Monday, October 31, 2011

Cheetahs & The Way Of A Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine

The Cheetah is the fastest cat in the animal kingdom bar none. It is said that this lean and powerful cat can reach speeds up to 70mph, that's more then most cars can go up to especially when the cheetah can hit it in 5 seconds when a car takes 7. Its just breathtaking when you see a wild animal just surge through the jungle at a blazing speed that can take you down within a heart beat. Because of this wild cat its influenced sports and physical training in a way that needs to be seen to believe.

Once a day, the cheetah hunts for food and when he spots its breakfast/lunch/dinner that's when it just soars like a lightning bolt and charges it's prey. After he eats he rests and meditate throughout the rest of the day and is very much at peace (until trouble roams). For the most part we need to learn this type of philosophy from the wild cat. After you have had a wild and exhilarating workout, take a rest and meditate. Let your body sink in for a while and let the flow of super energy flow everywhere on your body.

The biggest influence from the cheetah is the Olympic sprinters who are the wild speed demons of sport and competition. The lean and muscular physiques of these athletes are second to none and are the fastest people on the planet. How do they get that way? By just sprinting and tearing up the pavement. Yes there are other exercises involved in their training but at the same time, they use all they have just to go for short run.

Another influence of the cheetah is other sports like football, baseball, basketball and many others. Football players for example are dominant in the running field (no pun intended) and the most muscular guys on the field in my opinion are the running backs and the linebackers. For running backs, sprinting is a major key to out maneuver their opponents. I'd say one of the greatest running backs, Walter Payton took on a whole new meaning to the term "out running." He was one of the most fit guys in the history of the game and whats one of his secrets? By doing Sprints particularly Hill & Stair Sprinting.

When you do a Sprint you're building up levels of hormones that burn off fat and build muscle faster then the leading injections and can increase your HGH levels as high as 530%. That's an extreme high percentage which is a good thing because with that percentage you are going to feel younger, you'll get leaner and you will have energy that you haven't had since you were a kid at the playground. Whats the leading growth hormone injections percentage increase? Believe it or not its just over 50% which is more then 10x less then if you trained on sprinting. How sad is that and all these athletes and celebrities use them to what? Look good, hit a ball harder, run faster, swim with ease? Its all crap.

The best steroids you can take without any bad side effects is running hard or exercise very hard for a short period of time. For 8-20 seconds, you don't need any more then that. You can have a 15 minute workout where most of that 15 minutes is rest. After a hard sprint, walk back to the starting point and just for a few minutes catch your breath and when you're ready hit another set. Do this no more then 8-9 times. In the beginning, 4-5 is fine and never go at 100%, that alone can get you injured so hit a sprint as hard as you can without killing yourself. Work up to a comfortable hard sprint.

If you don't want to do hard sprints then another way would be to just turn yourself into a wild animal. Whether you're a bear, gorilla, tiger or whatever you can do this as well and get yourself huffing and puffing in no time flat. This is one of the fastest ways increase your speed, agility and strength all at the same time and you don't need to do for an hour or even a half hour, 20 minutes is all you need and if you're a beginner 5 minutes would be a great start.

Train like this no more then 2-3x a week and on your off days, do some stretching, deep breathing and meditation as your recovery training. Recovery is just as important as physical and when you sleep, your HGH levels will take on a life of their own as they help your body recover quicker. Whether as a cheetah or any other wild beast, get the body you always wanted and have fun while you do it. If you have kids they will get in the action too as being a wild wo/man brings just as many of the benefits as the adults.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Superman & The Real Ways Of Achieving Superhuman Strength & Speed

We all know the super powers of superman and never will know how fast he really is or how strong he really is so no matter how many times we read the comic books or see Christopher Reeve on the big screen, its a mystery of far these super powers go. Now that's almost similar to the average human and the strongest of athletes, we never really know how far our strength and speed goes. I firmly believe one of the best ways to develop great power and speed is to use our imaginations. Learn to see our power through our minds and how we can bring that out and use it in the worst or best of situations to either save a life, hit a personal/world record, fight back from a bully or save ourselves from a disaster.

