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Cheetahs & The Way Of A Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine

The Cheetah is the fastest cat in the animal kingdom bar none. It is said that this lean and powerful cat can reach speeds up to 70mph, that's more then most cars can go up to especially when the cheetah can hit it in 5 seconds when a car takes 7. Its just breathtaking when you see a wild animal just surge through the jungle at a blazing speed that can take you down within a heart beat. Because of this wild cat its influenced sports and physical training in a way that needs to be seen to believe.

Once a day, the cheetah hunts for food and when he spots its breakfast/lunch/dinner that's when it just soars like a lightning bolt and charges it's prey. After he eats he rests and meditate throughout the rest of the day and is very much at peace (until trouble roams). For the most part we need to learn this type of philosophy from the wild cat. After you have had a wild and exhilarating workout, take a rest and meditate. Let your body sink in for a while and let the flow of supe…

Superman & The Real Ways Of Achieving Superhuman Strength & Speed

We all know the super powers of superman and never will know how fast he really is or how strong he really is so no matter how many times we read the comic books or see Christopher Reeve on the big screen, its a mystery of far these super powers go. Now that's almost similar to the average human and the strongest of athletes, we never really know how far our strength and speed goes. I firmly believe one of the best ways to develop great power and speed is to use our imaginations. Learn to see our power through our minds and how we can bring that out and use it in the worst or best of situations to either save a life, hit a personal/world record, fight back from a bully or save ourselves from a disaster.

Now for all intents and purposes, we can never have the strength and speed of Superman and certainly can never fly like him but yet we can develop strength and speed that can add that extra 1-2% beyond that scientists have said we can't achieve. Its called CoreForce Energy. A s…

Captain America & How You Can Become Your Own Super Solider

I was watching the First Avenger movie last night with my girl and I couldn't help but be in awe of how powerful the character is and how strong he became. The movie was awesome and I'm always looking for what others can do to become a very strong individual. In the film Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) starts out as this skinny little kid from Brooklyn who wants nothing more then to tackle bullies and do something that's more then himself. Unfortunately every time he enlists, he always gets turned down. He's too small, has symptoms that army recruiters laugh at and just let the kid go. That's similar to what young boys back then were like and hated being small and weak. With guts and the right people to look up to they became strongmen and got what they always wanted and more. Stories like this are from men like Charles Atlas, John Grimek, The Mighty Atom and one of the most fascinating from weak to strong stories of the great Doug Hepburn.

The Army in the fi…

Taking Thor’s Hammer To A Whole New Level

As a kid you always dreamed of being something different, something more then yourself, something people will look at and think you were one of a kind. You dreamed of being a superhero. Either you wanted to be Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wolverine or Captain America for that matter you dreamed about being them. Have powers that no one else has and given the strength to triumph over any obstacle and not let anything bad stand in your way. There is only one superhero however that is a god and thats Thor.

What if you had the chance to have Thor's Hammer in your hands and feel a surge of power and strength within you that you feel nothing will stand in your way and each time you use it you get stronger and stronger? Now lets be honest no one will ever be like these particular superheroes even Thor but you can however build strength and conditioning using various tools and other forms of exercise to transform you from a weakling to walking tower of muscle and might. Ho…

Getting Kids Back On The Right Track

On Saturday Night Live back in the early-mid 90's a big time comedian named Chris Farley played a character named Matt Foley, a motivational speaker who lived in a van down by the river. His antics of that character was freaking hilarious that believe it or not there are some motivational speakers out there that are almost exactly like that. Their funny to watch but its sad that they don't do what they preach to. Plus who the hell wants to learn from a guy with a big gut and has the temper of a 5 year old.

Now the kick ass motivational speakers out there that do practice what they preach help give those in need a chance. I was never fond of motivational speaking at all till I got a chance to talk to and hopefully meet the guy that is one of many that turned my life around after breaking both my legs and wanting to do something to not only walk again at a much faster clip but give me the strength to train my body and mind in a daily basis. Before I get into that I want to go o…

Bending Steel Documentary- Process Is Now Underway

There have been decades where when it was time for the old-time strongmen would have the opportunity to not only show what they're capable of world-wide but would it ever get to the big screen? This time, its finally coming true where we will see what its all about when you see how strong the men of this film are. Learning from one of the strongest men on the planet Chris Shoeck is on his way from having self doubts about being a performing strongman to getting on stage and showing how powerful a man of his small stature can be.

In the film it shows Chris learning the craft of the mythical and somewhat surreal feats of the old-time strongmen that were the mega-stars of the early 20th century where you had men and women performing phenomenal stuff in vaudeville and ACT shows in the peak of PT Barnum's Circus. This journey is a heartfelt and somewhat courageous act of will and determination of going beyond the norm and becoming something more then yourself. This little strongman…

Building Your Way To Greatness

Whether you're new to exercise or want to get into or even get back into the shape you use to be a key rule is to build a foundation. Start with where you're at and build from there. Doing basic exercises doesn't sound pleasing as much as people think but when you begin a program the basics are always the best. The reason why that is its because no matter how far advanced you are in any program or whatever level you're at doing the basics takes you further beyond your will to develop strength, conditioning, stamina and flexibility.

