Monday, November 23, 2015

An Animalistic Weekend

Hey there my Animal Comrads,

 Did you guys have a kick ass weekend? I hope so. I stayed in most of the time since it's getting really damn cold outside. I'm a born and raised coastal Californian, the coldest I was ever use to until 4 years ago was no more than 38-45. It's getting as low as the 20's and i'm here most of the time in T-Shirts & Shorts (go ahead take your shots). It was more or less a quiet weekend in the house, played some PS3, promoted a little, got sent some bucks for selling a course or 2 a while back, watched the new series on Netflix Jessica Jones and finished up the first season of the Flash to catch up. All the while training like a wild animal and having a ton of laughs with my girl Holly whom you can read about here.

Over the weekend especially yesterday I was contemplating about what exact benefits you can get from actually doing Animal Exercise and consistently. On Twitter, I wrote 20 different and awesome benefits on what this method can do for adults and kids alike. I encourage you to click on the link and check them out. I have become more enthralled and excited than ever to do Animal movements. I do 15-30 min. a day everyday recently and it never gets me doing the same order twice. I average in those workouts (play time for me) around 25-60 rolls at a time. By rolls I mean doing the Dice Game where you roll once for an animal, a second time for numbered steps. Some animals are tougher than others but that's where you pace yourself, breathe after each set and check it off. I'm seeing incredible results right away; arms are getting more defined, my core is getting muscular, my chest is bigger, my legs are incredibly stronger and my explosiveness is powerful as well. Still got a ways to go to truly hit my animal peak but it's a hell of a ride.

What are you doing to get yourself in shape? What's preventing you from having fun while you exercise? Is it the weather, your job, family, the bills, stress? How do you expect to achieve your best self if you can't make the effort? Timing is a pain in the ass, it's understandable and it's about being realistic I sympathize with you. The thing is, you can get a great start if you're willing to put a little time even if 5 minutes is all you have for now. Did you know even 1 minute can make a huge difference in what you do. If you played the animal dice game like I talked about, do 5 rolls of animal movement just 5. Anyone can do 5 come on now that's nothing (but can be a lot) and it only takes a couple minutes. I know you may think that it's not enough to get results. In the beginning it does. I'm going to tell you something that most people are afraid to admit; when I first played this game I nearly passed out because I pushed myself too hard way too fast. I wanted to quit after that because it was too much and like most people I never thought i'd put myself in that position but I didn't quit. I screwed up and had nothing to do with the exercises or the game itself, it was my foolish pride and uncontrollable excitement to push the limits because that's what you're told right? I dusted myself off and went into thinking mode, creating a strategy to where I do only a small portion and build from there. I got better and it's become my favorite game to play.

Maybe the game is not meant for you and that's perfectly fine. If you're into animal movements maybe you want to only a few of them and do 1 minute each to start. Play around with them and come up with your own game. With the dice game it at times comes up with an animal I highly despise and gets me winded more than any other animal so unless it's low reps I don't do it. I choose a different animal for myself, something easier or one that I'm comfortable challenging myself on. I still get it done and keep going with the game that I want to play.

Over this weekend it made me think that when you do something consistently it becomes a habit; when you play with your exercise it becomes more than a habit; it becomes something fun and exciting to do. I never know what to expect everyday when I do animal movements. At times my muscles don't know what the hell is going on. After a while my muscles know what the exercise is after doing it so many times but things switch up in the blink of an eye where they still need to adapt. A lot can change with a single roll of the dice. What will you do when that movement comes up?

Hope you start the week with a bang and some movement of your favorite animals. Mark your territory by moving (not peeing) and have a blast with it. Get the kids involved, got some warm weather where you are, make a game outside. If it's too cold (like it is for me here) make enough room for you and/or your family and play a little game. There are ways to get in shape, you got the basics and now just a little imagination.

Welcome to a new week and tell me your stories of Thanksgiving and be sure to let me know what you're thankful for. Before I leave you I got some cool stuff to share with you. Having a big holiday dinner can knock you off your way of eating to stay in healthy shape. It's going to be tempting but I will give you a couple options. If you choose to eat, train first to really earn that meal so you can get the calories and sources of protein/carbs to fuel yourself and just eat. If you truly want to stick to your guns, I've got a few things I'd like to show you that can help suppress those big time cravings and make the best of eating well and enjoy your feast just as awesomely. Here are three things that will keep your hunger at bay:

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