Now for all intents and purposes, we can never have the strength and speed of Superman and certainly can never fly like him but yet we can develop strength and speed that can add that extra 1-2% beyond that scientists have said we can't achieve. Its called CoreForce Energy. A system that can help start a chain reaction of strength and speed that goes way beyond your own assumptions for what can bring on a surge of power. What if this system helped achieve a level of power you can use in everyday life or in athletics or in a dangerous situation? Would you want that? Would you be willing to learn it?

What if you learned to increase your speed? How do you see yourself running faster and faster? Do you tense up or do you relax? This is where CoreForce Energy reveals these secrets that will astound you and make you think literally how its possible. The real secret to this is using the flow of your own energy to create a series of fibers within your body that creates strength and speed, the fast twitch muscle fibers and the slow twitich muscle fibers. How you use them comes from within and how you create them is through the use of the brain. This system takes this secret to a whole new level and how you can develop it will shock you. Take a look at how this system works and how it can work for you no matter what you want to do.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Captain America & How You Can Become Your Own Super Solider

I was watching the First Avenger movie last night with my girl and I couldn't help but be in awe of how powerful the character is and how strong he became. The movie was awesome and I'm always looking for what others can do to become a very strong individual. In the film Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) starts out as this skinny little kid from Brooklyn who wants nothing more then to tackle bullies and do something that's more then himself. Unfortunately every time he enlists, he always gets turned down. He's too small, has symptoms that army recruiters laugh at and just let the kid go. That's similar to what young boys back then were like and hated being small and weak. With guts and the right people to look up to they became strongmen and got what they always wanted and more. Stories like this are from men like Charles Atlas, John Grimek, The Mighty Atom and one of the most fascinating from weak to strong stories of the great Doug Hepburn.

The Army in the film are looking to build a new breed of super soldiers and they found someone to experiment on and that's little Steve. The night before the procedure one of the Doc's who discovered Rogers sat down with him and told him why he was chosen. Doc believed in him because he sees whats in his heart. If someone was big and powerful, he may take that strength for granted and lose value but if a weak man wants strength he values its gift as he learns to be strong. The next day Rogers is put into this little capsule with wires and other stuff strapped to him. He's injected with a certain serum that can turn him into a very powerful man. The experiment works and Rogers transforms into this mountain of muscle. With this he can regenerate quicker, has the metabolism 4x higher then the average human and has the speed of a cheetah.

One of the exercises I learned about Evan's training for the film was doing Handstand Push-ups as one of his primary exercises for bodyweight training. This exercise alone can build killer upper body strength in ways that cannot be done by any other exercise. You are practically in a vertical position upside down and pushing your whole body up. I've always liked this exercise and it made me feel good and admire that an actor trained on that exercise and got super results from it. Now he did do other forms of exercise to get beefed up for the film but its good to know that some trainers know the value of functional strength.

Now can anyone do this type of exercise? A good percentage can but some people lack the structure and body-weight ratio no matter what they do. Those that can practice it can go here at Ultimate Guide To Handstand Push-ups and for advanced trainees can go here at Gymnastic Handstands. This exercise was practiced by the old-school bodybuilders and strongmen of the 30's and 40's and they all had great successes and results from doing this. If you want to do weights along with bodyweight exercise then look no further then here at where you'll find the very best at learning how to create massive functional muscle without the use of drugs or supplements.

Remember what I said about the Captain's speed? Well you can also do this type of training as well as Sprinting builds lung power and strength in the whole body unlike anything else. You don't need to do a vast amount of time to do this, go to a track or park or better yet find a hill and sprint hard for 8-15 seconds, take a few minutes rest and sprint again, no need to do more then 10 sets of this. If you're a beginner take it easy on this an progress. Do a powerwalk and each session increase the speed. 2-3x a week is all you need to burn off fat like crazy and increase your HGH Levels 10x more then the leading supplements or injections. This helps keeps you fit, young, vibrant and full of energy.

Now we all can't be like the Iconic Capatain but we certainly can become much more powerful then the average human and build a body that will have heads turning. It takes practice, patience, goal-setting and the will to keep driving. Build your foundation and never give up. Just like Captain America the hero that never gives in. For encouragement picture as if the Captain himself is cheering you on and pushing you to get better. If you can keep that in mind you may find yourself looking like him and being as powerful as a grizzly bear.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Taking Thor’s Hammer To A Whole New Level

As a kid you always dreamed of being something different, something more then yourself, something people will look at and think you were one of a kind. You dreamed of being a superhero. Either you wanted to be Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wolverine or Captain America for that matter you dreamed about being them. Have powers that no one else has and given the strength to triumph over any obstacle and not let anything bad stand in your way. There is only one superhero however that is a god and thats Thor.

