Monday, November 30, 2015

A Story About An Office Worker Named David

I'm going to tell you guys something that might piss people off but I want you all and anyone who is into Starbucks to be aware of what might benefit you on a health and money saving perspective. This isn't to knock coffee or anything but let's face it, the majority of coffee being sold these days is very unhealthy and can cause a ton of problems you don't want so this is more of an awareness and putting a perspective for those who want to be healthier and could benefit from this:

On every corner in the U.S there is a Starbucks Coffee House. About 1 in 3 people who are coffee fanatics go into one everyday of the week. So lets put the average person in this perspective and let's call him David. David works 5 days a week at his job at an office in New York City. He gets up every morning, showers, gets dressed, eats a little something and goes to pick up a Iced Coffee w/ Milk on his way to work. Walks in, waits in line for a good few minutes (depending on the chaos since it is the holidays after all), orders his coffee which let's say is about $3. Not too bad, pretty cheap considering it's freaking Starbucks.

He gets his coffee with his name written all messed up like Dayved or Daevid something stupid like that. After about maybe 10 minutes or so he walks out and heads to the office no big deal. He's been working at this office for a while now for about a year, might get an early promotion who knows but overall, just a regular guy, has his good days, some bad but does what he can to get by but is building up a bit of health issues. He's in his early mid-30's like 34 at best. Now let's get some math on David's spending at Starbucks that he routinely goes to everyday, same coffee, some of the same people around and takes roughly the same amount of time in line depending on the early morning rush hour. For $3 a day that adds up to $15 a week. In a month he's invested about $60 worth of that nice big and tall Iced-Coffee w/ whole milk that he likes.

Now granted this kind of Coffee alone has around 35 grams of Sugar, 170mg of Caffeine, over 34+ carbs and doesn't have a lot of vitamins and minerals that could help Dave's digestive system and nutrition. Like I said he's been at his company for a whole year. Look at how much Coffee of this caliber he is spending at; $60/mo for a year is $720. This type of coffee could be linked to some of his health issues that he is not aware of like developing diabetes, high blood pressure, clogged arteries and a terrible build up on the central nervous system. I don't know about you but this could very well affect other things going in his life that just could go haywire.

One day David runs into and talks to a buddy of his he's known since their fraternity days at NYU; man the memories these guys had all those years ago of partying, girls, guys banding together, getting his degree in Business Technology and living the life of your average New Yorker. His boy John mentions to him this bad ass supplement he's taking that gives him insane energy, mental focus that would make Marine Snipers jealous and has lost around 10 pounds of bodyfat the first month he went on it. Good ole David listens but doesn't really pay attention because come on now, he's got his coffee why the hell would he need to take anything else to get his energy going in the morning. He starts thinking about what Johnny said and it couldn't get out of his head. Thought about again the next day and a couple weeks after that. Something finally hits his head and David goes online to find this supplement that Johnny was taking. Did a little digging and found the site for it. The Supplement this guy was taking was called Spark.

He was reluctant to buy it at first because it looked expensive. He started looking at the Supplement Facts and he was blown away by them so hard he nearly fell off his Darth Vader Rocking Chair (yeah the guy is a star wars nerd what of it?). He began to do a little math to compare the coffee he's been drinking for the past year. From what he gathered, the Spark Canister costs $51.95 which sounds steep but bare with the guy here; it is 42 servings of his favorite flavor Fruit Punch and only needs to to take 1 serving a day. This stuff he was looking had not once of sugar, very low calorie intake and has less than 50mg of caffeine than the coffee he's been drinking. Kept doing a little more math because seriously, it's part of his job and he's good at it. A little more calculations he put down the amount of $51.95 and added up to a full year's worth (let's go by 30 servings/mo) which came out to around $623.40. Holy crap bro, that's nearly triple digits in savings he's getting out of it. That was the final nail in the coffin because not only is he saving a shit load of money on one thing, it's also more than a whole month supply (42 servings for 42 days). Some of that money he is saving can go towards his rent, a fitness course he start exercising with without needing to go to the gym like this one called Animal Flow, hell even find healthier foods to eat.

Since getting the spark and going on his new routine; he's lost 15 pounds in the last month, gets to work earlier, started eating healthier little by little and has gained so much energy his own mother thought he was on drugs or something. No one has ever seen him smile and light this much. Who knows how far David can go if he keeps this up. He even joined the Company he got Spark from and started sharing it with his co-workers, friends on facebook & twitter and is even working towards a goal to where he won't need that crappy office job anymore and making a living helping others just like his bud Johnny did for him.

You can do the very same thing our man David here did. Change your life for the better, look to new horizons and make goals you didn't think were possible. I've been on Spark the same amount of time David has and I haven't had this much energy since I was in my early 20's and i'm an energetic guy. I'm jealous of this guy but I also admire him. What is your story lately and what story will you write when you get on this sucker? Not all coffee is bad but the majority of how it's made can have an effect on your health both physically and financially. Have a beautiful Monday wherever you and be amazingly awesome.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Is Here...AHHHH

That time of year where you can't help but buy some crazy stuff for Xmas for your loved ones. Pushing everyone around the stores, cramming yourselves into tents waiting who know how long for a store to open at 4:30 am. It's not fair to you or your wallet. If you plan on black Friday being the day to find kick ass sales? Go where they matter. Some stores won't always have what you're looking for and it can be heartbreaking. Although it's easier to shop at a store because people are there to interact with but let's face it, you didn't go shopping on one of the roughest days of the year to socialize or to pop a new friend because they are getting the same things you are. Shopping Online isn't the greatest option but it's a better option than most. I want to share with you some really cool places where you can get bad ass deals that not only will you get a kick out of but your little ones too.

