Monday, June 23, 2014

Enhancing The Natural Abilities In Your Body


               Although we are born with certain abilities and learn either faster or slower than others, it’s still noted that we find something we are strong or weaker in no matter what it is. To enhance our abilities, we must practice what is in our imaginations, how our body is congruent with our thoughts and how we apply certain techniques to create the super strength and speed that we desire. Yes I realize we can’t be the X-Men or have the intelligence of Batman or even have the uncanny supernatural abilities of a Vampire; however, we can jump start our bodies to run a little faster, jump a bit higher and highly emphasize our strength levels without the need for steroids or performance enhancing drugs.
                I find Vampires fascinating not because of the way they look or how charming/evil they are; I’m fascinated by their enhanced abilities at a supernatural level. Once a human is bitten, he/she is driven into darkness without warning or choice but on the other side of the coin they’re given a gift and a curse of powers that generate more than any human; the ability to fly, see, hear, touch, smell and given greater strength, speed and ascended physical attributes. What if (minus the flying part) we could generate our bodies abilities like that even by 1% to save someone’s life, jump higher out of hazardous ground, run faster out of danger and have the strength to carry your family to safety. Most of the time, we can only enhance our natural abilities for a short time because of adrenaline and the reaction to a situation in that time frame.
            There’s energy all around us, in the words of Obi Wan “It surrounds us and penetrates us and binds the galaxy together.” Sure he was talking about the force but it’s practically the same thing just in a different format. The energy we all have can be greatly higher if we use our mind and body as if it were the same thing. Although they’re different yet in unison, it can greatly enhance your life by 100 fold. The way you make certain sound can make you stronger or weaker, the way you visualize and move with it can either make you very flexible or very stiff. When you create a thought, a result comes into play. I’m not if you think you’re going to lose 20 pounds in less than 2 days it’s going to happen, what I ‘am saying is that if you think differently and open up your mind, your results can come much quicker. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how strong or how you think your brain works, just to have one thought and put into action can have the greatest impact. Internalize your energy and let it flow through your body using certain techniques and you’ll find that you can generate greater abilities than you already have.

                Nowadays especially in athletics, drugs are the main course for the competition. Men and women use Steroids either by injection, pills or whatever to greatly ascend their natural abilities to crush their competition. Hit more homeruns, run faster to tackle or score a touchdown, kick a ball further into the goal post, jump higher to grab a rebound and see the basket clearer to make a jump shot; these are all the things athletes can do but it doesn’t need to be that way. With the techniques you can learn from CoreForce Energy, there won’t be any side effects that can have you deteriorate later in life, matter of fact it can help you stay young, vibrant and crazy strong and supple if you practice it. It’s not just athletics drugs are involved; its academics, business, losing weight, law enforcement and even kids are doing them and it’s stupid. You have more power in you than you can imagine. You can create greater strength and abilities if you apply yourself and your body will greatly thank you for it. When you take those drugs and your abilities take hold, remember it’s only for a small time and in order to keep it up you need to keep taking them and before you know it, you’re an addict. You can be smarter, stronger, faster and have better senses if you practice things that don’t require things that can kill you. Be better than that and know that you can be better. My drug of choice is CoreForce Energy.

Happy Monday guys. Be awesome and have a great start to a new week.

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