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Do You Want To Feel Excited Or Full Of Negative Bullshit?

Some trainers say that training aught to be serious and if you're not strict about it, it means you're either not committed or you're being lazy. Granted I believe training shouldn't be taken lightly but be serious while having fun man. Being negative about exercise won't get you the results you want or they do and they turn you into a complete asshole. Being committed to training takes effort yes, however; it's much more pleasant when you create something out of it and not reduce to a drill sergeant kicking your ass on every fucking rep.

Fitness is not always about pushing the limits and going to extremes to get the results you desire. Real fitness is meant to make you not only stronger on the outside but the inside as well. I firmly believe in the power of Playful Movement such as in Animal Flow, MovNat and stretching to a various degree. Being playful stops the negativity of a strict structure and makes it an adventure where you learn to tackle the way you m…

The Wild One

Fitness can be complicated these days. Not because of how you get results, it's the endless varieties of workouts, programs, challenges and the eagerness to be as fit as possible while setting a certain goal. The problem is over 95% of the ideal fitness trends out there are complete bullshit and full of Marketing schemes that promises results inside of a few weeks, hell some say even days; how stupid do you think we are? Truth is the general population is so gullible that even the coolest picture can bring them false hopes.

For over 18 years, I have gone through many changes in my fitness life/career; I've been through the ringer of a bodybuilding workout, I have scaled the heights of circuit training, I made 20 lb. Sledgehammers feel like Wiffleball Bats, even lost over 20 pounds at one point on a diet I decided to try out but the one thing that has stayed consistent with me all these years is the ability to experiment and practice what I'm interested in. I can honestly s…

Animal Flow 2.0 Review

When something upgrades you have to learn some things over again in order to be efficient at that next level; fitness is no exception. There are different levels and styles changing daily and it's sometimes hard to keep up but not with Animal Flow. Unlike other systems where they make it a bit more complicated, this sucker provides simple strategies with stretches, flows, combos and transitions that can be used in any workout as oppose to just splitting them up.

I got in my first workout on it yesterday and oh man it felt incredible. Tried out some of the new transitions that incorporated some stretches and movements to create a combo that stretched every single muscle of my body and utilizing a greater form of the Crab & Beast was just unbelievable. It's not just an upgrade, it's a whole new experience amplifying an old set of tricks and training ideals that will surely get you in awesome shape and have killer cardio at the same time.

Mike Fitch of Global Bodyweight T…

Your Conditioning Is Your Greatest Asset

It's always good to be in great shape, even better when you can not only look amazing but have the strength & endurance to back it up. However; most people today refer one or the other when it comes to fitness. They only want to look good and use it to pick up women and women only want to look good for the most part because they think that'll land them a guy. I'm not being stereotypical but let's face it, only those who seek the outside seem to be the most shallow. I use to be like that (not so much shallow) but I wanted to look like my favorite bodybuilders; I read the magazines and tried various workouts but nothing seem to let me achieve my goal so I took it as a sign that maybe looking good only is too much of a pain in the ass plus my mind came to that while I was laying up with 2 broken legs.

Sure there's a lot of good looking folks out there with rippling abs, biceps that look like softballs and legs that just make some guys crumble when they see a hot c…

Superhero Conditioning For A Superhero Body

People love that rippling shape of muscles; the heavy thick Chest, Biceps like cannonballs, Columns of muscle of the spine, Legs that Tom Platz would be in awe of and abs with bump after bump of muscle with 3-4 each side. The problem is, most muscle building men and women don't realize that functionality is about as important as the muscles themselves. There is a thing as too much muscle which decreases functional movement and when muscles overpower the tendons and ligaments you're just a step on the curb away from an injury. We have these fantasies even in the last 10 years or so about being muscular like our favorite superheroes like Batman, Wolverine, Blade, Thor and others. 
It's not a bad thing to want to build your body like a superhero; matter of fact I highly admire it, as long as it doesn't compromise health and you have the ability to stay agile and flexible while being crazy strong and muscular. We have been o consumed over building so much muscle that too m…

Building A Realistic Natural Superhero Physique

Do you love Superhero movies? So do I. The action, the team-ups, the coolest characters come to life right out of the comics and in living color. Superheroes are our fantasies of being super strong and saving the day, taking on the baddies and winning battles that us normal people can't. Sad thing is like with every superhero, there's always a price to pay for doing what they do. Since the movies have brought these characters to life you have to wonder how much they had to go through to look like that hero. The workouts, the diet, the constant state of character they need to be in on set and being able to do it for years at a time. I don't care if you paid me half the film's budget, risking my health for fame isn't in my forte.