What if you had the chance to have Thor's Hammer in your hands and feel a surge of power and strength within you that you feel nothing will stand in your way and each time you use it you get stronger and stronger? Now lets be honest no one will ever be like these particular superheroes even Thor but you can however build strength and conditioning using various tools and other forms of exercise to transform you from a weakling to walking tower of muscle and might. How about the one tool that you saw in comic books and stories throughout the ages where it was a symbol of strength, courage, defining the odds and gives you a reason to become strong and powerful, would you want that?

What if I told you that its possible to have Thor's hammer in your hands and take your strength and conditioning to levels that is unheard of and surreal. Well my friend's here is your chance. Take a look at and if you look hard enough you will see that you can get your hands on Thor's Hammer and use it as a training tool to create insane strength and unbelievable endurance that will give you the physique you always dreamed of. When you have this in your hands you don't have your normal type strength, in your mind you are Thor, the god of lightning with strength that is unfathomable and you will not be defined as a weakling, you are strong, vibrant and full of energy. When you get into this mindset, your results will come quicker and it will teach you how to listen to your body and if you pay attention enough you can ever hear that Hammer telling you you're getting stronger and will help you reach your goals.

Let no one tell you you can't be strong or something like this is a myth and becoming powerful is only a day dream. Never settle for what your true potential is. Becoming strong is a journey not a dream or a myth. Take a chance and get yourself a pair of Thor's Hammer and learn how to be strong instead of thinking you can. Know you can and believe you can. Thor's Hammer is only a click away and its never too late to start your journey on the path to superhuman strength.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting Kids Back On The Right Track

On Saturday Night Live back in the early-mid 90's a big time comedian named Chris Farley played a character named Matt Foley, a motivational speaker who lived in a van down by the river. His antics of that character was freaking hilarious that believe it or not there are some motivational speakers out there that are almost exactly like that. Their funny to watch but its sad that they don't do what they preach to. Plus who the hell wants to learn from a guy with a big gut and has the temper of a 5 year old.

Now the kick ass motivational speakers out there that do practice what they preach help give those in need a chance. I was never fond of motivational speaking at all till I got a chance to talk to and hopefully meet the guy that is one of many that turned my life around after breaking both my legs and wanting to do something to not only walk again at a much faster clip but give me the strength to train my body and mind in a daily basis. Before I get into that I want to go over a few things.

The obesity in this country has reached an all-time high in any other time in history and its become of if not the biggest problem not just in adults but even more sadly the kids. I know what its like to out of shape and overweight that it was troubling playing with friends in basketball and football. I was the guy that was a frieght train with very little speed and although I was very big as a teenager I was still small and very sensitive towards a lot of things. I was depressed, humiliated a good few times, been called many names and also close to wanting to do drugs. Hated school and got picked on quite a bit, had balls thrown at me, been beat up and didn't have a remote chance with a girl. At 13 years old I was 5'4 and nearly 190 pounds. I had a monster gut, flabby arms and legs that were nothing to write home about. It was very hard to be a kid like that and with the friends I did have very few were there for me.

So even though at 5'10 and well over 235 pounds I'm still a big dude but in far better shape then at any time in my life. I took a stand to get in shape but it took me years to figure it out and do it the right way. Even in my late teens I was big and at one point after turning 20 I was nearly 260 pounds and most of it was fat from not training right and taking all kinds of bad protein shakes and whatever wasn't working. After breaking both my legs I began to learn and think about what I'm doing to myself both mentally and physically. I studied exercise more, I learned anatomy on my own and started becoming my own physiologist in the way where instead of treating people I treated myself and experimented. Now that I have mastered all these different things I want to pass onto you and your kids for those that have children.

From what I learned if you're going to get into exercise or want to get in shape and either lose weight, build muscle or whatever, a program should have a basic and simple foundation and progress your own way. Too many people never do basic stuff because they have this notion that if you want to get in shape you have to jog this many miles, lift this amount of weight, high reps for endurance, low reps for strength and do this for 30 min or that for an hour and so on and so forth. Who the bloody hell thinks anyone can try to do any of that stuff and be expected to get in shape. Believe me I was apart of that too and once I started learning basic forms of training my muscles grew, flab was coming off, my stamina skyrocketed and my flexibility went through the roof. Basic principles are the keys to not only get in shape but being happy, strong, healthy and mindful of who you are and what you want to do.

