Monday, October 17, 2011

How Can A Swamp Dweller Turn You Into A Conditioning Machine

Animals in the wild are without a doubt the greatest athletes in the world. They’re instincts are uncanny and their conditioning is second to none and blows us humans out of the water without blinking an eye. However there are certain animals in the wild that live in not so pretty areas and can jump at you at a moments notice.

In the swamps of Louisiana and Florida there is one animal that is not only ferocious and monstrous but has speed that shouldn’t this animal shouldn’t have and can reach up to 20 mph. I’m speaking of the Alligator/Crocodile. This dinosaur like creature is by far one of the strongest of swamp dwellers and in my opinion are the wrestlers of swamp animals. Its mouth and jaws are so strong they can swing the average human like child’s play.

When it comes to upper body strength and hip flexibility along with powerful speed with a hefty amount of weight the Gator stands alone. Now how do we duplicate this animal, well our bodies are going to have to resemble a walking push-up or hold a push-up position mid-way with our bellies nearly touching the ground and the legs are spread out and start walking. This animal alone can take upper body strength/conditioning and hip flexibility to a whole new level.

In my friend Ed Baran’s book Animal Kingdom Conditioning he will show you the progressions of not only becoming a strong Gator yourself but also a wild animal that has strength and power unlike anything else. He doesn’t teach just the Gator, he has a plethora of Animals waiting for you to unleash within you that can take your workouts to levels you never imagined possible. Take it from me as I have practiced this animal along with many others and have never felt so alive in my life. This program is for just about anyone who is willing to give themselves a chance to become stronger, leaner, powerful and flexible from a variety of angles.

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