Friday, June 13, 2014

Train To Feel Alive

             For the most part, from my observation that most people who train in a gym or at home or wherever; they don’t have that feeling of being happy and vibrant when they exercise. They tend to punish themselves and it shows. When you train to feel vibrant, powerful and blissful it’s a whole new experience, quite the attitude change and you believe in always wanting that and learning about it.

            I personally believe in order to feel alive as you train/exercise/workout ect, your imagination is the most important factor. Imagining awesome things, places and how you approach a movement or hold brings another realm of strength and getting the results. It doesn’t become a punishment, it becomes your strength over weakness, it consumes your body to use muscles you normally don’t use and changing the very way you think of how it’s done.

            When you punish yourself when you train, there’s no vibration, no power and internal wave links of strength and attitude. Now I’m not saying pushing yourself is punishment that’s a totally different thing, you can push yourself to great lengths and feel incredible. The punishment is the attitude, it sounds terrible, makes me think of shallow minded and no satisfaction of finding blissfulness and great power within. When you change that to feeling like you are invincible, you can conquer anything and you have the drive to keep going with a smile on your face it’s a whole other experience.

            Walk away like a boss. Feel like you just conquered yourself over an obstacle that was difficult and you are the master of your domain. Some people are so happy to be done they just want to get away from it and not think of it. Others feel downright miserable after they’re done and believe they didn’t do enough. Here’s my experience and how you can have a feeling similar but in your own way; when I train even if it’s for like 5 min. or an hour the moment I change my thinking and my attitude, my body moves differently, stronger, faster and it feels like I can’t be stopped unless I wanted to. My focus becomes so powerful I can’t hear, see and feel anything else unless I make it so. When I walk away after, it’s an experience you can’t possibly understand unless you’ve been there yourself. I don’t always have that experience but I practice it in my mind as often as I can and when I do have it, my results are noticeable and my vibration can be felt from people around me. Don’t ever feel you can’t have experiences like that because you can, believe in them, feel them, see them and make it happen for you. Walk away with a victorious mindset, not a defeat. Create victories.

Be Awesome guys and happy Friday The 13th on a full moon. Remember this won’t happen again for another 35 years so take it in and howl with feeling and power.
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