Children should have the oppurtinity to be fit and happy in their lives and not just sit around play video games and not joining in games. Children should be having a good time and live with a smile on their face while learning certain values, structures and ground rules so when they get older they can apply these qualities to what they do as adults. Exercise is one of the greatest things a child can learn but most exercise programs are boring and make kids quit faster before they even start. Exercise should not be a punishment, it shoul be fun and and make the person feel good when they accomplish something.

One of the best forms of exercise is moving like a wild animal. Pick your favorite animal and imitate it the best way you can. The guy I wanted to mention previously is one of my mentors named Ed Baran who has become one of the leading athorities in quick and fast results in exercise mostly basic principles in gymnastics and animal exercise. For the kids he even has a course called Wild Animal Fitness For Kids. It teaches kids and adults of all ages how to get in shape in as little as 5 minutes a day to start. Getting kids to exercise will get them on the right track to living a healthy and strong life.

Another way to get kids to exercise is to do it with them. As a family who exercises together builds bonds and being there for one another for encouragement, being competitive and teaching each other what works best for each other as a whole and as individuals. Get this course and not just for the kids but for you as well as you can get the same benefits as they will or if you want to build a level of pure animalized training get these as well....AKC: Survival Of The Fittest & AKC 2: Call Of The Wild. Get your kids and yourself a powerful body, strong heart and a great mind to boot as these courses develop brain power.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bending Steel Documentary- Process Is Now Underway

There have been decades where when it was time for the old-time strongmen would have the opportunity to not only show what they're capable of world-wide but would it ever get to the big screen? This time, its finally coming true where we will see what its all about when you see how strong the men of this film are. Learning from one of the strongest men on the planet Chris Shoeck is on his way from having self doubts about being a performing strongman to getting on stage and showing how powerful a man of his small stature can be.

In the film it shows Chris learning the craft of the mythical and somewhat surreal feats of the old-time strongmen that were the mega-stars of the early 20th century where you had men and women performing phenomenal stuff in vaudeville and ACT shows in the peak of PT Barnum's Circus. This journey is a heartfelt and somewhat courageous act of will and determination of going beyond the norm and becoming something more then yourself. This little strongman is only 5'7 and around 160 pounds but with inner power and a fierce will of overcoming impossible odds he shines over men twice his size.

Chris' trainer Chris Rider is becoming a legend in his own time. A man at nearly 6'5 and well over 300 pounds is one of the strongest men of our generation. Learning from Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers, he has become one of the best performers of our time and there is no stopping him and you will see why in this film. Performing for only a few years Rider has already jumped up to a status that most other strongmen took more then a decade to get where they're at. He has ripped the thickest phonebooks with ease, bent steel that should never be bent and has become another version of what World's Strongest Man Champion Sven Karlson refers to as "Viking Power." Rider just has that mythical viking style of look and strength that you would see in the stories of the old Norwegian Vikings in middle ages. Take it from me when I say the man is strong he is STRONG!!!!!!

Back in August of this year, Rider, Shoeck and other strongmen performed their legendary feats at the famous Coney Island, NY Amusement Park. It was the first in nearly 60 years that a strongman last performed there. In its rich history as the mecca of strongmen it was only fitting to have the past, present and future strongmen to be at this event, even the last of the remaining old timers Slim The Hammerman was there who had been performing since the late 50's. This event was one for the ages and those who performed couldn't have performed any better then they did at this level. There were many feats performed and each strongman did his own unique style that kept the audience in awe of every performance. If you were there you know what i'm talking about.

The film is now in the process of editing and getting it into theaters by next summer. Paying out of their own pocket its a bit tough to get things done when you have a deadline so with your help they are looking for donations to help get this film finished and believe me when I tell you this its worth every dollar or more you donate because these not only will thank you but you get something in return as well which should be the right thing to do. Within a certain amount you donate you will get a little something back and the more you donate the bigger you get back. If you look up at
you will see what kick ass stuff you can get ranging from a sticker w updates to having Rider & Shoeck performing at your business, school or private event being filmed by the filmakers themselves and given a donated credit in the film. Thats a pretty awesome offer don't you think?