First will be at Amazon where you can find even the most rare things on sale and save a ton of money in the process, got prime, even better use it to your advantage this holiday season. I love Amazon where I can get my favorite superhero flicks, I've also been into Star Wars again because of the new movie coming that me and other people I know are dying to see. For her birthday I bought my girl some amazing Star Wars stuff she totally geeked over like a huge chest to put your things in, a poster book, a Yoda lightsaber flashlight, A character book chalk full of beautifully designed graphics. I get freaking jealous and I bought the damn things. I love using Amazon for Instant Movies on my PS3 and watch fun TV Shows and movies that appeal to me. Do your kids or anyone you know love Comic Books? I have a whole store just for people like them because I love the artwork, stories, little gags, the heartbreaks and the kick ass action of guys like Thor, Captain America, Moon Knight, Blade, Vampirella, Dr. Strange and a ton of others. There are limitless amounts of cool stuff you can get that might save your life from being crumbled in a store. I'm sorry but I believe a parent or relative should get murdered over a freaking doll or a t-shirt a child they love would like.

The next one I wanted to share with you is for my fitness nuts out there looking for good deals on fitness equipment that is ready, brand new and just waiting to be used to help you build muscle, lose weight, gain stamina and even chisel the hell out of your core. My friends over at Lifeline Fitness are having a staggering 40% OFF SALE on every product they have. I personally use this type of equipment myself for when I travel or want to grab out of my bag at home and have a gym that can be stuffed in a dufflebag. Using a the Coupon Code GIVEYOU40 at checkout you can get great stuff that can be used but practically anyone, can be used anywhere and gets you fit. For years I've used them to suit my needs that is affordable than weights, I like lifting but I do have to practical and there are advantages. Get the gift of health and make the effort to train like you would in a gym, listen to your own music, have fun and challenge yourself.

One more place I highly recommend is another fitness site for the serious mofos who want to use high quality equipment that can change the very foundation of not just yourself but for a gym as well. Really awesome package deals inspired by the Military, Fire Department & Overall Garage Warriors. These guys are top of the line and are far ahead of a very competitive pack. I'm talking about the Crossfit Site Rogue Fitness. What it would be like for you to afford your own equipment set up for your gym, home, garage or backyard. A rack to use for developing superhuman strength in powerlifting, set up gymnastics rings to get the most insane upper body workout of your life. Collars that clasp on like a damn vice for those PR attempting lifts. Top of the line equipment for the inspiring Strongman who wants to obliterate the competition with Yokes, Axels, Stones, Monster Bells fit for a beast, Harnesses to strap into for Truck Pulling; all your hearts desire for the ultimate athlete. You don't even need to be in crossfit in order to benefit from this bad ass place; maybe you're an MMA Fighter, Olympic Weightlifter, someone who loves Conditioning, Football Players, Pro Wrestlers, Baseball, Hockey hell even actors in the movies used this stuff to train for roles.

You do not have to wait in line to get what you want. Be safe, pick what you feel could benefit you or someone else. I cannot stress enough about helping you all have a safe and beautiful holidays that are less stressful and more of awesome love and happiness. Take a long hard look at what you think you might get a store near you where crowds would rather shiv you rather than help you find something that could bring cheer to another person. Most of the time it's every man for himself and I don't wish anyone to get hurt or feel because something wasn't there and it was all for nothing. Be safe and be awesome everyone. Make Black Friday a much lighter color because nothing brightens up like a great surprise in that stocking.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Gorilla Is My Animality (And Being Thankful)

Thanksgiving is tomorrow so you maniacs better brush up on your training before having that huge feast. I know i'll be hungry as hell that day, hopefully the family i'm hanging with can make enough food for this beast. Other than that how the hell are you guys? Got a good mid-week going or do you have those mid-week blues? Sometimes it can be lonely for some of you and maybe you don't celebrate a holiday like this, i'm certainly not the biggest fan for a few reasons but I do my best to make it just another day but with insane amount of food.

The first thing I want to talk about is what are you thankful for? However the year has been for you what have been the positives? For me; i'm thankful for the people in my life especially my girl Holly. Only 7 months in and she has been a light that shines bright even in some dark moments plus has been the best thing to happen to me in a long time. There has never been a day where we don't laugh or are there for each other when we need it the most. I push her in training sometimes but she also pushes back even harder to have me step up my game and it has. I'm also thankful for my friends in the fitness world who encourage me and inspire me everyday to be creative and sharing their passion. These are the top 2 i'll mention but I've got more that I want to just hold onto myself.

The second thing I want to mention is; in the spirit of Animal Exercises I want ask all of you, what is your Animality? For those that don't understand it's a term that came from the Mortal Kombat video games I use to play as a kid and when you were the winner of a fight you could finish the helpless opponent by doing some really gruesome stuff but another option (if you knew the right codes and directions) was to tear the guy to pieces by turning into an animal that your character's spirit possessed like Liu Kang had the Dragon, Nightwolf was well a wolf or Sonya Blade being the Hawk. Every one of us has an animalistic spirit dwelling within. The easiest way to find that out (at least from my experience) to channel that is to do Animal exercises, practice as many as you can creating games, scenarios, competitions or learning the various moves and instinctively figure out which animals seems to be the most frequent and favorite that you do. The gorilla happens to be mine. I always train and seem to intuitively do this exercise more often than any other Animal. This isn't an invitation to figure out your animality and going out killing people or anything like that. It's unleashing that powerful spirit within you that helps shape your body, makes you stronger, powerful and full of insane conditioning.

