Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Your Conditioning Is Your Greatest Asset

It's always good to be in great shape, even better when you can not only look amazing but have the strength & endurance to back it up. However; most people today refer one or the other when it comes to fitness. They only want to look good and use it to pick up women and women only want to look good for the most part because they think that'll land them a guy. I'm not being stereotypical but let's face it, only those who seek the outside seem to be the most shallow. I use to be like that (not so much shallow) but I wanted to look like my favorite bodybuilders; I read the magazines and tried various workouts but nothing seem to let me achieve my goal so I took it as a sign that maybe looking good only is too much of a pain in the ass plus my mind came to that while I was laying up with 2 broken legs.

Sure there's a lot of good looking folks out there with rippling abs, biceps that look like softballs and legs that just make some guys crumble when they see a hot chick. The problem I have with this type of thinking is that no matter how good you look if you can't back it up with real strength & stamina what the hell was all that training for. I believe in being fit to the point where you can handle certain things and still have energy left in the tank or have as much as you started with at the end of a workout. One of the all-time favorite quotes of mine came from a man named Karl Gotch who once said "Conditioning is your best hold." Although he was talking about wrestling it brings up a profound sense of worth no matter what sport you're in and you have an opportunity to learn and make use of your body for whatever obstacle or general areas where stamina may be needed whether in the workplace, traveling, holding seminars and other facets of life.

Train not only to look amazing but also do so at the expense of making yourself an unstoppable machine. This is where Darebee Workouts & Superhero Sprint Training fall into play. Each method has their own style of developing the body with simplistic strategies and giving you tips on how to use them for your goals. These methods can take up to no more than an hour but at minimum 10-15 minutes is really all you need. I did a Darebee Workout today called the Pirate's Workout (would've been fun having a costume on hand) where I did 10 sets of that workout in under an hour that had me pouring with sweat and feeling incredibly high afterwards. There were 9 Exercises that total up to......200 Fly Steps, 200 Cross Chops, 200 Climbers, 200 High Knees, 200 But Kicks, 400 Half Jacks, 200 Lunges, 400 Punches & 400 Side Leg Raises. That my friend is pure no bullshit conditioning that will have you in shape in no time and there are plenty of other circuits you can do. The Superhero Sprints are just as simple and slightly more hardcore where not only you do a circuit but you also do either Sprints (outside or run in place) or Burpees. Some circuits range from 3-4 exercises and they'll either be timed or do repetitions.

So whether you want to be in shape for sports, want to be in shape both inside and out or just feel like tackling something you've never done before, conditioning will be your biggest factor because if you can outlast more than your normal abilities; things will begin to change. You'll have a greater metabolism, you'll burn off unwanted fat, generate human growth hormone naturally and your recovery will be greater. Think and feel what it would be like to have crazy energy and how amazed your friends will be when you can do things that take more than a couple people to do. I got compliments from my own dad about my stamina and strength even though i'm bigger than he is (weight not height) when I use to help him carry firewood. Be able to hike up mountain trails with ease, keep up in your sport when others have dropped, swim longer at the beach without tiring, play with your kids, reach a new level of brain activity that can help you or your kid in school, take off belly fat like it was nothing and still be able to eat your favorite foods. It's all yours for the taking if you condition yourself. You'll be shocked at what you'll be able to do. Hell you may even outlast others half your age it is possible.

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