Last but not least I know the Mighty Atom would be proud that strongmanism is finally getting what it deserves and thats to show the world how these men of strength give everything they have to make the best of giving the people a show of a lifetime and building strength and power that is just surreal to everything else in this world. If a boy wants to become something that he believes in, a man should help show him the way and thats what this film is all about, having the heart and soul to put everything aside for that one moment that takes you from a boy to a man to a legend. Join me and others and get this film done and let it be shown the way it was meant to...A film for the ages in our sport.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Building Your Way To Greatness

Whether you're new to exercise or want to get into or even get back into the shape you use to be a key rule is to build a foundation. Start with where you're at and build from there. Doing basic exercises doesn't sound pleasing as much as people think but when you begin a program the basics are always the best. The reason why that is its because no matter how far advanced you are in any program or whatever level you're at doing the basics takes you further beyond your will to develop strength, conditioning, stamina and flexibility.

One of the main things I really don't like about most trainers is that they tend to put people on programs that is so general its stupid. Lets see how this works, take an obese person and put them through the same program that a trainer has with a skinny person who never works out. Who do you think will be in better shape? Truth is its difficult to tell on many different things. The structures are different, the shape is different they're body chemistry's are different so why put them on a generic program that a trainer "thinks will work." Fact is whether you're big, small, weak, strong or whatever, you have to train at your own pace because no one should have the same exact program. Its more efficient and logical for a trainee to set their own pace so when they get stronger the better they'll be.

I've said once I'll say it again, do not fall for that 30 min. of cardio and the hour of weights crap. Again see the generic outlook? People train differently so they're bodies need to train differently. If you start with 5 min. of exercise a day you will have a better chance at progressing then doing the boring hour and a half bulls*it. I personally cannot do an hour and a half of training because for one, its boring, two I'm very ADD when it comes to stuff like that. Give me 20 min. and I'm set easy. That works for me so I train at my own pace. Others do shorter or longer sessions which is fine but for an individual it shouldn't be so long they lose interest. I have done the 2 hours 3x a week stuff and I lasted barely 3 weeks so safe to say it sucks big time. What works for one may not work for another so that's why one needs to find what works for them.

In my friend Ed and his twin brother Andy's Baran Brothers' Basic Bodyweight Building Blocks they take the new trainee and help them through a series of exercises with progressions. Progression is one of the keys to building muscle and burning fat. Progressions help you reach from a beginning phase to a very difficult exercise. Start at your own pace and work your way up. In any program you can't just jump into an advanced program, that can lead to injuries and you can get bored or burnt out. Progressing with a starting point will help you find what works, how your body works and how your mind progresses as well.

If you're new to training a good tip to use is to see yourself in your mind how fit you are and that you are happy with not only what you have but that you want to keep going and train well. Training safely and progressively can help you lead an active lifestyle and help you be healthy and vibrant. Happiness and having a positive mindset along with patience and goal-settings you can build a great foundation for life-long health and fitness.

Generating HGH Levels To New Heights

When we use compound movements in any exercise program, chances are you’ll be in better shape then when you isolate the muscles and tendons of the body. Compound movements are of using multiple muscle groups at one particular time like in weight lifting you have the clean and jerk for barbells and presses and pulls using dumbbells and of course the squat. In bodyweight exercise believe it or not there are many isolated movements but there are more compound movements such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats and sit-ups (not crunches).

Using multiple muscle groups creates a chain reaction of how the body generates natural growth hormone which helps you stay young, healthy and strong. Say you do a hill sprint for 10-15 seconds you are actually creating more growth hormone and when you walk back down that hill your body shifts into overdrive and as you recover you are gaining much more strength and lung power which begins to burn off fat and build muscle. Now I’m no scientist or physicist but I can certainly tell the difference on how my body feels after its been cooked within a short period of time.

Human Growth Hormone usually sounds like you’re taking steroids and you’re building muscle at a rapid pace. That’s the injections aspect of it which in my opinion is pretty lame unless you need it from being severely sick in the hospital but other then that its very dangerous and injections usually come with side effects that look far worse then what its originally said. Natural Growth Hormone however comes from doing a certain exercise or activity that gets you out of breath fast and you have to try to breathe much deeper. One of the best ways to do this is doing sprints no more then 3x a week. This actually burns off fat 10x more then the leading injections and its safer and more efficient.

