Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Train To Play

I have developed a few philosophies over the last couple years or so. I've covered what I believe in what works and what doesn't, helping others find awesome ways to train but all in all nothing takes the cake more than using exercise as PLAY!!! When you start to play in your training, the word "Workout" becomes a thing of the past. Working out can be good but it has the word work in it and many times that drives people away. Now I know what you're thinking "Then how can someone take you seriously if you only play, isn't that the opposite of what you're suppose to in exercise?" Here's where I do take it seriously, by not putting a stamp on being so hardcore and fixated on a single system that I worship it's abilities. I take it seriously by being myself and putting effort into not just mentally seeing the power in play but physically I make it a mission to be creative and throw in some off the wall stuff you won't see coming.

Alot of us in the world think fitness is about machines in a gym, drinking nothing but protein shakes and lifting weights to look like a bloated freak with enough syntol or steroids his brain can't tell the damn difference. No, fitness is a journey of finding exercise throughout all walks of life. Some people get fit lifting weights, some use nature to crawl, jump, swim and anything else that the earth can be used, others get fit riding a bike or swimming in their pool or lake on the beach, hell some are so extreme they even get fit rock climbing without any gear (not recommended). I choose to get fit by doing different things and combining them together to create something unique and fun to do. How you feel gets you fit should be your biggest priority.

Playing bends the rules and even breaks them. You can color outside the lines, do something outside the box that makes people's jaw drop, you can even step out of the time depleted routines where you are have so little time to do round after round of injury-type exercises that can kill your potential and take away your psyche to which you based on your training in the first place. I get super excited for when I do my days of Playful Movement; just free to do what I want, how I want it and pick things I like and work them into the ground with a smile on my face and feeling like a billion bucks from beginning to end.

I believe when you start to play and let your mind loose and free, results will come when you least expect them to. You're relaxed and not so tense you become internally inflamed, you move better, your organs become stronger and you will generate greater breathing and flexibility. Don't become so rigid and narrow that you get stuck and can't get out. Be free and use your imagination.

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