It can be difficult finding out which animal suits you and the way you move but that's the beauty of Jungle Fitness is to find a new sense of yourself and unleashing that inner strength you may not realize is inside you. That internal force that brings out our instincts and gives us that glare most will never understand. The gorilla is mine because I love the strength it possesses, the sheer power of it's tendons, the musculature of it's chest, back, arms and neck. It is congruent with what I want to achieve and that's being as being big and athletic as possible. I'm the ground and pound kind of guy if I wrestled someone, I love to climb at times and walk as if I was King Kong. Your Animality might be different but you have to feel it and experience that passionate fire and how you move, the way your mind and awareness comes into play. We all have it yet only a small few have ever achieved it.

That's all for today you guys and I want to wish you and your family a very happy thanksgiving and for those that don't celebrate it, kick back and just be you. Before I go I have a surprise for you. One major company I represent will be having an insane Black Friday sale that will be 40% OFF and free shipping for orders over $100. Now that's awesome and I can't wait to share with you and it's one of the best fitness companies in the world today that has helped thousands of people all over the world and has been used by athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Rugby and College Sports. You don't want to miss out.

Kick ass today and everyday,


Monday, November 23, 2015

An Animalistic Weekend

Hey there my Animal Comrads,

 Did you guys have a kick ass weekend? I hope so. I stayed in most of the time since it's getting really damn cold outside. I'm a born and raised coastal Californian, the coldest I was ever use to until 4 years ago was no more than 38-45. It's getting as low as the 20's and i'm here most of the time in T-Shirts & Shorts (go ahead take your shots). It was more or less a quiet weekend in the house, played some PS3, promoted a little, got sent some bucks for selling a course or 2 a while back, watched the new series on Netflix Jessica Jones and finished up the first season of the Flash to catch up. All the while training like a wild animal and having a ton of laughs with my girl Holly whom you can read about here.

Over the weekend especially yesterday I was contemplating about what exact benefits you can get from actually doing Animal Exercise and consistently. On Twitter, I wrote 20 different and awesome benefits on what this method can do for adults and kids alike. I encourage you to click on the link and check them out. I have become more enthralled and excited than ever to do Animal movements. I do 15-30 min. a day everyday recently and it never gets me doing the same order twice. I average in those workouts (play time for me) around 25-60 rolls at a time. By rolls I mean doing the Dice Game where you roll once for an animal, a second time for numbered steps. Some animals are tougher than others but that's where you pace yourself, breathe after each set and check it off. I'm seeing incredible results right away; arms are getting more defined, my core is getting muscular, my chest is bigger, my legs are incredibly stronger and my explosiveness is powerful as well. Still got a ways to go to truly hit my animal peak but it's a hell of a ride.

What are you doing to get yourself in shape? What's preventing you from having fun while you exercise? Is it the weather, your job, family, the bills, stress? How do you expect to achieve your best self if you can't make the effort? Timing is a pain in the ass, it's understandable and it's about being realistic I sympathize with you. The thing is, you can get a great start if you're willing to put a little time even if 5 minutes is all you have for now. Did you know even 1 minute can make a huge difference in what you do. If you played the animal dice game like I talked about, do 5 rolls of animal movement just 5. Anyone can do 5 come on now that's nothing (but can be a lot) and it only takes a couple minutes. I know you may think that it's not enough to get results. In the beginning it does. I'm going to tell you something that most people are afraid to admit; when I first played this game I nearly passed out because I pushed myself too hard way too fast. I wanted to quit after that because it was too much and like most people I never thought i'd put myself in that position but I didn't quit. I screwed up and had nothing to do with the exercises or the game itself, it was my foolish pride and uncontrollable excitement to push the limits because that's what you're told right? I dusted myself off and went into thinking mode, creating a strategy to where I do only a small portion and build from there. I got better and it's become my favorite game to play.

Maybe the game is not meant for you and that's perfectly fine. If you're into animal movements maybe you want to only a few of them and do 1 minute each to start. Play around with them and come up with your own game. With the dice game it at times comes up with an animal I highly despise and gets me winded more than any other animal so unless it's low reps I don't do it. I choose a different animal for myself, something easier or one that I'm comfortable challenging myself on. I still get it done and keep going with the game that I want to play.

Over this weekend it made me think that when you do something consistently it becomes a habit; when you play with your exercise it becomes more than a habit; it becomes something fun and exciting to do. I never know what to expect everyday when I do animal movements. At times my muscles don't know what the hell is going on. After a while my muscles know what the exercise is after doing it so many times but things switch up in the blink of an eye where they still need to adapt. A lot can change with a single roll of the dice. What will you do when that movement comes up?

Hope you start the week with a bang and some movement of your favorite animals. Mark your territory by moving (not peeing) and have a blast with it. Get the kids involved, got some warm weather where you are, make a game outside. If it's too cold (like it is for me here) make enough room for you and/or your family and play a little game. There are ways to get in shape, you got the basics and now just a little imagination.

