Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Tiger

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

In The Forests Of The Night

What Immortal Hand Or Eye

Could Frame Thy Fearful Symmetry?

Although it's a piece of William Blake's epic poem it only touches a small scale of an even powerful surface. There is a wild beast living within all of us. It burns within our soul yet not many can achieve it within many reasons but one of them is a fear we all have to bare. That very vastness of our being is yet to understand our full potential of what it means to be human, to be strong, to achieve something beyond ourselves not just how we live but living to our greatest potential that which gives us our greatest because we don't understand.

Immortality is not about how long you have lived, it's about remembrance and your impact as you have lived. People can live for over 100 years but how many kept it exciting and build up a solid sense of wisdom and achieving the potential that made who they are not by praise or by stories but by your own way of living with purpose that created a legacy that will live on after you have passed in physical form.

We can change how we grow mentally, change our bodies into a powerful sense of flesh, muscle and bone; some see it as beautiful, others see it as intimidating or reacting out of jealousy but in the end, we are nothing but flesh and bone. We become strong through physical application, our adaptation can be used in ways we have yet to comprehend but in the end, the mind is the one that makes or breaks us. We fear of losing ourselves through rough edged obstacles and the way we react to different aspects for how our surroundings take their toll. Becoming something beyond human or the importance of what it is to be human is nothing short of a battle that is neither won or lost; it's ongoing and it's up to us to be able to adapt and reach out if needed but only a few have made that possible for themselves. 

Time is both enemy and ally, how we choose to see it's course is how we live and make something of ourselves creates what develops into our own effect of a chain reaction. Life is both complicated and frightening but it is also beautiful and full of wonders. Our beastly instincts is what drives us to be more than we think we are meant to be. The burning desire to move and become strong, the will to go into the unknown and come out with a ray of light that melts deep into everything you have ever fought for and/or accomplished will never be in vain if you believe it within you and only you. 

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