Monday, June 30, 2014

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Be Awesome guys and get your core going harder than ever.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Burning Fat With Sprints


    Trying to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle and all that stuff yet most would tell you to do an hour of cardio and weights. Hate to break it to you but it always happen that way, however; you can get things done in a far shorter amount of time and that's through High Intensity Training (HIT). We've all heard this before but does it really work? Hell yes it does but a lot believe you need to do it everyday. There's no way in hell you can go that hard everyday without either blacking out, burning out or just plain die from exhaustion. At best 2-3x a week should be the maximum, for beginners once a week is enough.


    Sprint Training is the focal point to HIT because it's a far shorter workout, you're resting more than training. Your body is filled with powerful cells and has a very strong sense of recovery. Although different people recover differently the principle still applies. Now when some mention sprints they think running either or up a hill or flight of stairs; it's not always running something it could be other things like skipping rope, battling ropes, moving like a wild animal; it's moving as fast as you possibly can for a short burst. Thirty seconds should be the peak. At first only a few seconds is all you can do which is fine it's a start. In my personal training when I do sprints, most of the time 30 seconds is the whole workout not one set at a time. When you go hard at a fast pace, you're opening the fast twitch muscle fibers that unlocks every muscle in your body that's firing.


    There's just no way your body can move fast without every muscle firing because if you did it in isolation and only working a specific set of muscles those muscles would be far drained and you'll be looking like a goofball. Whether it's running, swimming, battling ropes or whatever, most likely your whole body comes into play because it needs to work in unison. Hitting the body that hard produces natural growth hormone which creates a level of burning fat, building muscle and releasing more cells to the bloodstream. Think about all those dumb lethal injections people do to stimulate growth hormone when in reality you can produce it naturally and have it be 10x more than the latest pill or needle in your arm or wherever. Unless your hormones are so low that exercise wise it won't come no matter what you do than see a doctor about it but generally your body is meant to naturally grow from within, it's a beautiful piece of work.


    Think of it like this, who in the hell has a lot of time these days to get in awesome shape? You work like a madman, got a family to feed and you think an hour and a half everyday is going to get you somewhere? So why not have shorter workouts that produce far more than standard cardio. It's building your body without the hassle. Even if you spent a few short minutes a day doing a crazy style of Yoga can help you and progress even by the smallest fraction. On your "days off"; stretch, breathe deeply and recover. There are days where you hit hard one day and go a 180 the next or you go hard and the next day you do about half or a third of the previous day. Listen to your body and get a feel of how you recover, your level of energy and the intensity you bring yourself. Don't always listen to some shmuck that ghost writes, do what's best for you. Shorter bursts produce better results in my opinion but it's also just as important to recover and let your body repair itself. Practice it and you'll start to see changes you never knew was possible.


Have a great weekend everyone. Be Awesome.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Could Arthur Saxon Be A Vampire?


    It's not every day you find one of the greatest strongmen in history in the most unlikely source, a Vampire Book. A current book I'm reading called Fangs: Everything The Modern Vampire Needs To Know which I find fascinating so far shows the ins and outs of a Vampire in the current scene. Now for the most part I would rather be like Blade (Daywalker) than some dumbass from Twilight. In a chapter about Vampire Powers there's superspeed, strength, magic, flight, shapeshifting and things that make a Vampire; out of all things they happen to pick Saxon for Strength. Why is that? They had artistic pictures of other vampires and demons but yet chose to have a real life figure for Strength. They could've chosen a more mainstream person but yet got Saxon and why, because he is one of the true kings of the modern century in strongmanism.


    In my opinion (and theory at that) they picked Saxon because they wanted to find a man of incredible strength and power but yet look to what strength was in a certain time where if you were very muscular chances were you had equal or more strength to go with it. Saxon was ahead of his time when he burst onto the scene in circus acts with his brothers and to this day holds the record for the most weight lifted with one arm in the bent-press. Although that was his most famous lift, it wasn't just that lift he was good at, he was incredibly strong in other areas and was a man who seemed invincible (hint Vampire).


