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0-6 Pack Abs Awaiting At Your Door Step

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Burning Fat With Sprints

Trying to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle and all that stuff yet most would tell you to do an hour of cardio and weights. Hate to break it to you but it always happen that way, however; you can get things done in a far shorter amount of time and that's through High Intensity Training (HIT). We've all heard this before but does it really work? Hell yes it does but a lot believe you need to do it everyday. There's no way in hell you can go that hard everyday without either blacking out, burning out or just plain die from exhaustion. At best 2-3x a week should be the maximum, for beginners once a week is enough.

    Sprint Training is the focal point to HIT because it's a far shorter workout, you're resting more than training. Your body is filled with powerful cells and has a very strong sense of recovery. Although different people recover differently the principle still applies. Now when some mention sprints they think running either or up a hill or flight of …

Could Arthur Saxon Be A Vampire?

It's not every day you find one of the greatest strongmen in history in the most unlikely source, a Vampire Book. A current book I'm reading called Fangs: Everything The Modern Vampire Needs To Know which I find fascinating so far shows the ins and outs of a Vampire in the current scene. Now for the most part I would rather be like Blade (Daywalker) than some dumbass from Twilight. In a chapter about Vampire Powers there's superspeed, strength, magic, flight, shapeshifting and things that make a Vampire; out of all things they happen to pick Saxon for Strength. Why is that? They had artistic pictures of other vampires and demons but yet chose to have a real life figure for Strength. They could've chosen a more mainstream person but yet got Saxon and why, because he is one of the true kings of the modern century in strongmanism.

    In my opinion (and theory at that) they picked Saxon because they wanted to find a man of incredible strength and power but yet look to…

Enhancing The Natural Abilities In Your Body

Although we are born with certain abilities and learn either faster or slower than others, it’s still noted that we find something we are strong or weaker in no matter what it is. To enhance our abilities, we must practice what is in our imaginations, how our body is congruent with our thoughts and how we apply certain techniques to create the super strength and speed that we desire. Yes I realize we can’t be the X-Men or have the intelligence of Batman or even have the uncanny supernatural abilities of a Vampire; however, we can jump start our bodies to run a little faster, jump a bit higher and highly emphasize our strength levels without the need for steroids or performance enhancing drugs.                 I find Vampires fascinating not because of the way they look or how charming/evil they are; I’m fascinated by their enhanced abilities at a supernatural level. Once a human is bitten, he/she is driven into darkness without warning or choice but on the other side o…

The Bodyweight Exploits Of Spiderman

Out of the many classic superheroes, Spiderman seems to be the most athletic in the sense where he doesn’t have the weightlifter physique or the bodybuilder look but he moves like an athlete should. He has the most control in his body to weight ratio and moves with unbelievable grace and power at the same time.
                In Bodyweight Training, you learn to control your body through movements that require no equipment (unless you do pull-ups). For the most part when people begin lifting weights they don’t realize that mastering your own bodyweight ought to be more important before even touching a weight. I’ve seen guys in the gym who can lift more than double their bodyweight but can’t hold their own in a single push-up or pull-up. Handling your own bodyweight goes a long way in learning how to contract and extend the muscles with fluidity and great power. Some use Yoga to do Bodyweight Training, others learn how to master their body through Handbalancing or Gymn…

Can You Unlock Your True Potential?

Within every human being, no matter what color, race, religion, creed, sexuality; there’s a powerful entity that could unlock the true secrets of super strength and speed that can accelerate your training, your sport, how you move with fluidity and even how you speak. You see most people want to be crazy strong not just physically but mentally and even spiritually but they do things that are more external than internal; they lift weights to get stronger, they go to speech coaches to help their voice get more out there, they have sports coaches to build their progress as an athlete but what if you could build so much power within that in a blink of an eye you expel that energy and it becomes so much more than you imagined it? It’s begging to come out.
            Most scientists say we only at our highest level only reach 5-10% of our human potential. That small percentage no matter what we do it won’t go any higher, I say bullshit. What if you could unleash even 1% more t…

There is Fitness And Than There Is DDP Yoga

For most people Yoga is a tough, hot and just a simple style of postures ranging from easy to nearly world-class. Yoga has been around for countless ages. What most don’t know is that Yoga originally were for warriors, older folks and for wrestlers in the Middle East because the training gave them the strength, agility and flexibility to be able to handle battle and matches that can last long periods of time. For the older folks, it was a way to stay in shape as they got older and were some of the wisest people of that time. It’s kind of fitting when an ex-pro wrestler takes an ancient art and turns it into something different, a little edgy and it has a lot of benefit for any ages. It’s not the typical style(s) most people have heard of, it’s practically revolutionary.
            Back in the WCW days especially during the Monday Night Wars you had some of the best talent in the business including Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), Scott …

