Thursday, October 13, 2011

The PowR Walk Pro From Lifeline USA

Walking is one of the best exercises you can do, it helps you think, you can do it anywhere and its one of if not the best exercise for your overall health. I love to walk around places whether at a park, the mall or hell around the harbor from where I use to live. You build a sense of awareness and you find things about yourself from walking that you normally don't find from other exercises. Now what if we took walking to a whole new level and it not only would it help you get in shape but to give you the workout of a lifetime.

I'm talking about the PowR Walk Pro from Lifeline USA. Its a cable attachment that comes with a handle and a foot strap that will get you off and running or should I say off and walking LOL. This device may look easy and you may think its no big deal, well my friend that's where you need to rethink what you're doing here. Its far beyond what you think it is. This thing alone can cut your walking in half like a knife to butter. There are 2 levels of resistance and when you get it you will start at level 1 which is the Gray cables. They may not seem much but once you start walking with these puppies you will feel it immediately. The second Level of resistance is the Gold cables. This ups the ante and works your tendons and ligaments like you wouldn't believe.

This can help you burn off calories and get fit like never before. Now with regular walking you're mostly just working the legs but with the PowR Walk Pro, you will be working your entire body from your neck to your toes. Some people who walk take up to 10 pound dumbbells with them to get some resistance going but this thing is far better and more convenient as you can put them into a little bag when you order the product. To me its one of the best things I've ever used and I've been doing exercise for over 14 years. This will work the upper body like crazy and at a good clip you can burn up to 3X the amount the calories as oppose to regular walking. You don't need to more then a couple miles maximum but how far you can go is up to you.

I normally do 20-30 min. of walking with this thing and after that I'm spent. The first few minutes I'll just walk and do the standard cross-country skiing walk and after a few of those I would do a set of curls or lateral raises and at certain points during the walk I would hold the cables at chest level and see how long I last carrying them in an isometric fashion. There are many ways to use this thing and when you see Bobby Hinds or the other members of Lifeline USA on the DVD that comes with it, you will see first hand that you don't need long term cardio and you can either use it on a walk or use it at home anyway you choose its going to suit you the way you want. Its fun, its portable and its one of the best products to help you get a fitter you and a stronger individual.

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