Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Wild Vastness Of Animalistic Abilities

How's it going my dear friends of strength? Life treating you good, your lady keeping you in check or living the lone warrior life and chilling with your boys when you get the chance? I've got something I want to talk to you about if you got the time....

These days I have been training like a wild animal. Although it's cold out where I'am, I still make time to train but not in the hardcore style some of these pretty boys in the fancy gyms that are full of mirrors and full of egos so huge the entire city of New York can't stand. You know you're a bad ass right? So you can trust me when I say this; that being a bad ass is a gift most will never have, it's about honor and having the balls to stand up for the weak and show them the way to be strong. To teach how to be cool to one another and defend yourself and not attacking with pleasure or no remorse. Being an animal is in our DNA fellas and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

For the most part training like a beast unleashed reaps benefits that most methods wouldn't even dare touch. You can hit the iron all you want (I do it too from time to time) but nothing will make you crazy stupid strong like moving like a wild creature of the Jungle. We are the decedents of the animals, we share the same color blood as a vast number of them. We have instincts and they got stuff on us we can never truly fathom but the same goes vice versa. I'm a man who loves the Jungle Training; to move using every freaking muscle in your body just even go a few feet sends billions and billions of neurons into the nerves of your body. Lifting heavy objects does the same thing, swinging a sledgehammer that is awesomely heavy works too. You want muscles that are for real and not just pretty little biceps or a back so huge you can't wipe your own ass; tendons that seem like they're forged from steel and not wimpering little tissues that break on a side walk curb.

These aren't just the type of benefits you'll receive, there's a hell of a lot more. You know those lethal and life-dangering HGH needles some of those stars of Tinseltown use or those corrupt Sports Athletes take just to get an edge? They got nothing on Animal Movements. This type of training naturally enhances your hormones that goes 10x the amount a drug does. Come on, why shoot up when you can do it with a few minutes of wildness a day. Hell I weigh in the high 250's and feel like an athlete at 230 or less, I can feel those hormones raging like a teen horndog going through puberty and never once touched Drugs and i'm in my early 30's bro. I have a big appetite especially for a good old fashioned buffalo cheeseburger and because of the way I do Animal Training, my metabolism goes through the roof sometimes. No matter what your age, you can develop the same benefits and do so without spending so much time training you forget who your family and friends are.

We are animals whether you believe it or not and accepting that is the first step towards Animality not immortality but Animality. It gives you abilities you didn't think were possible; forget the weight loss and dropping fat like a stack of bricks, your strength, stamina, flexibility, agility, explosiveness all within your grasp and you don't realize how much you can accomplish. We all have that Animal Spirit, the soul of a powerful creature that brings out our instincts and our powerful sense of internal power and sexual energy. Why hold that in when you can unleash all of it in it's glory and being aware on how to use it. If you guys are stuck in the same old rut and not getting something out of yourself and not feeding your muscles and tendons the most pure form of strength and longevity then you need to get off your ass and move brother.

For you young dudes in your late teens and early 20's, you have your whole lives ahead, the future is literally in your hands. Don't grow up doing what everyone else is doing, being normal sucks and most people suck the fun out of life so be unique and move with passion, train to stay healthy for a longer life, be awesome to kids and never let anyone tell you you're not good enough; everyone is incredible at something. You have amazing gifts, be wild and free. Train like a wild animal and you can't go wrong.

From the Jungle,

"Big" Ben

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