    The power he possessed was far ahead than nearly every single strongman of his era. He used intelligence and put into practice the energy that would give him the strength to lift more weight with one arm than 99% of the population can't with two arms. You have to remember, strength in those days came in the form of very few athletes, unlike today there are strongman competitions all over the world but back then, you'd be lucky to find a strongman show that didn't involve a circus or a vaudeville show whether it was in the U.S, Canada or abroad in Europe. Saxon in his time was the man everyone aspiring strongman wanted to duplicate because today no one has beat him and this has science in the form of steroids, performance enhancers and yet still no where near him. Giving the fact that almost no one does the Bent-Press or the Two-Handed Anyhow anymore unless you're in a small circle of athletes who continue a tradition in the Old-Time Arts.


    So think about this, one of the strongest men to have ever lived happens to be in Vampire Book that displays what strength is to the undead. Could it be that Saxon may have had some supernatural entities to have been chosen out of countless strongmen even the best of today? No one knows, maybe the stories of legendary beer drinking was really blood and it gave him superhuman strength. Think about that for a moment.


Be awesome everyone.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Enhancing The Natural Abilities In Your Body


               Although we are born with certain abilities and learn either faster or slower than others, it’s still noted that we find something we are strong or weaker in no matter what it is. To enhance our abilities, we must practice what is in our imaginations, how our body is congruent with our thoughts and how we apply certain techniques to create the super strength and speed that we desire. Yes I realize we can’t be the X-Men or have the intelligence of Batman or even have the uncanny supernatural abilities of a Vampire; however, we can jump start our bodies to run a little faster, jump a bit higher and highly emphasize our strength levels without the need for steroids or performance enhancing drugs.
                I find Vampires fascinating not because of the way they look or how charming/evil they are; I’m fascinated by their enhanced abilities at a supernatural level. Once a human is bitten, he/she is driven into darkness without warning or choice but on the other side of the coin they’re given a gift and a curse of powers that generate more than any human; the ability to fly, see, hear, touch, smell and given greater strength, speed and ascended physical attributes. What if (minus the flying part) we could generate our bodies abilities like that even by 1% to save someone’s life, jump higher out of hazardous ground, run faster out of danger and have the strength to carry your family to safety. Most of the time, we can only enhance our natural abilities for a short time because of adrenaline and the reaction to a situation in that time frame.
            There’s energy all around us, in the words of Obi Wan “It surrounds us and penetrates us and binds the galaxy together.” Sure he was talking about the force but it’s practically the same thing just in a different format. The energy we all have can be greatly higher if we use our mind and body as if it were the same thing. Although they’re different yet in unison, it can greatly enhance your life by 100 fold. The way you make certain sound can make you stronger or weaker, the way you visualize and move with it can either make you very flexible or very stiff. When you create a thought, a result comes into play. I’m not if you think you’re going to lose 20 pounds in less than 2 days it’s going to happen, what I ‘am saying is that if you think differently and open up your mind, your results can come much quicker. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how strong or how you think your brain works, just to have one thought and put into action can have the greatest impact. Internalize your energy and let it flow through your body using certain techniques and you’ll find that you can generate greater abilities than you already have.

                Nowadays especially in athletics, drugs are the main course for the competition. Men and women use Steroids either by injection, pills or whatever to greatly ascend their natural abilities to crush their competition. Hit more homeruns, run faster to tackle or score a touchdown, kick a ball further into the goal post, jump higher to grab a rebound and see the basket clearer to make a jump shot; these are all the things athletes can do but it doesn’t need to be that way. With the techniques you can learn from CoreForce Energy, there won’t be any side effects that can have you deteriorate later in life, matter of fact it can help you stay young, vibrant and crazy strong and supple if you practice it. It’s not just athletics drugs are involved; its academics, business, losing weight, law enforcement and even kids are doing them and it’s stupid. You have more power in you than you can imagine. You can create greater strength and abilities if you apply yourself and your body will greatly thank you for it. When you take those drugs and your abilities take hold, remember it’s only for a small time and in order to keep it up you need to keep taking them and before you know it, you’re an addict. You can be smarter, stronger, faster and have better senses if you practice things that don’t require things that can kill you. Be better than that and know that you can be better. My drug of choice is CoreForce Energy.