Welcome to a new week and tell me your stories of Thanksgiving and be sure to let me know what you're thankful for. Before I leave you I got some cool stuff to share with you. Having a big holiday dinner can knock you off your way of eating to stay in healthy shape. It's going to be tempting but I will give you a couple options. If you choose to eat, train first to really earn that meal so you can get the calories and sources of protein/carbs to fuel yourself and just eat. If you truly want to stick to your guns, I've got a few things I'd like to show you that can help suppress those big time cravings and make the best of eating well and enjoy your feast just as awesomely. Here are three things that will keep your hunger at bay:

Crave Check 
& Meal Replacement Shake (White Chocolate Peppermint)

This stuff works like a charm and has helped literally thousands of people so they can still get great results while eating well.

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Jungle VIP Is Just A Click Away

Hey what's up Parents/Guardians?

Do you have kids that have trouble sitting still or have trouble getting up and moving around? Maybe have a kid that could use a little structure and might have trouble making friends? There are solutions that maybe I can give you tips on. I would never tell you how to raise your kid, i'm not like that and I know you are doing everything possible but could use a little extra nudge.

Now I want to tell you something I have a hard time talking about because when I was a pre-teen and early teen I had a lot of issues when it came to my brain function, my emotions & my weight issues. I was in the Special Education system because of the meningitis I grew up dealing with since I was a baby. Learning how to do things differently than the majority of people. Had really bad speech problems & motor skills were extremely difficult for me. Luckily I developed an incredible memory (much like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory if you've ever seen that) but yet had trouble figuring things out. I had to rethink everything and took me until I was about 6 or 7 to really talk normally.

I also had problems listening at times (like most kids but on a different level) because I couldn't understand some of the most basic things. Sure I made friends in school over the years but also was bullied. By the time I was 13 I ballooned up to 5'4 nearly 200 pounds of mostly fat and not too much muscle. The only workout I ever really did at that age was playing basketball and the things in P.E. I had been punched, scarred and once had a full blown basketball hit me right in the face because I made some stupid comment. Some kids are just freaking cruel.

A lot of the exercises I learned in grade school I didn't like, they just didn't suit well with me and I just wanted to play ball with my boys or play kill the carrier; games like that at my second mom's house. As I got older I got into more exercise like weights, swimming, track & field and others but somehow they just never gave me the passion to do anything I really could do. I was great at some weight lifting yet never really went anywhere. After high school I got into the gym scene trying out everything I saw in the magazines. Did ok but something just wasn't there you know. When I had my leg injuries at 20 nearly 21 years old I had an epiphany that changed everything. I rehabbed myself through sheer will using nothing but my own bodyweight and suddenly as I kept pushing day after day something just clicked inside me and I was really enjoying what I was doing.

A few years after I fully healed and kept learning as much as exercise as possible I finally found the one thing that not only clicked but had me do more than just working out, I was having fun. I was doing Animal Exercise, mimicking some of the most powerful creatures on the planet, my favorite movement was the Gorilla. I fell in love with this course. Kept doing it off and on for years but always ended up back on them some how. I was drawn to it and I was building muscle and stamina I didn't think I could gain (I was already crazy from other things but nothing could compare to this).

When I found out there was a kids version of this course I knew I had to find a way to promote it because not only do I love kids but I wanted to share something with them and you awesome parents or guardians what I wish I had back when I was their age. If I had learned anything about this course, my life most likely would've gone in a different direction. I never want a kid to feel what I did and be chubby and weak. Kids are meant to be strong, healthy and full of life. I want to show you what this course can do for not just them but for you as well. Being fit isn't a chore, it's an adventure with limitless possibilities. To get all that energy out before class, something to play at recess or P.E, create scenarios that enhances their brain cells (which can carry over to getting awesome grades), generate real muscle and endurance for sports performance and increase their ever growing bones for a healthy spine, strong core, athletic legs and overall agility and flexibility. A kid is meant to have all these things.

My favorite Disney movie growing up was the Jungle Book which you see in the pic above. Remember the scene where Mowgli is kidnapped by the monkeys and the ever crazy Orangutan King Louie singing "I wanna be like you"? It made me think that after all these years and seeing it more times than most kids today have been alive I wanted to be more like an animal than a human because a lot of human movement (with the exception of MovNat) is boring and always seemed stationary and full of machines you don't really need. Animal Movement is exciting and creative, using your body in all sorts of directions and awkward movement using your surroundings and most of the time nothing but the ground you stand on. Some schools today are doing this and it's start but I want to see it grow and develop into a curriculum and making it fun for everyone in a class.

I would like you to think for a moment and see in your mind what kind of kid you want to see develop. What are they doing to achieve their goals, where do you see them going as far as physically and mentally fit? It's not about pushing them so hard it's going to scare them off and resent you no; it's about compromising, learning valuable tools to help them in their lives. Doing chores, how to utilize their timeouts when they haven't been doing what they're told not as a major punishment but a lesson. Figure things out together as a family and although they may not like it at times it's better than being violent verbally or physically or just plain sending them up to their room. Make it work for all of you so in the end, you can achieve things even when you think something is wrong in the house. Being a parent is tough as it is, don't make it any tougher than it has to be on either end. Kids will be kids but in the end, it's you they look up to and what they will set themselves up in the future.