I do like Sprints but since I’m not a big fan of running whether fast or slow I don’t do it very often. I do however like to train like a wild animal. I believe training like a wild animal is a lot more doable because you don’t need 100 meters or a 100 yard hill to do them. Yes you may need to do them outside but there are some animals you can imitate indoors. The bottom line is doing animal movements gives you the freedom to move around and be your favorite animal and it doesn’t feel like working out, more like playing and having fun. It’s a lot more fun to do these and if you need to catch your breath every now and then do it. If you practice them well enough you can get stronger, healthier and develop more brain power.

To me the exercises in Animal Kingdom Conditioning and Animal Kingdom Conditioning2 create way better HGH Levels and take up less time to train on and it’s really all you need. Start off doing only 5 min. a day with these animals and get good at the exercises you want to master. You can do all sorts of workouts with them and do them as long as you want once you have mastered them. I do them very often and I never feel better. I love them and one day hope you will too and make them work for you as they have done for me.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ultimate Resistance For Health & Strength

Water is one of the ultimate sources of superior health and strength and that’s a fact no matter how you slice it. You can drink it, it can fit into any container and it can take your fitness to a whole other level. Now I realize some of you either can’t swim or just choose not to go in the ocean/pool/lake for other reasons, that doesn’t mean you can’t imitate it though. For those who do swim know what its like to feel different, being in a different state of mind and clarity.

Many athletes use swimming as a conditioning tool, hell it’s an Olympic sport and for good reasons. I believe out of all the Olympic & Pro swimmers there is one swimmer who isn’t an Olympian at all but should’ve been took swimming to a level that will never be matched and that’s the late Jack Lalanne. He not only made swimming an art form but he took it to extremes an extreme few will ever attempt and most likely can never surpass good old Jack. More then half of his recorded feats had something to do with swimming. Whether being shackled and had to pull boats from Fisherman’s Wharf or just doing a few laps from his pool outside his house, Jack made swimming look awesome period.

Another great swimmer who took it to another level was fitness and nutrition pioneer Paul Bragg. Although a controversial figure in the fitness industry he got people into eating healthy, training and gave great prominence to swimming. He was one of the first known polar bears in the early 20th century with another fitness pioneer Bernarr MacFadden. Bragg, Macfadden and others would swim the icy cold east coast oceans in New York during the winter because it gave them a new meaning to the term Nerve Force or Chi Strength. It made them tough mentally as it takes a lot of grapefruits to do that.

These 2 men are just bits and pieces of what swimming can do for you and how it can increase your strength, health and fitness. Now for practical use you don’t need to be shackled or swim in icy oceans but you can however swim laps, try to sprint, increase your lung power and move your joints the way they were made for. Swimming gives you all the resistance you need for an awesome and invigorating workout. When it comes to health, swimming can increase your mental clarity, make you breathe harder then just about anything else and it puts you in a state of mind that just makes everything seem unbelievable and beautiful.

If you have access to a pool or can go to the lake or ocean do it as often as possible. For me lately I love jumping into the pool after a hard workout and do a few laps, run around and have fun then soak in the hot tub to relax and recover. It is the perfect ending to a workout. Have fun and make swimming apart of your program whether a few times a week or everyday do it for fun not a necessity.

Monday, October 17, 2011

How Can A Swamp Dweller Turn You Into A Conditioning Machine

Animals in the wild are without a doubt the greatest athletes in the world. They’re instincts are uncanny and their conditioning is second to none and blows us humans out of the water without blinking an eye. However there are certain animals in the wild that live in not so pretty areas and can jump at you at a moments notice.

In the swamps of Louisiana and Florida there is one animal that is not only ferocious and monstrous but has speed that shouldn’t this animal shouldn’t have and can reach up to 20 mph. I’m speaking of the Alligator/Crocodile. This dinosaur like creature is by far one of the strongest of swamp dwellers and in my opinion are the wrestlers of swamp animals. Its mouth and jaws are so strong they can swing the average human like child’s play.