Happy Monday guys. Be awesome and have a great start to a new week.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Bodyweight Exploits Of Spiderman


               Out of the many classic superheroes, Spiderman seems to be the most athletic in the sense where he doesn’t have the weightlifter physique or the bodybuilder look but he moves like an athlete should. He has the most control in his body to weight ratio and moves with unbelievable grace and power at the same time.

                In Bodyweight Training, you learn to control your body through movements that require no equipment (unless you do pull-ups). For the most part when people begin lifting weights they don’t realize that mastering your own bodyweight ought to be more important before even touching a weight. I’ve seen guys in the gym who can lift more than double their bodyweight but can’t hold their own in a single push-up or pull-up. Handling your own bodyweight goes a long way in learning how to contract and extend the muscles with fluidity and great power. Some use Yoga to do Bodyweight Training, others learn how to master their body through Handbalancing or Gymnastics.

                Mastering your body in various directions can give you strength that weights can’t touch. Think of it like this, a man can bench press 400 lbs. but most likely can’t do 400 push-ups; the two exercises are different but one uses more muscles than the other. I’m not saying if you could do 400 push-ups you’ll automatically lift that same number but yet you have mastered an exercise that requires deep concentration, working more than the upper body and there are many variations you can do. To master your bodyweight, you work from as many angles as possible using as many muscles in a single exercise. Karl Gotch once said “you don’t need to do much, for doing a lot.” You can have ultimate mastery when you can control your body in very difficult movements or holds like a free standing handstand, one-legged squat, finger pull-ups, front levers with one arm, the iron cross on the gymnastic rings, the various planch positions these are all examples of what great mastery can achieve.

                When most learn bodyweight training, they usually go through the motions and just learn an exercise. Now here’s a small tip to create bigger results; learn to use your imagination. Creating a vision in your mind and applying it to your exercises can generate even greater strength because a different thought creates a different result. When you do squats, instead of just counting reps and thinking of just squats, picture in your mind something cool that makes you do squats like if you have to duck from a hazardous object like Indiana Jones did in the Last Crusade or doing Hindu Squats and imagining you have to row a boat where you squat down and rowing the oars, think of the result coming out of that and how much fun it can be and not dreading just the exercise. Thinking differently with feeling can give you far greater results than just going through the motions.  Picture yourself being superhuman and training to save your city from evil.
                Spiderman is one of those superheroes most can relate to, sure he has super powers we don’t have but like anyone else, he can be hurt or worse get killed. He doesn’t have that overpowering physique most heroes have; full of muscle and all that, he just seems like a regular guy when he’s not being a superhero. Don’t forget, some of the ordinary looking people can have extraordinary gifts. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Be awesome everyone, have a badass weekend and have fun. First day of summer is tomorrow, the longest day of the year, make it a blast.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Can You Unlock Your True Potential?

            Within every human being, no matter what color, race, religion, creed, sexuality; there’s a powerful entity that could unlock the true secrets of super strength and speed that can accelerate your training, your sport, how you move with fluidity and even how you speak. You see most people want to be crazy strong not just physically but mentally and even spiritually but they do things that are more external than internal; they lift weights to get stronger, they go to speech coaches to help their voice get more out there, they have sports coaches to build their progress as an athlete but what if you could build so much power within that in a blink of an eye you expel that energy and it becomes so much more than you imagined it? It’s begging to come out.

            Most scientists say we only at our highest level only reach 5-10% of our human potential. That small percentage no matter what we do it won’t go any higher, I say bullshit. What if you could unleash even 1% more than your maximum potential, would you want to find out how to do it and not just become stronger, fitter and more but to have more power in your voice, your presence and the way people see you, hear you and feel the power around them from many feet away. You can have that if you want to go beyond yourself. We all have different ways of thinking and making ourselves either stronger or weaker but yet at the same time all of us have a power living within us. Like the Force in Star Wars it surrounds us, it binds us and has universal tie in to what we already have but don’t use.

            In order to access this power, you must open your mind to great possibilities. Many people are narrow-minded and believe that it’s either this or that or another thing, nothing more nothing less. When you learn to open your mind and expand, there’s a whole other world opening that can help you achieve levels of internal/external strength you never imagined before. I have had been a skeptic because my brain and mind are wired differently and I thought because of my trauma as a baby, I’ve had some successes as I got older but until I learned to open my mind and expand a little bit it became enormous. I began to write better, get strong in lifts I never hit in previous years and I unlocked parts of my personality that created bigger opportunities for me. You can do the same thing and only you can say if you can or can’t.

