Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Is Here...AHHHH

That time of year where you can't help but buy some crazy stuff for Xmas for your loved ones. Pushing everyone around the stores, cramming yourselves into tents waiting who know how long for a store to open at 4:30 am. It's not fair to you or your wallet. If you plan on black Friday being the day to find kick ass sales? Go where they matter. Some stores won't always have what you're looking for and it can be heartbreaking. Although it's easier to shop at a store because people are there to interact with but let's face it, you didn't go shopping on one of the roughest days of the year to socialize or to pop a new friend because they are getting the same things you are. Shopping Online isn't the greatest option but it's a better option than most. I want to share with you some really cool places where you can get bad ass deals that not only will you get a kick out of but your little ones too.

First will be at Amazon where you can find even the most rare things on sale and save a ton of money in the process, got prime, even better use it to your advantage this holiday season. I love Amazon where I can get my favorite superhero flicks, I've also been into Star Wars again because of the new movie coming that me and other people I know are dying to see. For her birthday I bought my girl some amazing Star Wars stuff she totally geeked over like a huge chest to put your things in, a poster book, a Yoda lightsaber flashlight, A character book chalk full of beautifully designed graphics. I get freaking jealous and I bought the damn things. I love using Amazon for Instant Movies on my PS3 and watch fun TV Shows and movies that appeal to me. Do your kids or anyone you know love Comic Books? I have a whole store just for people like them because I love the artwork, stories, little gags, the heartbreaks and the kick ass action of guys like Thor, Captain America, Moon Knight, Blade, Vampirella, Dr. Strange and a ton of others. There are limitless amounts of cool stuff you can get that might save your life from being crumbled in a store. I'm sorry but I believe a parent or relative should get murdered over a freaking doll or a t-shirt a child they love would like.

The next one I wanted to share with you is for my fitness nuts out there looking for good deals on fitness equipment that is ready, brand new and just waiting to be used to help you build muscle, lose weight, gain stamina and even chisel the hell out of your core. My friends over at Lifeline Fitness are having a staggering 40% OFF SALE on every product they have. I personally use this type of equipment myself for when I travel or want to grab out of my bag at home and have a gym that can be stuffed in a dufflebag. Using a the Coupon Code GIVEYOU40 at checkout you can get great stuff that can be used but practically anyone, can be used anywhere and gets you fit. For years I've used them to suit my needs that is affordable than weights, I like lifting but I do have to practical and there are advantages. Get the gift of health and make the effort to train like you would in a gym, listen to your own music, have fun and challenge yourself.

One more place I highly recommend is another fitness site for the serious mofos who want to use high quality equipment that can change the very foundation of not just yourself but for a gym as well. Really awesome package deals inspired by the Military, Fire Department & Overall Garage Warriors. These guys are top of the line and are far ahead of a very competitive pack. I'm talking about the Crossfit Site Rogue Fitness. What it would be like for you to afford your own equipment set up for your gym, home, garage or backyard. A rack to use for developing superhuman strength in powerlifting, set up gymnastics rings to get the most insane upper body workout of your life. Collars that clasp on like a damn vice for those PR attempting lifts. Top of the line equipment for the inspiring Strongman who wants to obliterate the competition with Yokes, Axels, Stones, Monster Bells fit for a beast, Harnesses to strap into for Truck Pulling; all your hearts desire for the ultimate athlete. You don't even need to be in crossfit in order to benefit from this bad ass place; maybe you're an MMA Fighter, Olympic Weightlifter, someone who loves Conditioning, Football Players, Pro Wrestlers, Baseball, Hockey hell even actors in the movies used this stuff to train for roles.

You do not have to wait in line to get what you want. Be safe, pick what you feel could benefit you or someone else. I cannot stress enough about helping you all have a safe and beautiful holidays that are less stressful and more of awesome love and happiness. Take a long hard look at what you think you might get a store near you where crowds would rather shiv you rather than help you find something that could bring cheer to another person. Most of the time it's every man for himself and I don't wish anyone to get hurt or feel because something wasn't there and it was all for nothing. Be safe and be awesome everyone. Make Black Friday a much lighter color because nothing brightens up like a great surprise in that stocking.

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