Friday, November 6, 2015

Put A SPARK In Your Day

I don't usually review supplements, hell very few I've ever tried actually worked but even more rarely one make a difference within an instant the moment I used it. I want to share with you my view point on what makes this one of those extremely rare reviews. Like some people, I see the majority of Supplements as complete bullshit and I'll tell you why; first off many of them don't work and for good reason, there's way too much stuff in them that can harm a person's body. I feel when it comes to it, a supplement ought to help you in the way it was meant to and not give you your body something to ache on.

Some guys like to drink those really high octane energy drinks which includes red bull and monster. For the most part that shit is horrible and it has chemicals that devour more of your system than help it. Sure you have a ton of energy for a while but it has that jittery and unwanted feel of high anxiety. I've drank Gatorade and Vitamin Waters yet somehow they don't have that kick that i'm looking for, sure they help with electrolytes but there's sugar in there that can possibly lead you on the path to diabetes. Don't get me wrong I'll drink Gatorade from time to time but because it's something to have every now and then, yes I do also drink soda which i'm cutting back on so what could possibly help me to kick start that boost I need?

I was talking to a fellow strongman Adam Glass and he gave me an idea that at first I was skeptical about because come on how can a guy be so excited about something that just screams "That crap" but I put my skepticism aside and after research and joining up on the program this supplement is a top seller for, I gave it a shot. From the moment I tried this, I shot up like a cannon and was wired and focused. In that instant, it gave me what I craved and training a little after taking it, I was in for the ride of my life. I was moving with greater awareness and precision I was stunned. I shifted moves, my body was in its best state and I felt like a young kid full of life. Even after hours of the workout, I felt no crash and still had my focus. This stuff is amazeballs.

It's called SPARK, an energy supplement that jacks up your body to a level that makes Monster & Red Bull obsolete. Sugar-Free, a plethora of vitamins and minerals in every serving and it helps you take your training to a whole new level. Imagine breaking a new PR, gaining endurance and strength that is unleashed in you brought out. This is not and I repeat NOT a steroid drug, I absolutely loath steroids and I would never let anyone get me to do, I don't care if it was for a movie deal it happening brother. Back to the benefits at hand; imagine being a parent and needing to keep up with your kid, have that jolt while you're at the office or to help your performance in your sport. You don't believe me? Than I'll give you one pro athlete who uses this and other stuff of that caliber; New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees, you know the guy who recently Passed the 500 yard mark in a game and Passed for not one, not 2, not even 5 but 7 freaking touchdowns, that's about average 2 per quarter the entire game. Talk about awesome.

You see, even world-class athletes who need to be at their best on a daily to weekly basis during the season need something to help them perform better, some use worse things than others but the truly natural powerhouses take real world-class nutrition that not only helps them excel but also in their daily lives outside their sport. So hey, you may not be into sports and just want to gain some extra energy for whatever you do during the day and put extra springs in your step. Maybe you're just into training like me and want to do better in each session. I like to play when I exercise and as a big man, I still want to have energy and agility while I train. If this can help me perform better without the crazy side effects that some other stuff has it can definitely work great for you even far greater than I can imagine. Take a look and if it's right for you, go for it. You deserve to be healthy and full of life.

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