            If you’re an athlete in any sport imagine being able to run faster, jump higher, have higher awareness, become stronger, kick a ball with great speed, create multiple devastating punches in one breath and even hit the ball further without any steroids; that would be awesome wouldn’t it? What about being able to speak to a crowd with greater intensity, passion and you don’t even have to yell to get the audience attention? You can have all of this and more if you open your mind and practice the techniques that will create your strength, flexibility, agility, power and your voice all in a fluid process. Unlock parts of your personality that gives you a stronger presence, more attraction to the right people and have great energy all at the same time. Take the time to learn and you’ll find a greater world that can give you opportunities, attract what you want and do it with power and intensity.

Be awesome everyone and gain what’s truly yours.

Monday, June 16, 2014

There is Fitness And Than There Is DDP Yoga

           For most people Yoga is a tough, hot and just a simple style of postures ranging from easy to nearly world-class. Yoga has been around for countless ages. What most don’t know is that Yoga originally were for warriors, older folks and for wrestlers in the Middle East because the training gave them the strength, agility and flexibility to be able to handle battle and matches that can last long periods of time. For the older folks, it was a way to stay in shape as they got older and were some of the wisest people of that time. It’s kind of fitting when an ex-pro wrestler takes an ancient art and turns it into something different, a little edgy and it has a lot of benefit for any ages. It’s not the typical style(s) most people have heard of, it’s practically revolutionary.

            Back in the WCW days especially during the Monday Night Wars you had some of the best talent in the business including Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), Scott Steiner, Lex Luger, Sting and a man named Diamond Dallas Page. DDP was in his early 40’s and only been in the business a few years, most at that age have been in wrestling more than 15 years or more. It’s not everyday you see a guy that age and that less amount of experience (years wise) and can handle his own not just physically but to control the crowd and get them psyched for his signature move; The Diamond Cutter. After the MNWs have ended, DDP signed with WWE and had a great build up to face the Undertaker. They had some good matches but Dallas was just plagued with injuries as most wrestlers do so he ended up retiring.

            After a number of years trying to get over the injuries, he gave Yoga a shot and this made his comeback in a whole other realm. He created something different out of it and made it in his own way and it worked. He bring a whole new meaning to the term Awesome Training. I’ve done some Yoga in the past doing various holds and postures from books and DVDs that had similar styles just a different format but DDP Yoga is just great in the sense where I know what it’s like to make things unique and different and I love doing Muscle Control and he adds that element in his program, he calls it Dynamic Resistance.

            The one thing I always look for is how fun a program can be and mixed in with what I already am doing or can supplement with. DDP Yoga is fun to do and I find it fascinating about Dallas’ passion and his eagerness to bring power and awesome charisma to his style of training. I’m not big on fads or who is the best guru or any of that crap but I admire what DDP has done and the exercises he shows are pretty cool and it’s something I would continue to learn.

            For the most part if you know what I represent and have read countless times; I don’t really follow programs to the letter and for good reason. I take and learn exercises that interest me and mold them into my own unique style and change it up often because I do get bored and want to have a change of pace. I don’t like following other peoples workouts because it makes me feel that if I did, I won’t have the creativity I so crave and practice. So no offense to DDP or any of the badass men and women I’ve learned from but don’t expect me to actually go through the pre-set workouts. I practice creating my own style and molding exercises I’ve learned.

            DDP Yoga can easily be put into other styles. Some people like just doing a person’s program and that’s awesome, just not for me. He is a one of a kind athlete, passionate and love for what he does and I admire guys like him and hope one day get a chance to speak with him either on the phone or in person.

Be awesome guys and have a great start to the week.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Train To Feel Alive

             For the most part, from my observation that most people who train in a gym or at home or wherever; they don’t have that feeling of being happy and vibrant when they exercise. They tend to punish themselves and it shows. When you train to feel vibrant, powerful and blissful it’s a whole new experience, quite the attitude change and you believe in always wanting that and learning about it.