When it comes to upper body strength and hip flexibility along with powerful speed with a hefty amount of weight the Gator stands alone. Now how do we duplicate this animal, well our bodies are going to have to resemble a walking push-up or hold a push-up position mid-way with our bellies nearly touching the ground and the legs are spread out and start walking. This animal alone can take upper body strength/conditioning and hip flexibility to a whole new level.

In my friend Ed Baran’s book Animal Kingdom Conditioning he will show you the progressions of not only becoming a strong Gator yourself but also a wild animal that has strength and power unlike anything else. He doesn’t teach just the Gator, he has a plethora of Animals waiting for you to unleash within you that can take your workouts to levels you never imagined possible. Take it from me as I have practiced this animal along with many others and have never felt so alive in my life. This program is for just about anyone who is willing to give themselves a chance to become stronger, leaner, powerful and flexible from a variety of angles.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The PowR Walk Pro From Lifeline USA

Walking is one of the best exercises you can do, it helps you think, you can do it anywhere and its one of if not the best exercise for your overall health. I love to walk around places whether at a park, the mall or hell around the harbor from where I use to live. You build a sense of awareness and you find things about yourself from walking that you normally don't find from other exercises. Now what if we took walking to a whole new level and it not only would it help you get in shape but to give you the workout of a lifetime.

I'm talking about the PowR Walk Pro from Lifeline USA. Its a cable attachment that comes with a handle and a foot strap that will get you off and running or should I say off and walking LOL. This device may look easy and you may think its no big deal, well my friend that's where you need to rethink what you're doing here. Its far beyond what you think it is. This thing alone can cut your walking in half like a knife to butter. There are 2 levels of resistance and when you get it you will start at level 1 which is the Gray cables. They may not seem much but once you start walking with these puppies you will feel it immediately. The second Level of resistance is the Gold cables. This ups the ante and works your tendons and ligaments like you wouldn't believe.

This can help you burn off calories and get fit like never before. Now with regular walking you're mostly just working the legs but with the PowR Walk Pro, you will be working your entire body from your neck to your toes. Some people who walk take up to 10 pound dumbbells with them to get some resistance going but this thing is far better and more convenient as you can put them into a little bag when you order the product. To me its one of the best things I've ever used and I've been doing exercise for over 14 years. This will work the upper body like crazy and at a good clip you can burn up to 3X the amount the calories as oppose to regular walking. You don't need to more then a couple miles maximum but how far you can go is up to you.

I normally do 20-30 min. of walking with this thing and after that I'm spent. The first few minutes I'll just walk and do the standard cross-country skiing walk and after a few of those I would do a set of curls or lateral raises and at certain points during the walk I would hold the cables at chest level and see how long I last carrying them in an isometric fashion. There are many ways to use this thing and when you see Bobby Hinds or the other members of Lifeline USA on the DVD that comes with it, you will see first hand that you don't need long term cardio and you can either use it on a walk or use it at home anyway you choose its going to suit you the way you want. Its fun, its portable and its one of the best products to help you get a fitter you and a stronger individual.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

600 Push-ups Before Noon

For some odd reason I decided to try out some push-ups after looking at the pyramid sets from Mark De Lisele's book The Navy Seal Workout and give it a go....I liked pyramid sets so I made a pyramid of my own doing 6 different push-ups....I really had no desire to persue push-ups because I do get bored after doing them for a period of time so I pretty much did these because I felt like it and what do you know lol...I have never done this many push-ups in my life in one workout and most likely never will again. Without further ado heres my push-up workout....Now for my rest periods I did deep breathing as a superset.

Standard: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2=162

Elbows In: 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2=50

Elbows Wide: 2,4,6,8,10,12,10,8,6,4,2=72

(Using Push-up Bars) Vertical: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,12,10,8,6,4,2=98

(Using Push-up Bars) Horizontal: 2,4,6,8,10,12,10,8,6,4,2=72

(Using Push-up Bars) Bars directed /\: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2=128

Finished off with 18 Standard Push-ups Totalling 600.
For most people theres no need to do that many on a daily basis unless you're a fanatic about push-ups. It took me over an hour to do them but because of looking at the Navy SEALs I just felt that I needed to do them and see how far I can go and made it happen. Although it was just something I decided to do on a whim its what goes to show that if you learned the right tools of training you can do that and find out that you can do things you normally never could of done or tried before. After the workout I went for a swim and sat in the hot tub to recover. When you do training of that caliber recovery is just as important as the training itself.