Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Wild One

Fitness can be complicated these days. Not because of how you get results, it's the endless varieties of workouts, programs, challenges and the eagerness to be as fit as possible while setting a certain goal. The problem is over 95% of the ideal fitness trends out there are complete bullshit and full of Marketing schemes that promises results inside of a few weeks, hell some say even days; how stupid do you think we are? Truth is the general population is so gullible that even the coolest picture can bring them false hopes.

For over 18 years, I have gone through many changes in my fitness life/career; I've been through the ringer of a bodybuilding workout, I have scaled the heights of circuit training, I made 20 lb. Sledgehammers feel like Wiffleball Bats, even lost over 20 pounds at one point on a diet I decided to try out but the one thing that has stayed consistent with me all these years is the ability to experiment and practice what I'm interested in. I can honestly say in the near 2 decades of Fitness Training one particular method that I thoroughly enjoy is Animal Movements. It's because unlike most methods, moving like a wild animal doesn't have a strict structure that is built on something. It's based on creating your own style of training and becoming enthralled in your imagination as a wild beast from within.

Like any of those assholes that tell you in the fitness world I can say that Animal Training will get you trimmed and toned inside of six weeks or have the body of a god in 30 days, hell I'll even tell you that you'll run faster and become stronger than a Super Sayain (for you Dragon Ball Z Fans) within less than 14 days but I know you're not that dumb because you have read my articles and you have seen my enthusiasm for real results. The truth is when you move like a wild animal you may not get ripped or have muscles in places you didn't think were possible but I can tell you that you'll change not just physically but mentally as well. How long do results come in? Do you really want to know, are you so eager to find out that distinct answer that will have you say "Shut up and take my money"? Well my friend here it is....The results will come when they are meant to. You don't need to put in a ton of time to do them because they use more muscles and tendons than practically any other method but they need to be done for a good measure of time in order to get the results you desire whether they take a month, 8 weeks or half the year; be consistent and do them as often as you like and I promise you, you will see results and it will be insane.

Sometimes even if you're having a blast with animal movements it's good to spice things up and look at animal style moves in another light. That's why I love Animal Flow 2.0; it is a course that has you moving from one exercise to the next in a series of what are called Flows & Forms that not only get you strong but develop cardio and coordination at the same time. Learn various forms and develop your own workout with your own rules and customized program. You don't have to follow someone else's workout anymore and why would you; you can't move at the same speed as them and not all exercises are created equal plus would you rather do something that's fun and exciting than to feel punished or bored? Like I said before how you get results is up to you and how much time and effort you're willing to put in. For me less than 20 min a day to a few times a week is it because I do get winded doing these quickly which is what I like because I'm generating loads of natural growth hormone and my endurance goes through the roof, not to mention feeling like an 18 year old roids at 31 isn't too bad either. Are you a Wild One?

Go Wild my friends and kick ass. BE AWESOME!!!!

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