Friday, November 13, 2015

(Urgent: Must Read) My Fellow Training Maniacs

What's up you crazy nuts?

Yesterday I put myself through a workout (damn I hate that word) that not only tested my conditioning but it tested me mentally in a way where I wanted to find out just how much fun it would be to really have no time limit and see how far I can go. To be honest, I had a fucking blast and I didn't want to stop but as you may have noticed (or didn't cause you were way too into it) too much of anything can get your ass in trouble. I'm all for pushing the limits and seeing what it takes to go from level to the next but we all have to learn the one thing when we push our asses to the next level: Recovery.

The workout (there goes that word again) was moving like a wild animal and using my 20-sided dye (read my article The Game That Gets You Animal Fit for more details) see how many roles my body and mind wanted to go through. Most would call this pure hell but since i'm a psychotic exercise guy I found it to be pure fun. I made to 51 rolls in around 30 minutes from what I saw on my phone since remembering what time I started. There was a time during this fun session that I literally thought I was transforming into a wild animal. Talk about going insane.

Now let me ask you fanatical beasts something....Do you think with that type of training people would be afraid of people like us? I mean seriously, for the average Joe or Jane they can't even comprehend this shit and you know why? They're not educated enough and motivated to make something of themselves. You & I, we are weird and don't apply to people like them but I feel like we should. We can't just be that one group people can't stand or understand and only do this for ourselves. I don't know about you but I love getting at least one person involved and turn them into guys and gals like us not to scare them off or tell them what they're doing is stupid (although at times I do question some methods these people do) but show them something that could be fun and take their normal routine out of their element and make it interesting.

I don't know how you nutjobs get that motivation to train as if your life depended on it (I do to some but the rest, holy shit Batman) but maybe we can switch gears and adapt to helping others find that motivation and get them to have fun, be excited and take them out of their boring routines because let's face it, boring equals death and no one wants to die of boredom. We've gone through enough crap in our lifetime to really make stuff boring. I'm sick and tired of these whiny, salt on the wound souls that feel like what they do is great yet they don't have any real life to show for it. Please for the love of Sandow; join me in this quest to get people out of their boring, wasted, do or die element and let's get them on the path to good old fashioned ass kicking training that gets them results they never expected. It won't be easy but it'll be interesting.

Before I head out for the weekend and chillax at the man cave near the lake let me ask you one more thing...What the hell have you been using for supplements lately? Please don't tell me that Met-RX and Whey hasn't been working for yeah? Aren't you tired of taking something that is making you feel like shit better yet wouldn't rather take something that actually tastes good for once? Don't get me wrong, I like taking certain things to amplify my training and recovery (That doesn't mean steroids, come on son you aught to know by now that crap is for guys who take shortcuts) but I rather take something that not only hits me like a bolt of freaking lightning but helps me be able to repair well so I can keep kicking ass myself. What I've been taking lately gives me that jolt that I crave and pushes me with a vengeance in my training.

I want you guys (and the lovely ladies of course) to take a look at and grab a box or canister of SPARK, the energy supplement that boosts you as high as Red bull & monster but without the messed up crash and burn later with that depressed feeling at the end. Tastes amazing and the flavor is just insanely good. You really want to pay 2 For 3 Can of Energy Drinks that would cost 60 bucks a month if you drank that crap 5 times a week? Think about your health brother.

Take care and let's show how awesome real training and nutrition is,

Big Ben Bergman...Laters

P.S I forgot it's Friday The 13th. Don't see it as a bad day, make it fucking awesome and inspiring.
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