Friday, November 20, 2015

The Jungle VIP Is Just A Click Away

Hey what's up Parents/Guardians?

Do you have kids that have trouble sitting still or have trouble getting up and moving around? Maybe have a kid that could use a little structure and might have trouble making friends? There are solutions that maybe I can give you tips on. I would never tell you how to raise your kid, i'm not like that and I know you are doing everything possible but could use a little extra nudge.

Now I want to tell you something I have a hard time talking about because when I was a pre-teen and early teen I had a lot of issues when it came to my brain function, my emotions & my weight issues. I was in the Special Education system because of the meningitis I grew up dealing with since I was a baby. Learning how to do things differently than the majority of people. Had really bad speech problems & motor skills were extremely difficult for me. Luckily I developed an incredible memory (much like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory if you've ever seen that) but yet had trouble figuring things out. I had to rethink everything and took me until I was about 6 or 7 to really talk normally.

I also had problems listening at times (like most kids but on a different level) because I couldn't understand some of the most basic things. Sure I made friends in school over the years but also was bullied. By the time I was 13 I ballooned up to 5'4 nearly 200 pounds of mostly fat and not too much muscle. The only workout I ever really did at that age was playing basketball and the things in P.E. I had been punched, scarred and once had a full blown basketball hit me right in the face because I made some stupid comment. Some kids are just freaking cruel.

A lot of the exercises I learned in grade school I didn't like, they just didn't suit well with me and I just wanted to play ball with my boys or play kill the carrier; games like that at my second mom's house. As I got older I got into more exercise like weights, swimming, track & field and others but somehow they just never gave me the passion to do anything I really could do. I was great at some weight lifting yet never really went anywhere. After high school I got into the gym scene trying out everything I saw in the magazines. Did ok but something just wasn't there you know. When I had my leg injuries at 20 nearly 21 years old I had an epiphany that changed everything. I rehabbed myself through sheer will using nothing but my own bodyweight and suddenly as I kept pushing day after day something just clicked inside me and I was really enjoying what I was doing.

A few years after I fully healed and kept learning as much as exercise as possible I finally found the one thing that not only clicked but had me do more than just working out, I was having fun. I was doing Animal Exercise, mimicking some of the most powerful creatures on the planet, my favorite movement was the Gorilla. I fell in love with this course. Kept doing it off and on for years but always ended up back on them some how. I was drawn to it and I was building muscle and stamina I didn't think I could gain (I was already crazy from other things but nothing could compare to this).

When I found out there was a kids version of this course I knew I had to find a way to promote it because not only do I love kids but I wanted to share something with them and you awesome parents or guardians what I wish I had back when I was their age. If I had learned anything about this course, my life most likely would've gone in a different direction. I never want a kid to feel what I did and be chubby and weak. Kids are meant to be strong, healthy and full of life. I want to show you what this course can do for not just them but for you as well. Being fit isn't a chore, it's an adventure with limitless possibilities. To get all that energy out before class, something to play at recess or P.E, create scenarios that enhances their brain cells (which can carry over to getting awesome grades), generate real muscle and endurance for sports performance and increase their ever growing bones for a healthy spine, strong core, athletic legs and overall agility and flexibility. A kid is meant to have all these things.

My favorite Disney movie growing up was the Jungle Book which you see in the pic above. Remember the scene where Mowgli is kidnapped by the monkeys and the ever crazy Orangutan King Louie singing "I wanna be like you"? It made me think that after all these years and seeing it more times than most kids today have been alive I wanted to be more like an animal than a human because a lot of human movement (with the exception of MovNat) is boring and always seemed stationary and full of machines you don't really need. Animal Movement is exciting and creative, using your body in all sorts of directions and awkward movement using your surroundings and most of the time nothing but the ground you stand on. Some schools today are doing this and it's start but I want to see it grow and develop into a curriculum and making it fun for everyone in a class.

I would like you to think for a moment and see in your mind what kind of kid you want to see develop. What are they doing to achieve their goals, where do you see them going as far as physically and mentally fit? It's not about pushing them so hard it's going to scare them off and resent you no; it's about compromising, learning valuable tools to help them in their lives. Doing chores, how to utilize their timeouts when they haven't been doing what they're told not as a major punishment but a lesson. Figure things out together as a family and although they may not like it at times it's better than being violent verbally or physically or just plain sending them up to their room. Make it work for all of you so in the end, you can achieve things even when you think something is wrong in the house. Being a parent is tough as it is, don't make it any tougher than it has to be on either end. Kids will be kids but in the end, it's you they look up to and what they will set themselves up in the future.

Please take a look at Wild Animal Fitness For Kids and get an idea on how to help your kid not only get fit but use their talents and imaginations to keep them out of trouble and have a happy life that is full of love, joy and the occasional family bonding. If I knew then what I know now things would be a heck of a lot different. Thank you for taking the time to read, you are amazing and i'll be rooting for you and the little ones.

Your friend of the Jungle,

Ben Bergman

P.S If you have any questions you would like to ask feel free to contact me by my email or you can reach me at my websites Advocare (Microsite), Fitness Pros or my Branded Me site which are all on the right side of this letter. Keep rocking and be awesome.

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