            I personally believe in order to feel alive as you train/exercise/workout ect, your imagination is the most important factor. Imagining awesome things, places and how you approach a movement or hold brings another realm of strength and getting the results. It doesn’t become a punishment, it becomes your strength over weakness, it consumes your body to use muscles you normally don’t use and changing the very way you think of how it’s done.

            When you punish yourself when you train, there’s no vibration, no power and internal wave links of strength and attitude. Now I’m not saying pushing yourself is punishment that’s a totally different thing, you can push yourself to great lengths and feel incredible. The punishment is the attitude, it sounds terrible, makes me think of shallow minded and no satisfaction of finding blissfulness and great power within. When you change that to feeling like you are invincible, you can conquer anything and you have the drive to keep going with a smile on your face it’s a whole other experience.

            Walk away like a boss. Feel like you just conquered yourself over an obstacle that was difficult and you are the master of your domain. Some people are so happy to be done they just want to get away from it and not think of it. Others feel downright miserable after they’re done and believe they didn’t do enough. Here’s my experience and how you can have a feeling similar but in your own way; when I train even if it’s for like 5 min. or an hour the moment I change my thinking and my attitude, my body moves differently, stronger, faster and it feels like I can’t be stopped unless I wanted to. My focus becomes so powerful I can’t hear, see and feel anything else unless I make it so. When I walk away after, it’s an experience you can’t possibly understand unless you’ve been there yourself. I don’t always have that experience but I practice it in my mind as often as I can and when I do have it, my results are noticeable and my vibration can be felt from people around me. Don’t ever feel you can’t have experiences like that because you can, believe in them, feel them, see them and make it happen for you. Walk away with a victorious mindset, not a defeat. Create victories.

Be Awesome guys and happy Friday The 13th on a full moon. Remember this won’t happen again for another 35 years so take it in and howl with feeling and power.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Healthy Abs

            When it comes Abdominal Training what many people think it is, is that you’re doing sit-ups, crunches and using crazy gadgets to get six pack abs. They believe if you do good ab work, you’re strong and healthy plus you look like a million bucks. Not so true. Just because you have a great waistline, ripping muscle all over the core area doesn’t mean you’re strong and healthy, some crack addicts have six pack abs.

            The real thing about having healthy abs doesn’t always concern on what’s on the outside but what is inside that counts (sorry had to use a intro line from Aladdin). A powerful core is not just muscle but the strength within the internal organs and the core isn’t just the abdominals  but the obliques, lower back and the transverse muscles all working in unison. When you isolate the abs you’re missing out on the other important muscles that tie together. Back in the early 20th century, men like Eugene Sandow, Maxick, Otto Arco, Alexander Zass and others didn’t rely on sit-ups, crunches, machines and gadgets because they didn’t exist back then, they relied on what they were training in certain lifts, isometric contractions and Muscle Control. These men were the pinnicle of Physical Perfection and they are still admired to this day.

            Although some of the old-timers had great musculature, it wasn’t about looking great. It was about achieving strength and health from both inside and outside. You can have the most muscular abs on the planet but if you can’t move and your organs are shot than what’s the point? Some people believe if you have a 29 inch waist and weigh less than 185 lbs and are around 6’ than you’re awesome looking and have a triangular torso with mighty abs to show off, it doesn’t happen for everyone. Sit-ups and Crunches can give you some muscle but if your neck and back are weak than you’re not going to get anywhere. Believe it or not, some of the strongest and healthiest people in the world don’t have six pack abs but are still agile, flexible and supple. To get the most benefit for strong and healthy Core Strength and power it’s important to tie in as many muscles as possible throughout your training.

            To build a powerful core, you play around with exercises that target that but the whole body comes into play. Lifting odd objects, strengthening the neck and back with Bridging, doing basic Gymnastic Movements, moving like a wild animal takes a lot of core strength, contracting the abs during plyometrics to protect your back from injury and even Sprints develop powerful abs because your whole body is fired up and you need to stabilize the core as you run because if you don’t you’re wobbling and could hurt yourself. Powerful abs is not always about the look, however, like the old-timers you can have great abs and still be extremely strong. One of my friends Logan Christopher is around 6’2 and about 190 lbs. or less, that’s pretty skinny for a guy that tall but yet is one of the strongest athletes pound for pound and has an extremely powerful core with great musculature. It’s true to build a powerful body, you need a powerful Core because the muscles there give a protective shield, helping you make the most out of your training.

