Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bending Steel Documentary- Process Is Now Underway

There have been decades where when it was time for the old-time strongmen would have the opportunity to not only show what they're capable of world-wide but would it ever get to the big screen? This time, its finally coming true where we will see what its all about when you see how strong the men of this film are. Learning from one of the strongest men on the planet Chris Shoeck is on his way from having self doubts about being a performing strongman to getting on stage and showing how powerful a man of his small stature can be.

In the film it shows Chris learning the craft of the mythical and somewhat surreal feats of the old-time strongmen that were the mega-stars of the early 20th century where you had men and women performing phenomenal stuff in vaudeville and ACT shows in the peak of PT Barnum's Circus. This journey is a heartfelt and somewhat courageous act of will and determination of going beyond the norm and becoming something more then yourself. This little strongman is only 5'7 and around 160 pounds but with inner power and a fierce will of overcoming impossible odds he shines over men twice his size.

Chris' trainer Chris Rider is becoming a legend in his own time. A man at nearly 6'5 and well over 300 pounds is one of the strongest men of our generation. Learning from Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers, he has become one of the best performers of our time and there is no stopping him and you will see why in this film. Performing for only a few years Rider has already jumped up to a status that most other strongmen took more then a decade to get where they're at. He has ripped the thickest phonebooks with ease, bent steel that should never be bent and has become another version of what World's Strongest Man Champion Sven Karlson refers to as "Viking Power." Rider just has that mythical viking style of look and strength that you would see in the stories of the old Norwegian Vikings in middle ages. Take it from me when I say the man is strong he is STRONG!!!!!!

Back in August of this year, Rider, Shoeck and other strongmen performed their legendary feats at the famous Coney Island, NY Amusement Park. It was the first in nearly 60 years that a strongman last performed there. In its rich history as the mecca of strongmen it was only fitting to have the past, present and future strongmen to be at this event, even the last of the remaining old timers Slim The Hammerman was there who had been performing since the late 50's. This event was one for the ages and those who performed couldn't have performed any better then they did at this level. There were many feats performed and each strongman did his own unique style that kept the audience in awe of every performance. If you were there you know what i'm talking about.

The film is now in the process of editing and getting it into theaters by next summer. Paying out of their own pocket its a bit tough to get things done when you have a deadline so with your help they are looking for donations to help get this film finished and believe me when I tell you this its worth every dollar or more you donate because these not only will thank you but you get something in return as well which should be the right thing to do. Within a certain amount you donate you will get a little something back and the more you donate the bigger you get back. If you look up at
you will see what kick ass stuff you can get ranging from a sticker w updates to having Rider & Shoeck performing at your business, school or private event being filmed by the filmakers themselves and given a donated credit in the film. Thats a pretty awesome offer don't you think?

Last but not least I know the Mighty Atom would be proud that strongmanism is finally getting what it deserves and thats to show the world how these men of strength give everything they have to make the best of giving the people a show of a lifetime and building strength and power that is just surreal to everything else in this world. If a boy wants to become something that he believes in, a man should help show him the way and thats what this film is all about, having the heart and soul to put everything aside for that one moment that takes you from a boy to a man to a legend. Join me and others and get this film done and let it be shown the way it was meant to...A film for the ages in our sport.

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