Monday, November 30, 2015

A Story About An Office Worker Named David

I'm going to tell you guys something that might piss people off but I want you all and anyone who is into Starbucks to be aware of what might benefit you on a health and money saving perspective. This isn't to knock coffee or anything but let's face it, the majority of coffee being sold these days is very unhealthy and can cause a ton of problems you don't want so this is more of an awareness and putting a perspective for those who want to be healthier and could benefit from this:

On every corner in the U.S there is a Starbucks Coffee House. About 1 in 3 people who are coffee fanatics go into one everyday of the week. So lets put the average person in this perspective and let's call him David. David works 5 days a week at his job at an office in New York City. He gets up every morning, showers, gets dressed, eats a little something and goes to pick up a Iced Coffee w/ Milk on his way to work. Walks in, waits in line for a good few minutes (depending on the chaos since it is the holidays after all), orders his coffee which let's say is about $3. Not too bad, pretty cheap considering it's freaking Starbucks.

He gets his coffee with his name written all messed up like Dayved or Daevid something stupid like that. After about maybe 10 minutes or so he walks out and heads to the office no big deal. He's been working at this office for a while now for about a year, might get an early promotion who knows but overall, just a regular guy, has his good days, some bad but does what he can to get by but is building up a bit of health issues. He's in his early mid-30's like 34 at best. Now let's get some math on David's spending at Starbucks that he routinely goes to everyday, same coffee, some of the same people around and takes roughly the same amount of time in line depending on the early morning rush hour. For $3 a day that adds up to $15 a week. In a month he's invested about $60 worth of that nice big and tall Iced-Coffee w/ whole milk that he likes.

Now granted this kind of Coffee alone has around 35 grams of Sugar, 170mg of Caffeine, over 34+ carbs and doesn't have a lot of vitamins and minerals that could help Dave's digestive system and nutrition. Like I said he's been at his company for a whole year. Look at how much Coffee of this caliber he is spending at; $60/mo for a year is $720. This type of coffee could be linked to some of his health issues that he is not aware of like developing diabetes, high blood pressure, clogged arteries and a terrible build up on the central nervous system. I don't know about you but this could very well affect other things going in his life that just could go haywire.

One day David runs into and talks to a buddy of his he's known since their fraternity days at NYU; man the memories these guys had all those years ago of partying, girls, guys banding together, getting his degree in Business Technology and living the life of your average New Yorker. His boy John mentions to him this bad ass supplement he's taking that gives him insane energy, mental focus that would make Marine Snipers jealous and has lost around 10 pounds of bodyfat the first month he went on it. Good ole David listens but doesn't really pay attention because come on now, he's got his coffee why the hell would he need to take anything else to get his energy going in the morning. He starts thinking about what Johnny said and it couldn't get out of his head. Thought about again the next day and a couple weeks after that. Something finally hits his head and David goes online to find this supplement that Johnny was taking. Did a little digging and found the site for it. The Supplement this guy was taking was called Spark.

He was reluctant to buy it at first because it looked expensive. He started looking at the Supplement Facts and he was blown away by them so hard he nearly fell off his Darth Vader Rocking Chair (yeah the guy is a star wars nerd what of it?). He began to do a little math to compare the coffee he's been drinking for the past year. From what he gathered, the Spark Canister costs $51.95 which sounds steep but bare with the guy here; it is 42 servings of his favorite flavor Fruit Punch and only needs to to take 1 serving a day. This stuff he was looking had not once of sugar, very low calorie intake and has less than 50mg of caffeine than the coffee he's been drinking. Kept doing a little more math because seriously, it's part of his job and he's good at it. A little more calculations he put down the amount of $51.95 and added up to a full year's worth (let's go by 30 servings/mo) which came out to around $623.40. Holy crap bro, that's nearly triple digits in savings he's getting out of it. That was the final nail in the coffin because not only is he saving a shit load of money on one thing, it's also more than a whole month supply (42 servings for 42 days). Some of that money he is saving can go towards his rent, a fitness course he start exercising with without needing to go to the gym like this one called Animal Flow, hell even find healthier foods to eat.

Since getting the spark and going on his new routine; he's lost 15 pounds in the last month, gets to work earlier, started eating healthier little by little and has gained so much energy his own mother thought he was on drugs or something. No one has ever seen him smile and light this much. Who knows how far David can go if he keeps this up. He even joined the Company he got Spark from and started sharing it with his co-workers, friends on facebook & twitter and is even working towards a goal to where he won't need that crappy office job anymore and making a living helping others just like his bud Johnny did for him.

You can do the very same thing our man David here did. Change your life for the better, look to new horizons and make goals you didn't think were possible. I've been on Spark the same amount of time David has and I haven't had this much energy since I was in my early 20's and i'm an energetic guy. I'm jealous of this guy but I also admire him. What is your story lately and what story will you write when you get on this sucker? Not all coffee is bad but the majority of how it's made can have an effect on your health both physically and financially. Have a beautiful Monday wherever you and be amazingly awesome.
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