our greatest because we don't understand.

Immortality is not about how long you have lived, it's about remembrance and your impact as you have lived. People can live for over 100 years but how many kept it exciting and build up a solid sense of wisdom and achieving the potential that made who they are not by praise or by stories but by your own way of living wi…

The Game That Gets You Animal Fit

If you have read any of my articles over the last few years you know that you'll find some where I give off high levels of enthusiasm and have a taste for the imagination and the spirit of adventure. Fitness for me is a way to have fun, something to enjoy and play out. Most have a hardcore mentality and take exercise way too damn seriously. There's nothing wrong with discipline and practice but if you can't get any excitement out of it what the hell is it really worth.

Many times I have written the importance and benefits of Animal Exercise and why it is my all-time favorite method. I've done many methods that have their purpose but I always seem to go back to the animals because that is the ultimate adventure. No strict structure or routine, just roll (literally) with the animal that comes to you. Making a game out of it brings fun and mystery to exercise. You never know what you're in for and because of the awkward movements, it's never the same every time. T…

Put A SPARK In Your Day

I don't usually review supplements, hell very few I've ever tried actually worked but even more rarely one make a difference within an instant the moment I used it. I want to share with you my view point on what makes this one of those extremely rare reviews. Like some people, I see the majority of Supplements as complete bullshit and I'll tell you why; first off many of them don't work and for good reason, there's way too much stuff in them that can harm a person's body. I feel when it comes to it, a supplement ought to help you in the way it was meant to and not give you your body something to ache on.

Some guys like to drink those really high octane energy drinks which includes red bull and monster. For the most part that shit is horrible and it has chemicals that devour more of your system than help it. Sure you have a ton of energy for a while but it has that jittery and unwanted feel of high anxiety. I've drank Gatorade and Vitamin Waters yet somehow…

Train To Play

I have developed a few philosophies over the last couple years or so. I've covered what I believe in what works and what doesn't, helping others find awesome ways to train but all in all nothing takes the cake more than using exercise as PLAY!!! When you start to play in your training, the word "Workout" becomes a thing of the past. Working out can be good but it has the word work in it and many times that drives people away. Now I know what you're thinking "Then how can someone take you seriously if you only play, isn't that the opposite of what you're suppose to in exercise?" Here's where I do take it seriously, by not putting a stamp on being so hardcore and fixated on a single system that I worship it's abilities. I take it seriously by being myself and putting effort into not just mentally seeing the power in play but physically I make it a mission to be creative and throw in some off the wall stuff you won't see coming.

Alot of…

Play Vs. Work

There are two sides to everything, its what makes life interesting and how obstacles and struggles play out. For me the word "work" is a bit harsh and very negative. Some say work is a positive which in a way it is depending on your perspective. You hear things like "I work hard", "She's a workaholic", "Nice Work Bob", "I'm proud of your work sweetheart." With a certain perspective Work can be used positively and negatively. The funny thing is though, people work all their lives, some more than others and even put their lives at risk for their work but more often not many people work so damn hard and still don't get the recognition they deserve. I knew guys who bust their ass 12 hours a day and struggled so much they're brains were caving in. Work a lot of the time feels daunting, harsh and downright sucks.

The word "Play" in my mind is something that is filled with fun, excitement, creativity, something effor…