Train To Feel Alive

For the most part, from my observation that most people who train in a gym or at home or wherever; they don’t have that feeling of being happy and vibrant when they exercise. They tend to punish themselves and it shows. When you train to feel vibrant, powerful and blissful it’s a whole new experience, quite the attitude change and you believe in always wanting that and learning about it.
            I personally believe in order to feel alive as you train/exercise/workout ect, your imagination is the most important factor. Imagining awesome things, places and how you approach a movement or hold brings another realm of strength and getting the results. It doesn’t become a punishment, it becomes your strength over weakness, it consumes your body to use muscles you normally don’t use and changing the very way you think of how it’s done.
            When you punish yourself when you train, there’s no vibration, no power and internal wave links of strength and attitude. Now…

Healthy Abs

When it comes Abdominal Training what many people think it is, is that you’re doing sit-ups, crunches and using crazy gadgets to get six pack abs. They believe if you do good ab work, you’re strong and healthy plus you look like a million bucks. Not so true. Just because you have a great waistline, ripping muscle all over the core area doesn’t mean you’re strong and healthy, some crack addicts have six pack abs.
            The real thing about having healthy abs doesn’t always concern on what’s on the outside but what is inside that counts (sorry had to use a intro line from Aladdin). A powerful core is not just muscle but the strength within the internal organs and the core isn’t just the abdominals  but the obliques, lower back and the transverse muscles all working in unison. When you isolate the abs you’re missing out on the other important muscles that tie together. Back in the early 20th century, men like Eugene Sandow, Maxick, Otto Arco, Alexander Zass and others …

30 Going On 18

Seven Weeks from today, I will hit the big 3-0. Holy crap I’m no longer in my 20’s and I aught to slow down and take it easy a bit. Let my 30’s be a decade of losing a few hairs, maybe put on a little weight and let my testosterone drop a few points; not happening Brother. Turning 30 for many seems like a factor of aging and just plain sucks, not me my friend. I’m looking at it as being 18 with 12 years of experience. I’m pretty damn psyched turning 30, I’ve reached a milestone where I’m a little wiser and not feeling like I’m dreading a long road of vast experiences. I’ve experienced many things in my life, some good, some bad, a few uglies and plenty of weird and have survived an Earthquake, breaking my head open, meningitis, came back from a horrible leg injury and even went through a long-term relationship. I think I’m doing an awesome job.
            When you reach a certain age, health factors came into play. Certain things pop up like checking out how you fair ou…

Why I love Training

I’ve given you the reason on what I love about training, where I was before I began and how I got there but not really given the why, maybe I have but here’s my way of really telling you. Some people won’t like this, some may even call me out on it and others just might be inspired and do things differently who knows. Training goes beyond exercise, putting things together and developing a body that doesn’t have a six pack but is strong, fast, agile, and flexible and can take a hit. I love what I do because it keeps me from going back to my old eating habits, the way I did things in high school and the crap that I went through mentally.
            When I was a chubby teen in junior high and High School I often ate McDonalds for breakfast most of the week if I wasn’t going to my second mom’s house. I had no training or anything of that sorts back then until I was a sophomore in High School. I use to play basketball and then march into the weight room right after class, did…

Fitness By The Animaniacs

Most kids today never heard of the show but if you're a fan of cartoons and like a good laugh here you go. If you remember the cartoon “kids” show back in the early-mid 90’s then you know how crazy and funny it was. It was practically a twisted version of the Looney Toons the most popular skits were of the Warner Brothers and their sister Dot, call her Dottie and you die and Pinky & The Brain. Sometimes you just need a good laugh to blow off steam and plus laughter helps you lose weight and stimulate growth hormone. Think of it as a mini episode.
            It’s time for another Good Idea Bad Idea:
Good Idea- Doing Bear Crawls up a hill.
Bad Idea- Doing Bear Crawls up a hill while being chased by an actual Bear.
The End….
            Dot’s Poetry Corner:
Little Miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet and what a Tuffet it was, she realized she needed to do squats to tighten that thing up so she did Hindu Squats and lifted weights and weeks later it came out nice and firm. …

Finding Your Passion In Fitness

We are all passionate about something whether we realize it or not. Some never get a chance to use that passion to share with the world, others make that passion into a way of helping others in a productive way and then there are those who have a passion that makes no sense to anyone else. Fitness is no exception to be passionate about like an athlete who is passionate about his sport or a Journalist being passionate about reporting somewhere in their city, state or somewhere in the country/world. The question is, why do it, what makes your passion so great that you went into it in the first place? What makes you get the results you want and does it help in your life in some shape or form?
            For me, fitness is my undying passion, its my second language, its in my blood and it puts me in a state of mind that finds creativity, love, compassion and intensity for whatever thing comes also in my life. I eat, sleep, breathe and think training 24/7 (maybe not as big as…