I admire what these guys do to make us fans come see them on the big screen and having us in awe of their charisma, heroism and fun filled ways for us to enjoy the movie but on the other side of the coin I feel bad for them to push themselve…

A Taste Of Old School Pro Wrestling Conditioning

Back in the day before WWE was the major king of wrestling promotions, you had territories spanned across the country in practically every state plus some around the world like in Mexico, Japan, Europe, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and parts of Africa & Asia all had rosters filled with wrestlers. You had promoters, bookers, ring generals and of course a champion of that promotion even though the NWA of the time was considered the company where you had one world champion. Behind every wrestler that comes in, there is someone who trained them before promotions came calling.

When it comes down to it, forget the aesthetics, the high flying stuff and the brawling; if you don't have the strength & stamina to stay with the other guys you're working with you have no business being in the ring. Some champions took on hour long Broadways that kept people on the edge of their seats and today it's somewhat of a lost art. Can you imagine the conditioning it takes to go hard night after …

Time Crunching Circuits

Wasn't a fan of Circuit Training until I got into the Darebee Workouts. I'm not saying they're the end-all-be-all method but they have a place in fitness even when you don't have a lot of time. There's always that notion about needing a half hour of cardio and an hour of weights three times a week when clearly for most people who work and have families it's impossible at times; the fitness magazines tell them there aren't a lot of options which in fact there are.

The purpose of training a circuit is going through one exercise after another until you have completed one round. Some of them have as many as 4-10 exercises and you do as many rounds as possible or a certain amount depending on the goal. Crossfit thrives on circuit training but many exercises are too difficult for the average person and could end up in the hospital. If you're a decent level of fitness and have a firm grasp of the mechanics of an exercise circuits are great. However, circuits d…

Training At The Happiest Place On Earth

On those rare occasions when you find someone not training in a gym or the woods, in a barn or hell next to the damn beach but in an amusement park? How and why would anyone want to work out there. Truth of the matter is why not? The fact of the matter is it is one of the most oddball things to do other than rides, getting little toys and taking pictures with favorite characters. How would you even begin to exercise at such a place better yet at the mecca of amusement parks Disneyland? Well my friend here are a few tips to where you can burn calories and get in decent shape at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom.

First off it is one of those really weird things to do and what can you do without anyone suspecting you or making weird gestures? Here's what i've done in my own experiences that have inspired workouts outside the park I use to this very day...I've held Handstands at both parks (California Adventure included) and have done power walks all over the place and even had…

Are Warm Ups And Cool Downs Really That Important?

In P.E we are taught to stretch before we exercise as a warm-up to the muscles and let them get heated before hitting it hard at whatever it was you were going to do that day. The gym applies the same principles and when it comes to cool downs; same thing you stretch at the end. Believe it or not, stretching or basic western style stretching can do more harm than good and it's not always a good idea to get injured before you train. I believe in loosening up the joints more than the muscles because if the joints are better prepared, the muscles will have a better chance at making your workout that much more efficient.

I'm not an expert at anything but after nearly 20 years of experience in fitness I have the right to a opinion on what makes workouts more efficient or not. I want the workout to go as quickly as possible without losing form and staying at a consistent pace. Breathing is a major factor and how you breathe can make you or break you in your training. Yes I believe s…

Superhero Muscle

In the comics we have some of the most powerfully sculpted and muscular physiques in the realm of fiction. The power of Thor, the athleticism of Captain America, the gymnastic body of Batman and even the v-shaped muscle powered Superman. Muscles have been the defying moments of man and how stature has been the key. However; muscles these days have become controversial because of steroid use and the big thing of Bigorexia (the need to build more and more muscle despite the cost of health). There is still hope on building real and functional muscle in a variety of ways. Weightlifting, hard hitting calisthenics, lifting odd objects and possibly the most intense of them all Sprint Training.

I've always been fascinated with muscle building since I was 13 but up until learning about sprinting, I feel it is one of the very best when it comes burning fat, increased metabolism and age defying qualities that develop the very best in the human body. When you combine the elements of Superhero…