Please take a look at Wild Animal Fitness For Kids and get an idea on how to help your kid not only get fit but use their talents and imaginations to keep them out of trouble and have a happy life that is full of love, joy and the occasional family bonding. If I knew then what I know now things would be a heck of a lot different. Thank you for taking the time to read, you are amazing and i'll be rooting for you and the little ones.

Your friend of the Jungle,

Ben Bergman

P.S If you have any questions you would like to ask feel free to contact me by my email or you can reach me at my websites Advocare (Microsite), Fitness Pros or my Branded Me site which are all on the right side of this letter. Keep rocking and be awesome.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Wild Vastness Of Animalistic Abilities

How's it going my dear friends of strength? Life treating you good, your lady keeping you in check or living the lone warrior life and chilling with your boys when you get the chance? I've got something I want to talk to you about if you got the time....

These days I have been training like a wild animal. Although it's cold out where I'am, I still make time to train but not in the hardcore style some of these pretty boys in the fancy gyms that are full of mirrors and full of egos so huge the entire city of New York can't stand. You know you're a bad ass right? So you can trust me when I say this; that being a bad ass is a gift most will never have, it's about honor and having the balls to stand up for the weak and show them the way to be strong. To teach how to be cool to one another and defend yourself and not attacking with pleasure or no remorse. Being an animal is in our DNA fellas and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

For the most part training like a beast unleashed reaps benefits that most methods wouldn't even dare touch. You can hit the iron all you want (I do it too from time to time) but nothing will make you crazy stupid strong like moving like a wild creature of the Jungle. We are the decedents of the animals, we share the same color blood as a vast number of them. We have instincts and they got stuff on us we can never truly fathom but the same goes vice versa. I'm a man who loves the Jungle Training; to move using every freaking muscle in your body just even go a few feet sends billions and billions of neurons into the nerves of your body. Lifting heavy objects does the same thing, swinging a sledgehammer that is awesomely heavy works too. You want muscles that are for real and not just pretty little biceps or a back so huge you can't wipe your own ass; tendons that seem like they're forged from steel and not wimpering little tissues that break on a side walk curb.

These aren't just the type of benefits you'll receive, there's a hell of a lot more. You know those lethal and life-dangering HGH needles some of those stars of Tinseltown use or those corrupt Sports Athletes take just to get an edge? They got nothing on Animal Movements. This type of training naturally enhances your hormones that goes 10x the amount a drug does. Come on, why shoot up when you can do it with a few minutes of wildness a day. Hell I weigh in the high 250's and feel like an athlete at 230 or less, I can feel those hormones raging like a teen horndog going through puberty and never once touched Drugs and i'm in my early 30's bro. I have a big appetite especially for a good old fashioned buffalo cheeseburger and because of the way I do Animal Training, my metabolism goes through the roof sometimes. No matter what your age, you can develop the same benefits and do so without spending so much time training you forget who your family and friends are.

We are animals whether you believe it or not and accepting that is the first step towards Animality not immortality but Animality. It gives you abilities you didn't think were possible; forget the weight loss and dropping fat like a stack of bricks, your strength, stamina, flexibility, agility, explosiveness all within your grasp and you don't realize how much you can accomplish. We all have that Animal Spirit, the soul of a powerful creature that brings out our instincts and our powerful sense of internal power and sexual energy. Why hold that in when you can unleash all of it in it's glory and being aware on how to use it. If you guys are stuck in the same old rut and not getting something out of yourself and not feeding your muscles and tendons the most pure form of strength and longevity then you need to get off your ass and move brother.

For you young dudes in your late teens and early 20's, you have your whole lives ahead, the future is literally in your hands. Don't grow up doing what everyone else is doing, being normal sucks and most people suck the fun out of life so be unique and move with passion, train to stay healthy for a longer life, be awesome to kids and never let anyone tell you you're not good enough; everyone is incredible at something. You have amazing gifts, be wild and free. Train like a wild animal and you can't go wrong.

From the Jungle,

"Big" Ben

For All Ages: Animal Kingdom Conditioning

For The Wild & Advanced Animal Maniac: Animal Kingdom Conditioning II- Call Of The Wild

For The Little Animal Cubs: Wild Animal Fitness For Kids

For The Creative Mind For Movement: Animal Flow 2.0

Friday, November 13, 2015

(Urgent: Must Read) My Fellow Training Maniacs

What's up you crazy nuts?

Yesterday I put myself through a workout (damn I hate that word) that not only tested my conditioning but it tested me mentally in a way where I wanted to find out just how much fun it would be to really have no time limit and see how far I can go. To be honest, I had a fucking blast and I didn't want to stop but as you may have noticed (or didn't cause you were way too into it) too much of anything can get your ass in trouble. I'm all for pushing the limits and seeing what it takes to go from level to the next but we all have to learn the one thing when we push our asses to the next level: Recovery.

The workout (there goes that word again) was moving like a wild animal and using my 20-sided dye (read my article The Game That Gets You Animal Fit for more details) see how many roles my body and mind wanted to go through. Most would call this pure hell but since i'm a psychotic exercise guy I found it to be pure fun. I made to 51 rolls in around 30 minutes from what I saw on my phone since remembering what time I started. There was a time during this fun session that I literally thought I was transforming into a wild animal. Talk about going insane.

