Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Can You Unlock Your True Potential?

            Within every human being, no matter what color, race, religion, creed, sexuality; there’s a powerful entity that could unlock the true secrets of super strength and speed that can accelerate your training, your sport, how you move with fluidity and even how you speak. You see most people want to be crazy strong not just physically but mentally and even spiritually but they do things that are more external than internal; they lift weights to get stronger, they go to speech coaches to help their voice get more out there, they have sports coaches to build their progress as an athlete but what if you could build so much power within that in a blink of an eye you expel that energy and it becomes so much more than you imagined it? It’s begging to come out.

            Most scientists say we only at our highest level only reach 5-10% of our human potential. That small percentage no matter what we do it won’t go any higher, I say bullshit. What if you could unleash even 1% more than your maximum potential, would you want to find out how to do it and not just become stronger, fitter and more but to have more power in your voice, your presence and the way people see you, hear you and feel the power around them from many feet away. You can have that if you want to go beyond yourself. We all have different ways of thinking and making ourselves either stronger or weaker but yet at the same time all of us have a power living within us. Like the Force in Star Wars it surrounds us, it binds us and has universal tie in to what we already have but don’t use.

            In order to access this power, you must open your mind to great possibilities. Many people are narrow-minded and believe that it’s either this or that or another thing, nothing more nothing less. When you learn to open your mind and expand, there’s a whole other world opening that can help you achieve levels of internal/external strength you never imagined before. I have had been a skeptic because my brain and mind are wired differently and I thought because of my trauma as a baby, I’ve had some successes as I got older but until I learned to open my mind and expand a little bit it became enormous. I began to write better, get strong in lifts I never hit in previous years and I unlocked parts of my personality that created bigger opportunities for me. You can do the same thing and only you can say if you can or can’t.

            If you’re an athlete in any sport imagine being able to run faster, jump higher, have higher awareness, become stronger, kick a ball with great speed, create multiple devastating punches in one breath and even hit the ball further without any steroids; that would be awesome wouldn’t it? What about being able to speak to a crowd with greater intensity, passion and you don’t even have to yell to get the audience attention? You can have all of this and more if you open your mind and practice the techniques that will create your strength, flexibility, agility, power and your voice all in a fluid process. Unlock parts of your personality that gives you a stronger presence, more attraction to the right people and have great energy all at the same time. Take the time to learn and you’ll find a greater world that can give you opportunities, attract what you want and do it with power and intensity.

Be awesome everyone and gain what’s truly yours.

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