Monday, October 31, 2011

Cheetahs & The Way Of A Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine

The Cheetah is the fastest cat in the animal kingdom bar none. It is said that this lean and powerful cat can reach speeds up to 70mph, that's more then most cars can go up to especially when the cheetah can hit it in 5 seconds when a car takes 7. Its just breathtaking when you see a wild animal just surge through the jungle at a blazing speed that can take you down within a heart beat. Because of this wild cat its influenced sports and physical training in a way that needs to be seen to believe.

Once a day, the cheetah hunts for food and when he spots its breakfast/lunch/dinner that's when it just soars like a lightning bolt and charges it's prey. After he eats he rests and meditate throughout the rest of the day and is very much at peace (until trouble roams). For the most part we need to learn this type of philosophy from the wild cat. After you have had a wild and exhilarating workout, take a rest and meditate. Let your body sink in for a while and let the flow of super energy flow everywhere on your body.

The biggest influence from the cheetah is the Olympic sprinters who are the wild speed demons of sport and competition. The lean and muscular physiques of these athletes are second to none and are the fastest people on the planet. How do they get that way? By just sprinting and tearing up the pavement. Yes there are other exercises involved in their training but at the same time, they use all they have just to go for short run.

Another influence of the cheetah is other sports like football, baseball, basketball and many others. Football players for example are dominant in the running field (no pun intended) and the most muscular guys on the field in my opinion are the running backs and the linebackers. For running backs, sprinting is a major key to out maneuver their opponents. I'd say one of the greatest running backs, Walter Payton took on a whole new meaning to the term "out running." He was one of the most fit guys in the history of the game and whats one of his secrets? By doing Sprints particularly Hill & Stair Sprinting.

When you do a Sprint you're building up levels of hormones that burn off fat and build muscle faster then the leading injections and can increase your HGH levels as high as 530%. That's an extreme high percentage which is a good thing because with that percentage you are going to feel younger, you'll get leaner and you will have energy that you haven't had since you were a kid at the playground. Whats the leading growth hormone injections percentage increase? Believe it or not its just over 50% which is more then 10x less then if you trained on sprinting. How sad is that and all these athletes and celebrities use them to what? Look good, hit a ball harder, run faster, swim with ease? Its all crap.

The best steroids you can take without any bad side effects is running hard or exercise very hard for a short period of time. For 8-20 seconds, you don't need any more then that. You can have a 15 minute workout where most of that 15 minutes is rest. After a hard sprint, walk back to the starting point and just for a few minutes catch your breath and when you're ready hit another set. Do this no more then 8-9 times. In the beginning, 4-5 is fine and never go at 100%, that alone can get you injured so hit a sprint as hard as you can without killing yourself. Work up to a comfortable hard sprint.

If you don't want to do hard sprints then another way would be to just turn yourself into a wild animal. Whether you're a bear, gorilla, tiger or whatever you can do this as well and get yourself huffing and puffing in no time flat. This is one of the fastest ways increase your speed, agility and strength all at the same time and you don't need to do for an hour or even a half hour, 20 minutes is all you need and if you're a beginner 5 minutes would be a great start.

Train like this no more then 2-3x a week and on your off days, do some stretching, deep breathing and meditation as your recovery training. Recovery is just as important as physical and when you sleep, your HGH levels will take on a life of their own as they help your body recover quicker. Whether as a cheetah or any other wild beast, get the body you always wanted and have fun while you do it. If you have kids they will get in the action too as being a wild wo/man brings just as many of the benefits as the adults.
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