Thursday, October 29, 2015

Do You Want To Feel Excited Or Full Of Negative Bullshit?

Some trainers say that training aught to be serious and if you're not strict about it, it means you're either not committed or you're being lazy. Granted I believe training shouldn't be taken lightly but be serious while having fun man. Being negative about exercise won't get you the results you want or they do and they turn you into a complete asshole. Being committed to training takes effort yes, however; it's much more pleasant when you create something out of it and not reduce to a drill sergeant kicking your ass on every fucking rep.

Fitness is not always about pushing the limits and going to extremes to get the results you desire. Real fitness is meant to make you not only stronger on the outside but the inside as well. I firmly believe in the power of Playful Movement such as in Animal Flow, MovNat and stretching to a various degree. Being playful stops the negativity of a strict structure and makes it an adventure where you learn to tackle the way you move that works for you, even in weightlifting sure technique needs to be a factor but how you imagine that lift and making it a reality makes it all worth doing instead of do this, do that and never having any fun.

I'd say fuck what most people think and learn for yourself, find creative ways to exercise. Create your own road map and live within your imagination because your results will come in even if it's a small fraction. Learn from people you believe to be awesome, screw the hype of all these retarted guys who think training should be a spectacle chalk full of broken promises and bullshit training advice. You are the real trainer, you get to decide what your workouts should be, not what some jackass tells you to do. I believe in people I've been trained by and worked with but I dont worship them like fitness gods because every person I've come into contact with has their own style so i'm entitled to have mine.

Excitement is a blessing and shouldn't be taken for granted, whether it's a hardcore workout or light and easy, work and play within your own element. Get that blood pumping full of adventure and have the enthusiasm for what could happen next because no matter how you go about, you're going to feel different one way or another, I live for this shit my friend and I want to live it on your own terms. I believe in you and you are a bad ass. Take that negative bullshit and dump in the trash can of that huge mind of yours and jump in with both feet on your next workout and feel the excitement of training.
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