Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Captain America & How You Can Become Your Own Super Solider

I was watching the First Avenger movie last night with my girl and I couldn't help but be in awe of how powerful the character is and how strong he became. The movie was awesome and I'm always looking for what others can do to become a very strong individual. In the film Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) starts out as this skinny little kid from Brooklyn who wants nothing more then to tackle bullies and do something that's more then himself. Unfortunately every time he enlists, he always gets turned down. He's too small, has symptoms that army recruiters laugh at and just let the kid go. That's similar to what young boys back then were like and hated being small and weak. With guts and the right people to look up to they became strongmen and got what they always wanted and more. Stories like this are from men like Charles Atlas, John Grimek, The Mighty Atom and one of the most fascinating from weak to strong stories of the great Doug Hepburn.

The Army in the film are looking to build a new breed of super soldiers and they found someone to experiment on and that's little Steve. The night before the procedure one of the Doc's who discovered Rogers sat down with him and told him why he was chosen. Doc believed in him because he sees whats in his heart. If someone was big and powerful, he may take that strength for granted and lose value but if a weak man wants strength he values its gift as he learns to be strong. The next day Rogers is put into this little capsule with wires and other stuff strapped to him. He's injected with a certain serum that can turn him into a very powerful man. The experiment works and Rogers transforms into this mountain of muscle. With this he can regenerate quicker, has the metabolism 4x higher then the average human and has the speed of a cheetah.

One of the exercises I learned about Evan's training for the film was doing Handstand Push-ups as one of his primary exercises for bodyweight training. This exercise alone can build killer upper body strength in ways that cannot be done by any other exercise. You are practically in a vertical position upside down and pushing your whole body up. I've always liked this exercise and it made me feel good and admire that an actor trained on that exercise and got super results from it. Now he did do other forms of exercise to get beefed up for the film but its good to know that some trainers know the value of functional strength.

Now can anyone do this type of exercise? A good percentage can but some people lack the structure and body-weight ratio no matter what they do. Those that can practice it can go here at Ultimate Guide To Handstand Push-ups and for advanced trainees can go here at Gymnastic Handstands. This exercise was practiced by the old-school bodybuilders and strongmen of the 30's and 40's and they all had great successes and results from doing this. If you want to do weights along with bodyweight exercise then look no further then here at where you'll find the very best at learning how to create massive functional muscle without the use of drugs or supplements.

Remember what I said about the Captain's speed? Well you can also do this type of training as well as Sprinting builds lung power and strength in the whole body unlike anything else. You don't need to do a vast amount of time to do this, go to a track or park or better yet find a hill and sprint hard for 8-15 seconds, take a few minutes rest and sprint again, no need to do more then 10 sets of this. If you're a beginner take it easy on this an progress. Do a powerwalk and each session increase the speed. 2-3x a week is all you need to burn off fat like crazy and increase your HGH Levels 10x more then the leading supplements or injections. This helps keeps you fit, young, vibrant and full of energy.

Now we all can't be like the Iconic Capatain but we certainly can become much more powerful then the average human and build a body that will have heads turning. It takes practice, patience, goal-setting and the will to keep driving. Build your foundation and never give up. Just like Captain America the hero that never gives in. For encouragement picture as if the Captain himself is cheering you on and pushing you to get better. If you can keep that in mind you may find yourself looking like him and being as powerful as a grizzly bear.

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Sol Black said...

Great write up! Awesome resources there. Captain America would be my favorite superhero if there was no Thor. Luckily, they're on the same team! Two for the price of one! Very inspirational character, and one whom I've idolized for years.