Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting Kids Back On The Right Track

On Saturday Night Live back in the early-mid 90's a big time comedian named Chris Farley played a character named Matt Foley, a motivational speaker who lived in a van down by the river. His antics of that character was freaking hilarious that believe it or not there are some motivational speakers out there that are almost exactly like that. Their funny to watch but its sad that they don't do what they preach to. Plus who the hell wants to learn from a guy with a big gut and has the temper of a 5 year old.

Now the kick ass motivational speakers out there that do practice what they preach help give those in need a chance. I was never fond of motivational speaking at all till I got a chance to talk to and hopefully meet the guy that is one of many that turned my life around after breaking both my legs and wanting to do something to not only walk again at a much faster clip but give me the strength to train my body and mind in a daily basis. Before I get into that I want to go over a few things.

The obesity in this country has reached an all-time high in any other time in history and its become of if not the biggest problem not just in adults but even more sadly the kids. I know what its like to out of shape and overweight that it was troubling playing with friends in basketball and football. I was the guy that was a frieght train with very little speed and although I was very big as a teenager I was still small and very sensitive towards a lot of things. I was depressed, humiliated a good few times, been called many names and also close to wanting to do drugs. Hated school and got picked on quite a bit, had balls thrown at me, been beat up and didn't have a remote chance with a girl. At 13 years old I was 5'4 and nearly 190 pounds. I had a monster gut, flabby arms and legs that were nothing to write home about. It was very hard to be a kid like that and with the friends I did have very few were there for me.

So even though at 5'10 and well over 235 pounds I'm still a big dude but in far better shape then at any time in my life. I took a stand to get in shape but it took me years to figure it out and do it the right way. Even in my late teens I was big and at one point after turning 20 I was nearly 260 pounds and most of it was fat from not training right and taking all kinds of bad protein shakes and whatever wasn't working. After breaking both my legs I began to learn and think about what I'm doing to myself both mentally and physically. I studied exercise more, I learned anatomy on my own and started becoming my own physiologist in the way where instead of treating people I treated myself and experimented. Now that I have mastered all these different things I want to pass onto you and your kids for those that have children.

From what I learned if you're going to get into exercise or want to get in shape and either lose weight, build muscle or whatever, a program should have a basic and simple foundation and progress your own way. Too many people never do basic stuff because they have this notion that if you want to get in shape you have to jog this many miles, lift this amount of weight, high reps for endurance, low reps for strength and do this for 30 min or that for an hour and so on and so forth. Who the bloody hell thinks anyone can try to do any of that stuff and be expected to get in shape. Believe me I was apart of that too and once I started learning basic forms of training my muscles grew, flab was coming off, my stamina skyrocketed and my flexibility went through the roof. Basic principles are the keys to not only get in shape but being happy, strong, healthy and mindful of who you are and what you want to do.

Children should have the oppurtinity to be fit and happy in their lives and not just sit around play video games and not joining in games. Children should be having a good time and live with a smile on their face while learning certain values, structures and ground rules so when they get older they can apply these qualities to what they do as adults. Exercise is one of the greatest things a child can learn but most exercise programs are boring and make kids quit faster before they even start. Exercise should not be a punishment, it shoul be fun and and make the person feel good when they accomplish something.

One of the best forms of exercise is moving like a wild animal. Pick your favorite animal and imitate it the best way you can. The guy I wanted to mention previously is one of my mentors named Ed Baran who has become one of the leading athorities in quick and fast results in exercise mostly basic principles in gymnastics and animal exercise. For the kids he even has a course called Wild Animal Fitness For Kids. It teaches kids and adults of all ages how to get in shape in as little as 5 minutes a day to start. Getting kids to exercise will get them on the right track to living a healthy and strong life.

Another way to get kids to exercise is to do it with them. As a family who exercises together builds bonds and being there for one another for encouragement, being competitive and teaching each other what works best for each other as a whole and as individuals. Get this course and not just for the kids but for you as well as you can get the same benefits as they will or if you want to build a level of pure animalized training get these as well....AKC: Survival Of The Fittest & AKC 2: Call Of The Wild. Get your kids and yourself a powerful body, strong heart and a great mind to boot as these courses develop brain power.

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