Friday, October 9, 2015

Time Crunching Circuits

Wasn't a fan of Circuit Training until I got into the Darebee Workouts. I'm not saying they're the end-all-be-all method but they have a place in fitness even when you don't have a lot of time. There's always that notion about needing a half hour of cardio and an hour of weights three times a week when clearly for most people who work and have families it's impossible at times; the fitness magazines tell them there aren't a lot of options which in fact there are.

The purpose of training a circuit is going through one exercise after another until you have completed one round. Some of them have as many as 4-10 exercises and you do as many rounds as possible or a certain amount depending on the goal. Crossfit thrives on circuit training but many exercises are too difficult for the average person and could end up in the hospital. If you're a decent level of fitness and have a firm grasp of the mechanics of an exercise circuits are great. However, circuits do rely on speed and not resting until an entire circuit is done. Circuits can do used in many ways and the biggest factor is conditioning.

What Darebee provides is circuits that have basic movements preferably in the Bodyweight department and give you a certain set of levels that determines your fitness level and how much rest you can use. Personally I like to rest as long as needed but every now and then to amplify my energy is to just keep going until I reach a certain level. For a beginner Level 1 is quite a feet as most circuits carry from 6-9 exercises at a time; Level 2 would be someone who's fairly fit and can go pretty hard; Level 3 is a conditioning maniac and someone who should be a world-class athlete. I'm not one to judge everyone has their own levels and at times I go beyond Level 3 just for the fun of it.

Here are a few circuits you can do that take no more than 20-30 minutes which you can do anytime anywhere.....Don't worry ladies you're included too.

As you can see, the workouts depending on the levels can be easy or as brutal as you like. Talk about time crunchers. Some of these workouts can be done through H.I.T using only 4 exercises and do them tabata style or one minute each until the circuit is completed doing as many as 15 rounds. I use circuits like these for my Superhero Sprint training three times a week doing sprints or burpees for 30 sec. or more than do a circuit until I have completed the amount of circuits and sprints resting as long as I need to after each circuit or set of sprints/burpees. Be creative and listen to your body. These can be a lot of fun and picture being your favorite hero/villain training hard for your goal. You a martial arts fan, they got tons of those; movie characters too plus superheroes how cool is that. Get away from the boring training like you're in hell routine and make an adventure out of it. Practice good form and breathe naturally as you move throughout a circuit.

Here's a total of the Batman Workout when you can do all ten sets...

200 Squats

400 Punches

100 Jumping Lunges

100 Push-ups

200 Shoulder Taps

200 Slow Climbers

100 Sit-up Punches

100 Leg Raises

100 Seated Twists

If that doesn't get you in top condition you can just shoot me now, that's 1500 total reps in a workout that's insane. You can be extremely fit from these workouts and never need to pay for the gym again. The only profit you get on free training is the body you have built for yourself and challenged the fitness naysayers that bodyweight training is only good for endurance. Guys in sports will go nuts over these like UFC Fighters, Pro Wrestlers, Football Players, Olympic Athletes, just about anyone who is willing to challenge themselves. Get your training in the best way you can and if you want to save money, here you go. 

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