Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Generating HGH Levels To New Heights

When we use compound movements in any exercise program, chances are you’ll be in better shape then when you isolate the muscles and tendons of the body. Compound movements are of using multiple muscle groups at one particular time like in weight lifting you have the clean and jerk for barbells and presses and pulls using dumbbells and of course the squat. In bodyweight exercise believe it or not there are many isolated movements but there are more compound movements such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats and sit-ups (not crunches).

Using multiple muscle groups creates a chain reaction of how the body generates natural growth hormone which helps you stay young, healthy and strong. Say you do a hill sprint for 10-15 seconds you are actually creating more growth hormone and when you walk back down that hill your body shifts into overdrive and as you recover you are gaining much more strength and lung power which begins to burn off fat and build muscle. Now I’m no scientist or physicist but I can certainly tell the difference on how my body feels after its been cooked within a short period of time.

Human Growth Hormone usually sounds like you’re taking steroids and you’re building muscle at a rapid pace. That’s the injections aspect of it which in my opinion is pretty lame unless you need it from being severely sick in the hospital but other then that its very dangerous and injections usually come with side effects that look far worse then what its originally said. Natural Growth Hormone however comes from doing a certain exercise or activity that gets you out of breath fast and you have to try to breathe much deeper. One of the best ways to do this is doing sprints no more then 3x a week. This actually burns off fat 10x more then the leading injections and its safer and more efficient.

I do like Sprints but since I’m not a big fan of running whether fast or slow I don’t do it very often. I do however like to train like a wild animal. I believe training like a wild animal is a lot more doable because you don’t need 100 meters or a 100 yard hill to do them. Yes you may need to do them outside but there are some animals you can imitate indoors. The bottom line is doing animal movements gives you the freedom to move around and be your favorite animal and it doesn’t feel like working out, more like playing and having fun. It’s a lot more fun to do these and if you need to catch your breath every now and then do it. If you practice them well enough you can get stronger, healthier and develop more brain power.

To me the exercises in Animal Kingdom Conditioning and Animal Kingdom Conditioning2 create way better HGH Levels and take up less time to train on and it’s really all you need. Start off doing only 5 min. a day with these animals and get good at the exercises you want to master. You can do all sorts of workouts with them and do them as long as you want once you have mastered them. I do them very often and I never feel better. I love them and one day hope you will too and make them work for you as they have done for me.
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