Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Training At The Happiest Place On Earth

On those rare occasions when you find someone not training in a gym or the woods, in a barn or hell next to the damn beach but in an amusement park? How and why would anyone want to work out there. Truth of the matter is why not? The fact of the matter is it is one of the most oddball things to do other than rides, getting little toys and taking pictures with favorite characters. How would you even begin to exercise at such a place better yet at the mecca of amusement parks Disneyland? Well my friend here are a few tips to where you can burn calories and get in decent shape at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom.

First off it is one of those really weird things to do and what can you do without anyone suspecting you or making weird gestures? Here's what i've done in my own experiences that have inspired workouts outside the park I use to this very day...I've held Handstands at both parks (California Adventure included) and have done power walks all over the place and even had a hell of a time stair climbing at Tarzan's Treehouse. Who needs a stairmaster in Orange County when you can go up and down the Ape man's pad. How about wall sits while waiting in line to build leg strength and endurance while maintaining good joint health for your knees and ankles. The very best method in my opinion is Isometrics. They are the perfect system because while you're in line waiting for that bad ass ride whether it's Pirates Of The Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Star Tours or whatever you choose to go on; lean up against the wall and press into it with your hands, forearms, legs whatever and all the while no one even realizes what the hell you're doing. Think what would be awesome for being in line say a good 15-20 minutes and you can get an entire workout in within that?

The fact of the matter is, you literally have no excuses and say you have no time to exercise. I've been to Disneyland multiple times in my life and only on a few trips I discovered how to get my workout in for the day other than walking all day. You can do dips at various benches all over the park, Do squat sits in various lines, grip different props within the confines of the ride, do isometric pushes and pulls on the handles of Splash Mountain, Press your feet onto a box in line of Roger Rabbit's Car Ride, do chest presses in new Orleans square I've even done arm exercises while riding Peter Pan, Isometrically pressed against the legs riding its a small world. There are endless possibilities, the only limit is your imagination. I'am telling you without thinking twice about it there are possible ways to exercise in the Happiest Place On Earth and nobody will ever notice and if they did who cares, you're not hurting anyone however I wouldn't be too hasty to do Push-ups smacked in the middle of the Jungle Cruise or do sissy squats around Mr. Toad's Wild Ride but yet creativity is in your grasp.

Here's something to think about; the next time you book your trip, make it a mission to do some form of exercise that doesn't have to be in the hotel room or a gym but in the park itself. After say a good hour of walking around, go in line to a ride that's roughly in the 30 minute range and do nothing but Isometrics ever so often every 5 minutes doing at least 3-4 exercises ranging from a chest press to wall sits and see how you feel once you get on the ride. Adapt your exercising on every line you're in. Play a game like say whenever you see a certain character more than once do 5 push-ups somewhere that won't make a scene, taking a picture with a character and doing 10 squats in a near by area afterwards. Whenever you see Jack Sparrow on Pirates flex your biceps ten times while sitting in the boat. Very awesome things to do while having a good time and if you're in line it passes the time faster than you originally thought. Be creative and have that no excuse attitude on your next adventure to one of the most amazing parks in the world.

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