            I’m 5’10 and around 255 lbs. I don’t have six pack abs and quite frankly don’t really care but at the same time my core is very strong and mobile, flexible and supple. Without a strong Core I can’t fall back into a bridge, I wouldn’t be able to bear crawl efficiently, my stretching wouldn’t be that good and most of all without a strong core I couldn’t hold a bridge or do the TNT Cables/Chest Expander very well because I would collapse and my body wouldn’t be able to handle it. So you see even for a big man like myself, it’s still possible to have strong abs and still have strength to keep going. Cardio and crunches won’t help your cause, it takes real training to get what you want and it’s very basic. Start out slow and build up, believe me it feels like a dead end at first but as you get better, you’re getting closer to being strongest you can be.

            If you want six pack abs than go for it but look to old school methods to help get you there and have fun with it, if you don’t desire to have muscled up abs but still want strength you can do that too. Be awesome and kick ass on your journey wherever it is.

Monday, June 9, 2014

30 Going On 18

             Seven Weeks from today, I will hit the big 3-0. Holy crap I’m no longer in my 20’s and I aught to slow down and take it easy a bit. Let my 30’s be a decade of losing a few hairs, maybe put on a little weight and let my testosterone drop a few points; not happening Brother. Turning 30 for many seems like a factor of aging and just plain sucks, not me my friend. I’m looking at it as being 18 with 12 years of experience. I’m pretty damn psyched turning 30, I’ve reached a milestone where I’m a little wiser and not feeling like I’m dreading a long road of vast experiences. I’ve experienced many things in my life, some good, some bad, a few uglies and plenty of weird and have survived an Earthquake, breaking my head open, meningitis, came back from a horrible leg injury and even went through a long-term relationship. I think I’m doing an awesome job.

            When you reach a certain age, health factors came into play. Certain things pop up like checking out how you fair out compared to your family history of medical issues and health issues like Heart Disease, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cancer and all that stuff. My family does have a history with some of these issues maybe not so much diabetes but Blood Pressure definitely. Cancer has hit my family on a couple people but you know what, I’m not too concerned about these health issues. I may change the way I eat a bit but for the most part, I feel incredible, I’am stronger and healthier than at any other time in my life. I can still move pretty damn good for a guy my size. Does this make me arrogant and a bit selfish, I don’t believe so because I love what I do, I give my life to helping others in fitness and using the skills I’ve developed to stay in awesome shape. Do I need to check up on things one day, of course but until then, you’ll find me swimming, pulling heavy cables, sprinting, practicing internal power and utilizing the most powerful programs with a heavy smile on my face.

            Age is just a number right? It may just be but there are other things to look at, it’s not just a number, its how you feel, how you live with yourself mentally and what gives you a purpose to have fun, love and be an awesome person inside and out. You hear from many people that age is just a number but how many actually live it and factor in the things I just listed; not many. Hell I’m only turning 30 for Christ sake, it’s not the end of the world and I still have fun and get to do what I do, I still have goals and aspirations to get better and my mind is sharper than it ever has been. Turning 30 is big for me in a lot of ways but on the other side of the coin, it’s just another double digit that’s all.

            For some turning a certain age like 30/40/50 so on, they get this unnecessary sadness, grief, feeling like it’s the end of the road and seeing themselves as unworthy because they don’t have the “time and energy” like they use to, bullshit. Your body is an amazing thing and when you factor in how you use your mind, it is a part of the living, beautiful experience of not only gaining wisdom and knowledge but to still have an awesome body if you apply yourself. Let’s face it, I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t develop a six pack, I’ll be shocked if that hit one day but I can still go and am far more agile and stronger than most guys 10 years younger than me especially in this day and age when obesity has hit the jackpot plus I look younger than my age and I’m damn proud of that.