One of the main things I really don't like about most trainers is that they tend to put people on programs that is so general its stupid. Lets see how this works, take an obese person and put them through the same program that a trainer has with a skinny person who never works out. Who do you think will be in better shape? Truth is its difficult to tell on many different things. The structures are different, the shape is different they&…

Generating HGH Levels To New Heights

When we use compound movements in any exercise program, chances are you’ll be in better shape then when you isolate the muscles and tendons of the body. Compound movements are of using multiple muscle groups at one particular time like in weight lifting you have the clean and jerk for barbells and presses and pulls using dumbbells and of course the squat. In bodyweight exercise believe it or not there are many isolated movements but there are more compound movements such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats and sit-ups (not crunches).

Using multiple muscle groups creates a chain reaction of how the body generates natural growth hormone which helps you stay young, healthy and strong. Say you do a hill sprint for 10-15 seconds you are actually creating more growth hormone and when you walk back down that hill your body shifts into overdrive and as you recover you are gaining much more strength and lung power which begins to burn off fat and build muscle. Now I’m no scientist or physicist but I…

Ultimate Resistance For Health & Strength

Water is one of the ultimate sources of superior health and strength and that’s a fact no matter how you slice it. You can drink it, it can fit into any container and it can take your fitness to a whole other level. Now I realize some of you either can’t swim or just choose not to go in the ocean/pool/lake for other reasons, that doesn’t mean you can’t imitate it though. For those who do swim know what its like to feel different, being in a different state of mind and clarity.

Many athletes use swimming as a conditioning tool, hell it’s an Olympic sport and for good reasons. I believe out of all the Olympic & Pro swimmers there is one swimmer who isn’t an Olympian at all but should’ve been took swimming to a level that will never be matched and that’s the late Jack Lalanne. He not only made swimming an art form but he took it to extremes an extreme few will ever attempt and most likely can never surpass good old Jack. More then half of his recorded feats had something to do with s…

How Can A Swamp Dweller Turn You Into A Conditioning Machine

Animals in the wild are without a doubt the greatest athletes in the world. They’re instincts are uncanny and their conditioning is second to none and blows us humans out of the water without blinking an eye. However there are certain animals in the wild that live in not so pretty areas and can jump at you at a moments notice.

In the swamps of Louisiana and Florida there is one animal that is not only ferocious and monstrous but has speed that shouldn’t this animal shouldn’t have and can reach up to 20 mph. I’m speaking of the Alligator/Crocodile. This dinosaur like creature is by far one of the strongest of swamp dwellers and in my opinion are the wrestlers of swamp animals. Its mouth and jaws are so strong they can swing the average human like child’s play.

When it comes to upper body strength and hip flexibility along with powerful speed with a hefty amount of weight the Gator stands alone. Now how do we duplicate this animal, well our bodies are going to have to resemble a walking …

The PowR Walk Pro From Lifeline USA

Walking is one of the best exercises you can do, it helps you think, you can do it anywhere and its one of if not the best exercise for your overall health. I love to walk around places whether at a park, the mall or hell around the harbor from where I use to live. You build a sense of awareness and you find things about yourself from walking that you normally don't find from other exercises. Now what if we took walking to a whole new level and it not only would it help you get in shape but to give you the workout of a lifetime.

I'm talking about the PowR Walk Pro from Lifeline USA. Its a cable attachment that comes with a handle and a foot strap that will get you off and running or should I say off and walking LOL. This device may look easy and you may think its no big deal, well my friend that's where you need to rethink what you're doing here. Its far beyond what you think it is. This thing alone can cut your walking in half like a knife to butter. There are 2 leve…

600 Push-ups Before Noon

For some odd reason I decided to try out some push-ups after looking at the pyramid sets from Mark De Lisele's book The Navy Seal Workout and give it a go....I liked pyramid sets so I made a pyramid of my own doing 6 different push-ups....I really had no desire to persue push-ups because I do get bored after doing them for a period of time so I pretty much did these because I felt like it and what do you know lol...I have never done this many push-ups in my life in one workout and most likely never will again. Without further ado heres my push-up workout....Now for my rest periods I did deep breathing as a superset.

Standard: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2=162

Elbows In: 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2=50

Elbows Wide: 2,4,6,8,10,12,10,8,6,4,2=72

(Using Push-up Bars) Vertical: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,12,10,8,6,4,2=98

(Using Push-up Bars) Horizontal: 2,4,6,8,10,12,10,8,6,4,2=72

(Using Push-up Bars) Bars directed /\: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2=128

Finished off with 18…