Monday, June 16, 2014

There is Fitness And Than There Is DDP Yoga

           For most people Yoga is a tough, hot and just a simple style of postures ranging from easy to nearly world-class. Yoga has been around for countless ages. What most don’t know is that Yoga originally were for warriors, older folks and for wrestlers in the Middle East because the training gave them the strength, agility and flexibility to be able to handle battle and matches that can last long periods of time. For the older folks, it was a way to stay in shape as they got older and were some of the wisest people of that time. It’s kind of fitting when an ex-pro wrestler takes an ancient art and turns it into something different, a little edgy and it has a lot of benefit for any ages. It’s not the typical style(s) most people have heard of, it’s practically revolutionary.

            Back in the WCW days especially during the Monday Night Wars you had some of the best talent in the business including Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), Scott Steiner, Lex Luger, Sting and a man named Diamond Dallas Page. DDP was in his early 40’s and only been in the business a few years, most at that age have been in wrestling more than 15 years or more. It’s not everyday you see a guy that age and that less amount of experience (years wise) and can handle his own not just physically but to control the crowd and get them psyched for his signature move; The Diamond Cutter. After the MNWs have ended, DDP signed with WWE and had a great build up to face the Undertaker. They had some good matches but Dallas was just plagued with injuries as most wrestlers do so he ended up retiring.

            After a number of years trying to get over the injuries, he gave Yoga a shot and this made his comeback in a whole other realm. He created something different out of it and made it in his own way and it worked. He bring a whole new meaning to the term Awesome Training. I’ve done some Yoga in the past doing various holds and postures from books and DVDs that had similar styles just a different format but DDP Yoga is just great in the sense where I know what it’s like to make things unique and different and I love doing Muscle Control and he adds that element in his program, he calls it Dynamic Resistance.

            The one thing I always look for is how fun a program can be and mixed in with what I already am doing or can supplement with. DDP Yoga is fun to do and I find it fascinating about Dallas’ passion and his eagerness to bring power and awesome charisma to his style of training. I’m not big on fads or who is the best guru or any of that crap but I admire what DDP has done and the exercises he shows are pretty cool and it’s something I would continue to learn.

            For the most part if you know what I represent and have read countless times; I don’t really follow programs to the letter and for good reason. I take and learn exercises that interest me and mold them into my own unique style and change it up often because I do get bored and want to have a change of pace. I don’t like following other peoples workouts because it makes me feel that if I did, I won’t have the creativity I so crave and practice. So no offense to DDP or any of the badass men and women I’ve learned from but don’t expect me to actually go through the pre-set workouts. I practice creating my own style and molding exercises I’ve learned.

            DDP Yoga can easily be put into other styles. Some people like just doing a person’s program and that’s awesome, just not for me. He is a one of a kind athlete, passionate and love for what he does and I admire guys like him and hope one day get a chance to speak with him either on the phone or in person.

Be awesome guys and have a great start to the week.

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