            In order to feel like a million bucks, you’ve got to feel it (no shit Sherlock), breathe it, live it and know in your heart despite all the crap you’ve been through, the positives outweigh the negatives when you make it so otherwise you’ll just be dreading like the rest of the world and doing your best to feel like you’re not good enough, worrying too much about nothing and then worrying about something else. When you turn a certain age, don’t dwell on it, be the best damn age that you are or think younger, not older or saying you’re this X years old or think Y is old age. I’m going to be 30 years young and haven’t peaked yet.

Be Awesome guys. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Why I love Training

            I’ve given you the reason on what I love about training, where I was before I began and how I got there but not really given the why, maybe I have but here’s my way of really telling you. Some people won’t like this, some may even call me out on it and others just might be inspired and do things differently who knows. Training goes beyond exercise, putting things together and developing a body that doesn’t have a six pack but is strong, fast, agile, and flexible and can take a hit. I love what I do because it keeps me from going back to my old eating habits, the way I did things in high school and the crap that I went through mentally.

            When I was a chubby teen in junior high and High School I often ate McDonalds for breakfast most of the week if I wasn’t going to my second mom’s house. I had no training or anything of that sorts back then until I was a sophomore in High School. I use to play basketball and then march into the weight room right after class, did that for a year and tried all kinds of different weights but my eating habits were just awful; McDonalds for Breakfast, Dominos Pizza slice for lunch and whatever I can get my hands when food was available. It wasn’t always like this but it happened often.

            I don’t eat anywhere near the same amount of crap I did back then, I may not have the best eating habits but it’s far better than before, yes I still drink soda from time to time but only every other day or few days or so compared to having a liter more often and I now cook some of my own meals like lamb, steaks, burgers and do better with fruits and veggies. I just didn’t want to go back to that plus I never smoked a day in my life which is weird because I had family smoke around me. I rarely ever drank alcohol and can go the rest of my life without having another drink because it just doesn’t appeal to me, not that I come from an alcoholic background I don’t but I just can’t stand it.

            This is why I love training because it keeps me away from all that stuff and it gives me freedom to do what I love, share ideas with the world, help people who need a spark in their life. It makes me happy in a way where nothing can hurt me and it makes me utilize my talents for writing and using my imagination and intuition to give others a chance to find their passion and their ability to overcome the bullshit we go through in life. I love what I do and how much I’ve grown as a person because there were times in my life where it wasn’t easy for people to be around me, I was bitter at times and had a bit of a temper to the point where I even punched my own window and scarred my hand. I love what I do because it teaches me how to live with happiness, intensity, love and being passionate about the things I write and the people I care about the most, I wouldn’t call it therapy I’ve been down that road, I’d call it a form of passion and helping me strive to be better than yesterday or who I use to be.

            I always find ways to write and learn from others on how I can go through my progress with not just training my body but my mind and my soul because that’s what drives me to be the best to my abilities and I’m only scratching the surface. I believe I was always a kid who had his ups and downs, hardships, trial and errors and learned some harsh lessons like everyone else plus going through the Special Education system wasn’t always fun either so I count my blessings and I keep driving to do what I love no matter who tells me to stop or just do something “more valuable for your time” than what I do. Do what you love and hold onto it because there are people out there who never strive to do what they love and will drag you down because they can’t take it.

Be awesome guys. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fitness By The Animaniacs

            Most kids today never heard of the show but if you're a fan of cartoons and like a good laugh here you go. If you remember the cartoon “kids” show back in the early-mid 90’s then you know how crazy and funny it was. It was practically a twisted version of the Looney Toons the most popular skits were of the Warner Brothers and their sister Dot, call her Dottie and you die and Pinky & The Brain. Sometimes you just need a good laugh to blow off steam and plus laughter helps you lose weight and stimulate growth hormone. Think of it as a mini episode.

            It’s time for another Good Idea Bad Idea:

Good Idea- Doing Bear Crawls up a hill.

Bad Idea- Doing Bear Crawls up a hill while being chased by an actual Bear.

The End….

            Dot’s Poetry Corner:

Little Miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet and what a Tuffet it was, she realized she needed to do squats to tighten that thing up so she did Hindu Squats and lifted weights and weeks later it came out nice and firm. Thank you.

            It’s that time again:

Dot: To see Jarell Lindsey with his shirt off?  (Hello Nurse)

Wakko: To lift Odd Objects and eat everything in sight later?