Now let me ask you fanatical beasts something....Do you think with that type of training people would be afraid of people like us? I mean seriously, for the average Joe or Jane they can't even comprehend this shit and you know why? They're not educated enough and motivated to make something of themselves. You & I, we are weird and don't apply to people like them but I feel like we should. We can't just be that one group people can't stand or understand and only do this for ourselves. I don't know about you but I love getting at least one person involved and turn them into guys and gals like us not to scare them off or tell them what they're doing is stupid (although at times I do question some methods these people do) but show them something that could be fun and take their normal routine out of their element and make it interesting.

I don't know how you nutjobs get that motivation to train as if your life depended on it (I do to some but the rest, holy shit Batman) but maybe we can switch gears and adapt to helping others find that motivation and get them to have fun, be excited and take them out of their boring routines because let's face it, boring equals death and no one wants to die of boredom. We've gone through enough crap in our lifetime to really make stuff boring. I'm sick and tired of these whiny, salt on the wound souls that feel like what they do is great yet they don't have any real life to show for it. Please for the love of Sandow; join me in this quest to get people out of their boring, wasted, do or die element and let's get them on the path to good old fashioned ass kicking training that gets them results they never expected. It won't be easy but it'll be interesting.

Before I head out for the weekend and chillax at the man cave near the lake let me ask you one more thing...What the hell have you been using for supplements lately? Please don't tell me that Met-RX and Whey hasn't been working for yeah? Aren't you tired of taking something that is making you feel like shit better yet wouldn't rather take something that actually tastes good for once? Don't get me wrong, I like taking certain things to amplify my training and recovery (That doesn't mean steroids, come on son you aught to know by now that crap is for guys who take shortcuts) but I rather take something that not only hits me like a bolt of freaking lightning but helps me be able to repair well so I can keep kicking ass myself. What I've been taking lately gives me that jolt that I crave and pushes me with a vengeance in my training.

I want you guys (and the lovely ladies of course) to take a look at and grab a box or canister of SPARK, the energy supplement that boosts you as high as Red bull & monster but without the messed up crash and burn later with that depressed feeling at the end. Tastes amazing and the flavor is just insanely good. You really want to pay 2 For 3 Can of Energy Drinks that would cost 60 bucks a month if you drank that crap 5 times a week? Think about your health brother.

Take care and let's show how awesome real training and nutrition is,

Big Ben Bergman...Laters

P.S I forgot it's Friday The 13th. Don't see it as a bad day, make it fucking awesome and inspiring.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Tiger

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

In The Forests Of The Night

What Immortal Hand Or Eye

Could Frame Thy Fearful Symmetry?

Although it's a piece of William Blake's epic poem it only touches a small scale of an even powerful surface. There is a wild beast living within all of us. It burns within our soul yet not many can achieve it within many reasons but one of them is a fear we all have to bare. That very vastness of our being is yet to understand our full potential of what it means to be human, to be strong, to achieve something beyond ourselves not just how we live but living to our greatest potential that which gives us our greatest because we don't understand.

Immortality is not about how long you have lived, it's about remembrance and your impact as you have lived. People can live for over 100 years but how many kept it exciting and build up a solid sense of wisdom and achieving the potential that made who they are not by praise or by stories but by your own way of living with purpose that created a legacy that will live on after you have passed in physical form.

We can change how we grow mentally, change our bodies into a powerful sense of flesh, muscle and bone; some see it as beautiful, others see it as intimidating or reacting out of jealousy but in the end, we are nothing but flesh and bone. We become strong through physical application, our adaptation can be used in ways we have yet to comprehend but in the end, the mind is the one that makes or breaks us. We fear of losing ourselves through rough edged obstacles and the way we react to different aspects for how our surroundings take their toll. Becoming something beyond human or the importance of what it is to be human is nothing short of a battle that is neither won or lost; it's ongoing and it's up to us to be able to adapt and reach out if needed but only a few have made that possible for themselves. 

Time is both enemy and ally, how we choose to see it's course is how we live and make something of ourselves creates what develops into our own effect of a chain reaction. Life is both complicated and frightening but it is also beautiful and full of wonders. Our beastly instincts is what drives us to be more than we think we are meant to be. The burning desire to move and become strong, the will to go into the unknown and come out with a ray of light that melts deep into everything you have ever fought for and/or accomplished will never be in vain if you believe it within you and only you. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Game That Gets You Animal Fit

If you have read any of my articles over the last few years you know that you'll find some where I give off high levels of enthusiasm and have a taste for the imagination and the spirit of adventure. Fitness for me is a way to have fun, something to enjoy and play out. Most have a hardcore mentality and take exercise way too damn seriously. There's nothing wrong with discipline and practice but if you can't get any excitement out of it what the hell is it really worth.

Many times I have written the importance and benefits of Animal Exercise and why it is my all-time favorite method. I've done many methods that have their purpose but I always seem to go back to the animals because that is the ultimate adventure. No strict structure or routine, just roll (literally) with the animal that comes to you. Making a game out of it brings fun and mystery to exercise. You never know what you're in for and because of the awkward movements, it's never the same every time. That's the beauty of play and making it exciting, it brings new meaning to go out and do whatever you want.

