Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Could Arthur Saxon Be A Vampire?


    It's not every day you find one of the greatest strongmen in history in the most unlikely source, a Vampire Book. A current book I'm reading called Fangs: Everything The Modern Vampire Needs To Know which I find fascinating so far shows the ins and outs of a Vampire in the current scene. Now for the most part I would rather be like Blade (Daywalker) than some dumbass from Twilight. In a chapter about Vampire Powers there's superspeed, strength, magic, flight, shapeshifting and things that make a Vampire; out of all things they happen to pick Saxon for Strength. Why is that? They had artistic pictures of other vampires and demons but yet chose to have a real life figure for Strength. They could've chosen a more mainstream person but yet got Saxon and why, because he is one of the true kings of the modern century in strongmanism.


    In my opinion (and theory at that) they picked Saxon because they wanted to find a man of incredible strength and power but yet look to what strength was in a certain time where if you were very muscular chances were you had equal or more strength to go with it. Saxon was ahead of his time when he burst onto the scene in circus acts with his brothers and to this day holds the record for the most weight lifted with one arm in the bent-press. Although that was his most famous lift, it wasn't just that lift he was good at, he was incredibly strong in other areas and was a man who seemed invincible (hint Vampire).


    The power he possessed was far ahead than nearly every single strongman of his era. He used intelligence and put into practice the energy that would give him the strength to lift more weight with one arm than 99% of the population can't with two arms. You have to remember, strength in those days came in the form of very few athletes, unlike today there are strongman competitions all over the world but back then, you'd be lucky to find a strongman show that didn't involve a circus or a vaudeville show whether it was in the U.S, Canada or abroad in Europe. Saxon in his time was the man everyone aspiring strongman wanted to duplicate because today no one has beat him and this has science in the form of steroids, performance enhancers and yet still no where near him. Giving the fact that almost no one does the Bent-Press or the Two-Handed Anyhow anymore unless you're in a small circle of athletes who continue a tradition in the Old-Time Arts.


    So think about this, one of the strongest men to have ever lived happens to be in Vampire Book that displays what strength is to the undead. Could it be that Saxon may have had some supernatural entities to have been chosen out of countless strongmen even the best of today? No one knows, maybe the stories of legendary beer drinking was really blood and it gave him superhuman strength. Think about that for a moment.


Be awesome everyone.

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