Yakko: No it’s time to learn the day’s lesson, and to find out what it is we turn to the Wheel Of Morality…Wheel Of Morality turn, turn, turn, tell us the lesson that we should learn…Moral number 8: And the Moral of today’s story is…Never make Bruce Lee mad or he’ll Wakka kick you in the chops.

            Pinky & The Brain:

Pinky- Gee Brain what do you want to do tonight?

Brain- Same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the Gym.

They’re Pinky & The Brain, one is a genius, the other’s insane, they do their mousy work, they try to overthrow the gym, they’re Pinky they’re Pinky & The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain.

            It’s Time For Another Good Idea Bad Idea:

Good Idea- Doing a great workout with Lifeline USA Cables

Bad Idea- Doing a workout with Lifeline USA Cables set on fire.

The End.

            Hope you guys had a good laugh and although a good portion didn’t make much sense (let’s face it when did that show ever really make sense) it’s still a good visual for those who remember the show and adding in a fitness element to it. Have a great day everyone and Be Awesome.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Finding Your Passion In Fitness

            We are all passionate about something whether we realize it or not. Some never get a chance to use that passion to share with the world, others make that passion into a way of helping others in a productive way and then there are those who have a passion that makes no sense to anyone else. Fitness is no exception to be passionate about like an athlete who is passionate about his sport or a Journalist being passionate about reporting somewhere in their city, state or somewhere in the country/world. The question is, why do it, what makes your passion so great that you went into it in the first place? What makes you get the results you want and does it help in your life in some shape or form?

            For me, fitness is my undying passion, its my second language, its in my blood and it puts me in a state of mind that finds creativity, love, compassion and intensity for whatever thing comes also in my life. I eat, sleep, breathe and think training 24/7 (maybe not as big as Jack Lalanne or other Physical Culturists) yet I put my own take on it and live it on my own terms no one else’s. When I was a chubby teen, I just fiddled around, picking up a weight or 2 in P.E. In High school, weights were big with me and did my damndest to be the strongest I can be without drugs or any of that crap and managed ok, not great. In my 20’s after my accident, it just became an obsession and absorbed everything I can on it and for some they thought I was going through a phase, others thought I was nuts and then there were those who think it’s “just a hobby.” It’s beyond a hobby, it’s my life and I’m in it until the day I die.

            When you’re passionate about something and others think nothing of it, they don’t understand and they’ll never get it because they don’t see what you see, feel what you feel and get the fact that you are doing something that has meaning in your life when they do their thing day after day and feel miserable and never follow their true path. For me, fitness goes beyond the workouts, way past the basic lifts or bodyweight exercises and exceeds way more than what I expect it to be because I love the variety, the creativity, the way to see the world through history, film, philosophy. That’s the true look at fitness as a passion for me, it may be different for you because of your background and that’s great because we all have different ways to look at things, it’s not bad, good or whatever it’s your interpretation on what you see.

            To really know what you’re passionate about, it’s the consistency of what you see, feel and learn about whom you are in terms of your interests and how it makes you keep going and learning. Keeping consistent in what you do and love shows your passion on a very different scale. In fitness, we all do some form of exercise and if there’s something we like, we keep it around until another form of interest rolls around. Some like being on the elliptical, awesome you’re doing something but yet what are you truly getting out of it, are you finding the results you want, does it make you happy to be doing it? You see there’s a fine difference in what you do and what comes out of it. When you’re passionate about a workout, it’s not a work out, it’s an adventure and you put your body in a state where you love it even though it can be tough; on the other side of the coin, to you it’s just an exercise and nothing else, you dread and feel like crap, you’re sweating good but it’s just a pain in the ass and when you’re done you go about your day and then you put yourself through it again and again until it doesn’t become an interest it becomes a habit.

            It’s easy to be passionate about something but it’s hard to be consistent with it and that’s where the real fun is, it’s learning how to use it and keeping it on your toes plus when you share it with the world, share it not with people who don’t give a damn but to people that share similar passions yet still different. Love what you do and keep it with you no matter how hard people are on you about because there will always be that one person or more that’ll have your back and encourage you to keep loving and following your passion with heart, intensity and a love that goes with it.

Be awesome everybody.