Monday, June 2, 2014

Finding Your Passion In Fitness

            We are all passionate about something whether we realize it or not. Some never get a chance to use that passion to share with the world, others make that passion into a way of helping others in a productive way and then there are those who have a passion that makes no sense to anyone else. Fitness is no exception to be passionate about like an athlete who is passionate about his sport or a Journalist being passionate about reporting somewhere in their city, state or somewhere in the country/world. The question is, why do it, what makes your passion so great that you went into it in the first place? What makes you get the results you want and does it help in your life in some shape or form?

            For me, fitness is my undying passion, its my second language, its in my blood and it puts me in a state of mind that finds creativity, love, compassion and intensity for whatever thing comes also in my life. I eat, sleep, breathe and think training 24/7 (maybe not as big as Jack Lalanne or other Physical Culturists) yet I put my own take on it and live it on my own terms no one else’s. When I was a chubby teen, I just fiddled around, picking up a weight or 2 in P.E. In High school, weights were big with me and did my damndest to be the strongest I can be without drugs or any of that crap and managed ok, not great. In my 20’s after my accident, it just became an obsession and absorbed everything I can on it and for some they thought I was going through a phase, others thought I was nuts and then there were those who think it’s “just a hobby.” It’s beyond a hobby, it’s my life and I’m in it until the day I die.

            When you’re passionate about something and others think nothing of it, they don’t understand and they’ll never get it because they don’t see what you see, feel what you feel and get the fact that you are doing something that has meaning in your life when they do their thing day after day and feel miserable and never follow their true path. For me, fitness goes beyond the workouts, way past the basic lifts or bodyweight exercises and exceeds way more than what I expect it to be because I love the variety, the creativity, the way to see the world through history, film, philosophy. That’s the true look at fitness as a passion for me, it may be different for you because of your background and that’s great because we all have different ways to look at things, it’s not bad, good or whatever it’s your interpretation on what you see.

            To really know what you’re passionate about, it’s the consistency of what you see, feel and learn about whom you are in terms of your interests and how it makes you keep going and learning. Keeping consistent in what you do and love shows your passion on a very different scale. In fitness, we all do some form of exercise and if there’s something we like, we keep it around until another form of interest rolls around. Some like being on the elliptical, awesome you’re doing something but yet what are you truly getting out of it, are you finding the results you want, does it make you happy to be doing it? You see there’s a fine difference in what you do and what comes out of it. When you’re passionate about a workout, it’s not a work out, it’s an adventure and you put your body in a state where you love it even though it can be tough; on the other side of the coin, to you it’s just an exercise and nothing else, you dread and feel like crap, you’re sweating good but it’s just a pain in the ass and when you’re done you go about your day and then you put yourself through it again and again until it doesn’t become an interest it becomes a habit.

            It’s easy to be passionate about something but it’s hard to be consistent with it and that’s where the real fun is, it’s learning how to use it and keeping it on your toes plus when you share it with the world, share it not with people who don’t give a damn but to people that share similar passions yet still different. Love what you do and keep it with you no matter how hard people are on you about because there will always be that one person or more that’ll have your back and encourage you to keep loving and following your passion with heart, intensity and a love that goes with it.

Be awesome everybody.

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