I play this one game where random animals become your biggest training session and the more you do it, the more fun it becomes. You take a 20 sided dye and you make two rolls; one to get the animal that comes up and a second to do your reps/distance. Very simple nothing complicated or difficult. Whatever level you're at is doable. Want to make it interesting, double or triple the reps/steps that come up and you'll really push the limits of your training. Check off how many rolls you do that day and see where you're at. Start with 5 and work up to how many you think you can do. Better yet instead of counting how many rolls, set a timer and just have at it, say start with 5 minutes, build up to 10, 20 or 30 whatever you desire. Make it work for you. Play with a friend or significant other and make a contest out of it; see who can rack up the most points for example: You would roll and whatever animal comes up you do and do the amount of reps next; the other person has to do the same amount of reps. Keep Track of the points, who's ahead or behind. Go until one of you can't do it anymore.

There are many other games you can make doing this type of training. Roll and whatever animal comes up use it to play tag, you can race, jump as far as you can with the leaping animals, how many yards? Pick your favorite animals from a Disney movie or cartoon. There are literally no limits to your imagination. It's time to get back into the wild; simple, daring and something to do that you've never done before. All that and getting fit at the same time. Get the kids involved, they love imitating animals and it keeps them out of trouble. There's no other method that I have seen (and this is nearly 2 decades we're talking here) that is this much fun and uses more muscles in one shot. It brings life and enjoyment that very few other methods can touch. So put down the video games, get off the couch, get outside (or move like a caged animal at the zoo in your house) and go wild. Play, be free and have a blast. There's nothing in the world like it.

****Product Of The Day****

Post-Workout Recovery

It is important to have something to fuel the muscles after a hard fought workout so they can repair greater and get you back in the next workout or Playful Training Session. Recovery is just as important as the training itself and it's best to get the most optimal form of nutrition possible. Real Food is best but sometimes you need nutrients that you can't get from other foods. It'll help restore energy and give you optimal recovery. In the words of Nature Boy Ric Flair "To be the man, you got to beat, the man."

Friday, November 6, 2015

Put A SPARK In Your Day

I don't usually review supplements, hell very few I've ever tried actually worked but even more rarely one make a difference within an instant the moment I used it. I want to share with you my view point on what makes this one of those extremely rare reviews. Like some people, I see the majority of Supplements as complete bullshit and I'll tell you why; first off many of them don't work and for good reason, there's way too much stuff in them that can harm a person's body. I feel when it comes to it, a supplement ought to help you in the way it was meant to and not give you your body something to ache on.

Some guys like to drink those really high octane energy drinks which includes red bull and monster. For the most part that shit is horrible and it has chemicals that devour more of your system than help it. Sure you have a ton of energy for a while but it has that jittery and unwanted feel of high anxiety. I've drank Gatorade and Vitamin Waters yet somehow they don't have that kick that i'm looking for, sure they help with electrolytes but there's sugar in there that can possibly lead you on the path to diabetes. Don't get me wrong I'll drink Gatorade from time to time but because it's something to have every now and then, yes I do also drink soda which i'm cutting back on so what could possibly help me to kick start that boost I need?

I was talking to a fellow strongman Adam Glass and he gave me an idea that at first I was skeptical about because come on how can a guy be so excited about something that just screams "That crap" but I put my skepticism aside and after research and joining up on the program this supplement is a top seller for, I gave it a shot. From the moment I tried this, I shot up like a cannon and was wired and focused. In that instant, it gave me what I craved and training a little after taking it, I was in for the ride of my life. I was moving with greater awareness and precision I was stunned. I shifted moves, my body was in its best state and I felt like a young kid full of life. Even after hours of the workout, I felt no crash and still had my focus. This stuff is amazeballs.

It's called SPARK, an energy supplement that jacks up your body to a level that makes Monster & Red Bull obsolete. Sugar-Free, a plethora of vitamins and minerals in every serving and it helps you take your training to a whole new level. Imagine breaking a new PR, gaining endurance and strength that is unleashed in you brought out. This is not and I repeat NOT a steroid drug, I absolutely loath steroids and I would never let anyone get me to do, I don't care if it was for a movie deal it happening brother. Back to the benefits at hand; imagine being a parent and needing to keep up with your kid, have that jolt while you're at the office or to help your performance in your sport. You don't believe me? Than I'll give you one pro athlete who uses this and other stuff of that caliber; New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees, you know the guy who recently Passed the 500 yard mark in a game and Passed for not one, not 2, not even 5 but 7 freaking touchdowns, that's about average 2 per quarter the entire game. Talk about awesome.

You see, even world-class athletes who need to be at their best on a daily to weekly basis during the season need something to help them perform better, some use worse things than others but the truly natural powerhouses take real world-class nutrition that not only helps them excel but also in their daily lives outside their sport. So hey, you may not be into sports and just want to gain some extra energy for whatever you do during the day and put extra springs in your step. Maybe you're just into training like me and want to do better in each session. I like to play when I exercise and as a big man, I still want to have energy and agility while I train. If this can help me perform better without the crazy side effects that some other stuff has it can definitely work great for you even far greater than I can imagine. Take a look and if it's right for you, go for it. You deserve to be healthy and full of life.

