Monday, June 9, 2014

30 Going On 18

             Seven Weeks from today, I will hit the big 3-0. Holy crap I’m no longer in my 20’s and I aught to slow down and take it easy a bit. Let my 30’s be a decade of losing a few hairs, maybe put on a little weight and let my testosterone drop a few points; not happening Brother. Turning 30 for many seems like a factor of aging and just plain sucks, not me my friend. I’m looking at it as being 18 with 12 years of experience. I’m pretty damn psyched turning 30, I’ve reached a milestone where I’m a little wiser and not feeling like I’m dreading a long road of vast experiences. I’ve experienced many things in my life, some good, some bad, a few uglies and plenty of weird and have survived an Earthquake, breaking my head open, meningitis, came back from a horrible leg injury and even went through a long-term relationship. I think I’m doing an awesome job.

            When you reach a certain age, health factors came into play. Certain things pop up like checking out how you fair out compared to your family history of medical issues and health issues like Heart Disease, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cancer and all that stuff. My family does have a history with some of these issues maybe not so much diabetes but Blood Pressure definitely. Cancer has hit my family on a couple people but you know what, I’m not too concerned about these health issues. I may change the way I eat a bit but for the most part, I feel incredible, I’am stronger and healthier than at any other time in my life. I can still move pretty damn good for a guy my size. Does this make me arrogant and a bit selfish, I don’t believe so because I love what I do, I give my life to helping others in fitness and using the skills I’ve developed to stay in awesome shape. Do I need to check up on things one day, of course but until then, you’ll find me swimming, pulling heavy cables, sprinting, practicing internal power and utilizing the most powerful programs with a heavy smile on my face.

            Age is just a number right? It may just be but there are other things to look at, it’s not just a number, its how you feel, how you live with yourself mentally and what gives you a purpose to have fun, love and be an awesome person inside and out. You hear from many people that age is just a number but how many actually live it and factor in the things I just listed; not many. Hell I’m only turning 30 for Christ sake, it’s not the end of the world and I still have fun and get to do what I do, I still have goals and aspirations to get better and my mind is sharper than it ever has been. Turning 30 is big for me in a lot of ways but on the other side of the coin, it’s just another double digit that’s all.

            For some turning a certain age like 30/40/50 so on, they get this unnecessary sadness, grief, feeling like it’s the end of the road and seeing themselves as unworthy because they don’t have the “time and energy” like they use to, bullshit. Your body is an amazing thing and when you factor in how you use your mind, it is a part of the living, beautiful experience of not only gaining wisdom and knowledge but to still have an awesome body if you apply yourself. Let’s face it, I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t develop a six pack, I’ll be shocked if that hit one day but I can still go and am far more agile and stronger than most guys 10 years younger than me especially in this day and age when obesity has hit the jackpot plus I look younger than my age and I’m damn proud of that.

            In order to feel like a million bucks, you’ve got to feel it (no shit Sherlock), breathe it, live it and know in your heart despite all the crap you’ve been through, the positives outweigh the negatives when you make it so otherwise you’ll just be dreading like the rest of the world and doing your best to feel like you’re not good enough, worrying too much about nothing and then worrying about something else. When you turn a certain age, don’t dwell on it, be the best damn age that you are or think younger, not older or saying you’re this X years old or think Y is old age. I’m going to be 30 years young and haven’t peaked yet.

Be Awesome guys. 
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