Friday, June 6, 2014

Why I love Training

            I’ve given you the reason on what I love about training, where I was before I began and how I got there but not really given the why, maybe I have but here’s my way of really telling you. Some people won’t like this, some may even call me out on it and others just might be inspired and do things differently who knows. Training goes beyond exercise, putting things together and developing a body that doesn’t have a six pack but is strong, fast, agile, and flexible and can take a hit. I love what I do because it keeps me from going back to my old eating habits, the way I did things in high school and the crap that I went through mentally.

            When I was a chubby teen in junior high and High School I often ate McDonalds for breakfast most of the week if I wasn’t going to my second mom’s house. I had no training or anything of that sorts back then until I was a sophomore in High School. I use to play basketball and then march into the weight room right after class, did that for a year and tried all kinds of different weights but my eating habits were just awful; McDonalds for Breakfast, Dominos Pizza slice for lunch and whatever I can get my hands when food was available. It wasn’t always like this but it happened often.

            I don’t eat anywhere near the same amount of crap I did back then, I may not have the best eating habits but it’s far better than before, yes I still drink soda from time to time but only every other day or few days or so compared to having a liter more often and I now cook some of my own meals like lamb, steaks, burgers and do better with fruits and veggies. I just didn’t want to go back to that plus I never smoked a day in my life which is weird because I had family smoke around me. I rarely ever drank alcohol and can go the rest of my life without having another drink because it just doesn’t appeal to me, not that I come from an alcoholic background I don’t but I just can’t stand it.

            This is why I love training because it keeps me away from all that stuff and it gives me freedom to do what I love, share ideas with the world, help people who need a spark in their life. It makes me happy in a way where nothing can hurt me and it makes me utilize my talents for writing and using my imagination and intuition to give others a chance to find their passion and their ability to overcome the bullshit we go through in life. I love what I do and how much I’ve grown as a person because there were times in my life where it wasn’t easy for people to be around me, I was bitter at times and had a bit of a temper to the point where I even punched my own window and scarred my hand. I love what I do because it teaches me how to live with happiness, intensity, love and being passionate about the things I write and the people I care about the most, I wouldn’t call it therapy I’ve been down that road, I’d call it a form of passion and helping me strive to be better than yesterday or who I use to be.

            I always find ways to write and learn from others on how I can go through my progress with not just training my body but my mind and my soul because that’s what drives me to be the best to my abilities and I’m only scratching the surface. I believe I was always a kid who had his ups and downs, hardships, trial and errors and learned some harsh lessons like everyone else plus going through the Special Education system wasn’t always fun either so I count my blessings and I keep driving to do what I love no matter who tells me to stop or just do something “more valuable for your time” than what I do. Do what you love and hold onto it because there are people out there who never strive to do what they love and will drag you down because they can’t take it.

Be awesome guys. 

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