****Product Of The Day****


Most T-shirts are very corny and are quite cliche but these shirts, they can make you look like a bad ass. Wear one of these bad boys and for under $15 that's a hell of a steal. A t-shirt of this caliber is practically legendary. Wearing any one of these during your Training Sessions will open up doors for you and give you a sense of pride and internal power that is just waiting to be unleashed. Personality is my optimum favorite but most judge by what you wear. Think of it as your armor, a real powerful entity that not only looks cool but adds motivation in you. Throw on a shirt of Captain America, Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Spider-Man and many others that represents your favorite character and makes you feel incredible inside. Go ahead, take a peak, you know you want to.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Train To Play

I have developed a few philosophies over the last couple years or so. I've covered what I believe in what works and what doesn't, helping others find awesome ways to train but all in all nothing takes the cake more than using exercise as PLAY!!! When you start to play in your training, the word "Workout" becomes a thing of the past. Working out can be good but it has the word work in it and many times that drives people away. Now I know what you're thinking "Then how can someone take you seriously if you only play, isn't that the opposite of what you're suppose to in exercise?" Here's where I do take it seriously, by not putting a stamp on being so hardcore and fixated on a single system that I worship it's abilities. I take it seriously by being myself and putting effort into not just mentally seeing the power in play but physically I make it a mission to be creative and throw in some off the wall stuff you won't see coming.

Alot of us in the world think fitness is about machines in a gym, drinking nothing but protein shakes and lifting weights to look like a bloated freak with enough syntol or steroids his brain can't tell the damn difference. No, fitness is a journey of finding exercise throughout all walks of life. Some people get fit lifting weights, some use nature to crawl, jump, swim and anything else that the earth can be used, others get fit riding a bike or swimming in their pool or lake on the beach, hell some are so extreme they even get fit rock climbing without any gear (not recommended). I choose to get fit by doing different things and combining them together to create something unique and fun to do. How you feel gets you fit should be your biggest priority.

Playing bends the rules and even breaks them. You can color outside the lines, do something outside the box that makes people's jaw drop, you can even step out of the time depleted routines where you are have so little time to do round after round of injury-type exercises that can kill your potential and take away your psyche to which you based on your training in the first place. I get super excited for when I do my days of Playful Movement; just free to do what I want, how I want it and pick things I like and work them into the ground with a smile on my face and feeling like a billion bucks from beginning to end.

I believe when you start to play and let your mind loose and free, results will come when you least expect them to. You're relaxed and not so tense you become internally inflamed, you move better, your organs become stronger and you will generate greater breathing and flexibility. Don't become so rigid and narrow that you get stuck and can't get out. Be free and use your imagination.

****Product Of The Day****


For optimal performance it is vitally important to have as much energy from the beginning and ending of your training session. This bad boy is the ultimate replacement for high-risking and surgery substances/beverages like Coke, Monster, Red Bull, Gatorade and many more. This product is Sugar-Free and full of kick ass nutrients that help you have the best training in your life. My friend Adam Glass used it to help him enhance his strongman and bodyweight feats that make him one of the most physically powerful men on the planet today. This is not a steroid or a performance enhancing drug; it's to help you bring out the very best in how you perform with awesome benefits that will also help you live a healthy and full life.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Play Vs. Work

There are two sides to everything, its what makes life interesting and how obstacles and struggles play out. For me the word "work" is a bit harsh and very negative. Some say work is a positive which in a way it is depending on your perspective. You hear things like "I work hard", "She's a workaholic", "Nice Work Bob", "I'm proud of your work sweetheart." With a certain perspective Work can be used positively and negatively. The funny thing is though, people work all their lives, some more than others and even put their lives at risk for their work but more often not many people work so damn hard and still don't get the recognition they deserve. I knew guys who bust their ass 12 hours a day and struggled so much they're brains were caving in. Work a lot of the time feels daunting, harsh and downright sucks.

The word "Play" in my mind is something that is filled with fun, excitement, creativity, something effortless even though it doesn't from another person's view, time passes by like an 8 hour day felt like 5 minutes; it happens sometimes. Fitness is a prime example between the words "play" & "work"; when you work for your body, you push it to certain limits, sweat dripping down after a hard fought set of Push-ups or deadlifts or you put in a good hour or more battling exercises and busting your ass for the results you want. No matter how much work you put in, results may not come the way you want them to because your body will do what it can and it's a gamble at times. People workout so hard and most of the time too quickly then end up quitting. When you change the mindset to the word Play, it becomes a whole different ball game; hell it won't be in the same freaking sport. I like to use certain phrases when I train, things like "today, i'm going to play with these exercises", "my training session consists of playful movement", "I'm excited to play today." You can't help but feel happy about hearing stuff like that, using words like these can change how you move, the way you think and how you use your imagination.

Play is letting everything go, the rules fly out the window and all you're left with is your imagination and what course of action within your creativity you develop. Believe me it's not easy being creative but once you let loose and let yourself be anything, possibilities open up, you begin to have burning passion and it won't become work anymore, it becomes something to play with and create something out of your own world in your mind. Being fit is both a mind and body journey that has you learning all kinds of things but what you do mentally first will show in how you physically move in that next step. I pushed my body to limits I can't even bare to mention but I have bled, I've been hurt and I've been as sore as you can possibly imagine but once I change my mindset to play mode; my creativity comes out, I move more freely, I smile and have a greater focus.

Next time when someone says "work harder", tell yourself "No, i'll play harder". When you're in school, you work on your homework to get good grades, sometimes working just won't cut it, play with your homework, make something funny and find answers that both the subject and your creativity can co-exist. You're in a sport and you work on drills, now say "let's play on the drills" it goes in a totally different direction and those drills may be easier to do because you're relaxed in the mind and you're grooving through the session like a pro. Play with your heart and your mind and you can't go wrong.